Praise for Columnist Tiglao’s article on Salim


Your article in the Manila Times, Feb. 26, 2014, issue, titled “Salim Brought In Zero Funds to Capture MERALCO” is excellent—which should merit concern for our country’s national security, and investigation of the government officials who allowed this to happen. The BIR should come in to look into the taxation aspect of the transactions.
Epimaco Densing,

* * *

This is a very good investigative article.

I hope there are enough Filipinos who understand how bad the situation is and that they appreciate what you have done in shedding light on the timeline of how this anomalous arrangement unfolded.
Eddie Balido

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Our corporate elites and high-ranking politicians – the bourgeoisie, are prostituting the country. And who gets to suffer most from these malevolent schemes? The poor folk, who toil night and day just to sustain their meager everyday needs while the rich extravagantly waste the money that came from the taxes of ordinary Filipinos!!


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  1. Bravo!Excellent and mind probing article.The mere fact that someone(in this case more than one)who claims to be a full blooded Filipino using d loopholes, to circumvent d Phil Constitution is “treason”.Greed has overtaken their moral aptitude.What are our legislators in d Congress/Senate doing?

    Sell/surrender our country (land ,sea,air) to d foreign domain?

  2. Media, water, electric, communication, health companies, all in the hands of a foreigner Filipinos hardly knew. Ukay ukay, tiangge, ihaw-ihaw, lugawan, banana cue, fish ball and other street food businesses ang pinagtitiyagaan ng mga Pinoy. Ang mga tongressmen at senatongs ay natutulog sa pansitan at di pinapansin ang unti-unting pagsakop ng dayuhan sa ating mga pangunahing industriya.

  3. They are everywhere in this country, and as if not contented with controlling
    all the businesses, these people’s mother country is claiming the entire sea
    west of our islands. Only a Hitler like figure can put a stop to this misery. They
    are like the Jews in the pre-war Germany.

    • Juan de La Cruz on

      It is Communist China that is grabbing the whole West Philippine Sea and not Indonesia. Get your facts straight

  4. Another super scandal? Salim practically “laughed his way to the bank”. A job well done, Mr. Tiglao…

  5. Really..really..PLDT, MERALCO..and the BANK ( that provided the loan )…what a “LUDLUMISH PLOT” and where are the oversight government entities ( CB, BOI, SEC. DTI, BIR )..RP was up for bargain and nobody blinked an eye. HOW about it??? People of the Republic of the Philippines ( population 2014 : about 100 Million but only 1 male with testicles – Mr. Tiglao )

  6. Congratulations Bobi, I am so proud of you. I have nothing but good words for you.

  7. Well done, Tiglao!!! You illustrated Philippines biggest issue in simple terms.
    Meralco / Salim’s only Mission is to make money. The health, welfare and happiness of Filipinos and the security of the Philippines are not their concern.
    These things should be the Mission of Government. However, as the GDP has become the Philippines new “State Religion”, Legislators seem more interested in Changing the Laws to Legitimize the Meralco / Salim Monopoly than protecting the rights and interests of Filipinos.
    “Capitalism without Competition is Corruption” and “Changing Laws to Legitimize Crime is TREASON”.

    • That’s right, Sir! What do you expect of Filipino politicians (lawyers/liars)? They are all f—–g idiots and stupids when it comes to the needs of their brothers and sisters. But they are very shrewd and ingenious when it comes to the fattening of their pockets. But let’s see if they can pass the test when their time comes to face the True Judge from Above.