• Praise, but no raise, for workers


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd lauded Filipino workers on the eve of Labor Day but made no announcements on a wage hike or non-monetary benefits.

    In his message, Aquino praised the Filipino workers for their hard work.

    “Saludo ang ating sambayanan sa mga manggagawang Pilipinong nagpupunyagi para sa kanilang pamilya at pangarap. Idinaraos natin ang Araw ng Paggawa bilang pasasalamat sa alay ninyong husay, dangal, at lakas sa ating bayan (The nation salutes Filipino workers who continue to dream for their families. We observe this day in gratefulness for your hard work, honor and strength),” the President said.

    Under his leadership, Aquino said workers responded to the call to build better relations with industries, adopted fast-evolving technologies and proved that Filipinos can compete in the global market.

    He said overseas workers as well as the members of the uniformed services also joined the march towards national transformation and reform.

    “Sa loob ng anim na taon nating paglalakbay sa Daang Matuwid, kinakitaan ng ating pamahalaan ang ating mga kababayan ng tunay na pakikiisa sa agenda ng pag-unlad (During the six years that we journey through the Straight Path, our nation saw how the people supported the agenda for economic progress),” the President said.

    He added that Filipinos are proud of their volunteerism that aims to elevate the quality of work.

    “Sinikap nating suklian ang inyong sigasig sa pamamagitan ng paglatag ng akmang solusyon para makapamuhay ang lahat nang may dignidad,” he said. “Ngayon: alam nating kailangan pang magpatuloy ng reporma; nararapat na itaguyod ang positibong pagbabago. Inaanyayahan ko kayong makisabay sa ating pagkilos: Sumulong tayo sa tamang landas, tungo sa maliwanag at makatarungang bukas (We tried to reward your hard work by coming up with measures that will allow you to live with dignity. Now we know that reforms should continue, we should endeavor to continue positive change. I invite you to join us in this endeavor, let us take the right path toward a brighter tomorrow),” he added.


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    1. David Michael Meyer on

      It’s a sad fact that the average Filipino worker is badly paid by world standards

      ..We see that to make ends meet–One has t have a “sideline”..I was at hospital here in Manila –Was asked by one of the staff..What do you do –When i replied I am on a war pension –Was asked but you have side line? .

      .I said no that’s it –To which the staff member was amazed –Every one has a side line –You got to have one –If you don’t how will you live

      –Now bear in mind we are talking about a dr here…..

      So there you have it –Without a “Side LIne” which, i gathered the impression does not have to be strictly =legal–You cant hope to have a decent standard of living —

      This is coming from a member of the medical profession…This professions is supposed to hold to the highest standards of any profession.

      ..There is a saying which is a bit of a two edged sword –“If you Pay peanuts; you get Monkeys”

      It appears we cant afford to pay our top professions comparable remuneration –Vis A vis-western world …

      .So the answer seems to be that the doctors nurses etc “Vote with their feet”

      They find jobs in other countries …

      Of course when our top professions have to resort to ways of finding a reasonable income..Other trades and professions –follow suite ..So everyone is surviving on their wits..Forced to cut corners>the whole of our society is crumbling

      The famous !9th century Social philosopher Emile Durkheim In his epic work on Division of Labour..Talks of the notion Of Reciprocity –

      -Each person relies on the other to do a good and honest job The doctor relies on the garbage worker -the plumber relies on the dr etc etc –This is how society is able to function –Take this away this’ and the glue that holds the fabric of society together is destroyed-

      I am getting rather long winded about this…To go back to our situation So rather than getting paid Peanuts The professional elite..will vote with their feet ..Or they .They are “Forced” to have a “side line ”

      To my mind, from the viewpoint of a Dr; that takes away the whole thrust of how we treat our patients

      ..Not that I would advocate a sort of Nanny state ….But a fairer and more equatable system Where the professional get s a” fair shake” and above all so does the patient

      I remain yours faithfully
      David M meyer (PhD psych}