• Preacher


    (Inspired by Mark Joseph Arisgado)

    I am one of the passengers
    of Noah’s Ark, the yellow bus
    which stopped in front of
    me that early morning.

    Sailing on the tempest-tossed
    traffic, the yellow bus invited me
    to be saved and to save.

    The Word is our only anchor.

    I spread the good news
    in that yellow bus. Some passengers
    listened. I found myself doubting
    my own voice, still I continued.

    At last, I alighted from that
    yellow bus, half-drowned with
    the Word.

    Pepe’s Slipper

    Where could the slipper you
    have thrown in the river be?

    We were riding a banca when
    your slipper fell off your foot, Pepe.

    Then, you removed the other
    from your foot and threw it away.

    I did not understand why.

    When I asked why, you told
    me another child might find
    and use it since the other is gone, how
    could you use it, anyway,
    so you threw it in the river.

    I wonder if the slipper
    find its pair.

    Slippers are lovers
    thrown in the water to
    look for its significant other.


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