• Pregnant woman in Davao bombing dies


    A PREGNANT woman who was seriously wounded in the recent Davao City bomb attack has died after she lapsed into a coma for 11 days.

    Officials said Vicenta Asperin, who was seven months’ pregnant, died from severe brain damage and heart failure on Monday at Metro Davao Medical and Research Center. Her baby in the womb also died.

    Asperin became the 15th civilian casualty from the September 2 terrorist bombing that targeted a crowded night market along Roxas Avenue.

    The officials said shrapnel from the blast was embedded in the woman’s brain.

    She fell into coma shortly after being brought to the hospital, Asperin’s brother, Gregorio Depalubos, said.

    “Before she was brought to the hospital, she even asked what has happened to her. And she fell into a coma afterward,” he added.

    “We want justice. I hope the people responsible for the bombing are arrested and that they are made to pay for what they have done. My sister didn’t do them wrong. She was innocent and she was pregnant. It is too much, they have to pay,” Depalubos said.

    Authorities said a total of 15 people were killed in the bombing that also wounded more than 70 others.
    Mayor Sarah Duterte Carpio offered a P3-million reward for any information on the bomber.

    Meanwhile, an attaché case was found abandoned at Dona Luisa Village in Quimpo Boulevard near the private residence of President Rodrigo Duterte in Davao City on Tuesday.

    Policemen and soldiers quickly cordoned off the area while a K9 unit inspected the attaché case but found no explosive material or bomb inside but coins and documents.

    A villager later claimed the attaché case, saying he did not notice the case fell while he was passing by the area.

    On Monday, a backpack traced to a local teacheer, was also abandoned near an eatery in San Pedro Street.


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