• ‘Premedidated’ innocence – May the farce be with us?



    Please read these headlines and savor the thoughts (or questions) they leave:
    Albuera Mayor Espinosa, 1 other inmate killed in jail cell shootout – CIDG.
    CIDG team leader admits shooting Espinosa.
    CIDG director: Espinosa slay ‘totally shocked me’.
    Cops called SOCO before killing Espinosa, document shows.
    Albuera Mayor Espinosa tested positive for gunpowder residue, says CIDG.
    Duterte believes police version of Espinosa jail killing.
    Duterte on Espinosa slay: Why should I be puzzled?
    PNP chief orders relief of 24 cops in killing of Espinosa.
    Gordon: Espinosa shooting was a ‘deliberate operation’.
    2 cops talked to Mayor Espinosa in jail cell before gunfire.
    CIDG officer who called for SOCO before Espinosa died refuses to turn over cellphone
    SC orders probe on Espinosa search warrant.

    * * *

    Trump was elected by the same American political system which he said was “rigged” from the very start. He now “conceded” that he won and accepted the result to end the suspense.

    Humoring myself last Friday after the US election results.

    Few changes that Pres Donald Trump is contemplating:
    – Bernie Sanders to be appointed as Presidential Adviser on Wall Street
    – Replace Secret Service with FBI agents
    – Send the 5 former presidents to an Alaskan cruise this winter
    – Rename the presidential plane to “Air Force Trump”
    – Install at the main door of the oval office the sign “The Apprentice”
    – Give huge bonuses to IRS employees
    – Stuff his kitchen with caviar and vodka in case of an early Putin state visit. No Mexican food please
    – Will require former President Obama to renew his birth certificate annually
    – C-Span to be replaced by Fox News
    – Judge Jeanine to be appointed at the Supreme Court and Hannity as Presidential Spokesperson
    – Will shoulder free tickets of those celebrities who threatened to leave the US
    – Build a statue of Rudy Giuliani in front of the White House
    – Create a new library within his office with volumes of Wikileaks
    – Will erase Hillary Clinton as email recipient

    * * *

    No, i don’t think Trump will turn the White House into a high rise building and install big letters saying “Trump House.” Also he’s not planning to renovate the fence into a wall.

    Got my US visa renewed for 10 years. Looks like everything is normal. I swear…

    * * *

    These headlines make me sick and you know the reason why.
    “Ombudsman probes PNP chief over Las Vegas trip”
    “No factual findings yet to begin De Lima probe – Ombudsman”
    “Morales on Ombudsman probe vs. De Lima: Not going to happen”
    “Ombudsman Morales defends De Lima: “The allegations against her are weak”

    * * *

    Here is one medical news worth knowing and circulated to all.

    LTA Dialysis Center, the newest hemodialysis clinic in Makati is now open. It was primarily built to cater to the medical needs of our poor countrymen in Metro Manila especially those patients afflicted with kidney failure. I can safely say that it is almost non-profit as charges are minimal just to maintain operational expenses. They are equipped with brand-new facilities in a modern, bright and spacious setting.

    Dialysis machines are from Nikkiso, Japan’s number one brand in blood purification technology.

    Their medical team is led by topnotch nephrologists and nurses experienced in renal care.

    It is located in an easily accessible location – 3rd Floor Atrium, Guadalupe Commercial Complex on EDSA, easily accessible by MRT, private vehicles, and other forms of public transportation. Parking spaces are available at two levels of basement parking in Guadalupe Commercial Complex. Patients are given access to high speed internet, and a personal entertainment system with hundreds of movies on demand.

    We rarely see this kind of business enterprise purely based on humanitarian motives. For inquiries: Visit them on site or contact them at 800-6261, (0995) 023-6354 or (0999) 486-6064.

    * * *

    Will it be better now if American pollsters put in the end of their surveys a note indicating there is a 35% plus or minus (+/-) margin of error?

    * * *

    I just attended the 100th birth anniversary of the late Congressman Rogaciano “Roning” Mercado of Sta. Maria, Bulacan. A firebrand legislator who exemplified the meaning of a true public servant.

    Kindly see this character analysis by a prolific writer during his time:

    “.. No amount of kibitzing and dissenting on the part of political foes will lessen one bit the usefulness of this man as a militant guardian of the public interest.” The truth about a public official’s fine qualities and solid achievements is not diminished just because a jealous foe or a prejudiced detractor tries to either distort or destroy it. And even if crushed, truth will rise again.

    “Mercado is moral courage personified. If there were enough lawmakers of this kind in this country, graft, corruption, shameless opportunism in public office and other evils which have plagued all administrations from Osmeña to Macapagal, would be so difficult to root out. “Congressman Mercado, who is without doubt one of the top ten best speakers in the House of Representatives, never rises to denounce anyone unless he is fully armed. As is, he sees to it that he has facts, figures, dates etc. A legal practitioner (he was elected president of the Bulacan Bar Association from 1952 to 1960), he gets ready and marshals his arguments with shattering effect.

    “He is definitely not one of those congressmen who sometimes make clowns of themselves on the House floor by speeches that irritate or amuse their colleagues..” (Leon O. Ty, The Nationalist of Bulacan – Examiner, September 26, 1965)

    Ka Roning, we miss your kind very much.

    * * *

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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