• Prepaid battery for e-vehicles unveiled


    To counter worries like ‘range anxiety
    THE battery is a serious concern among consumers when it comes to electric vehicles (e-vehicles or EV), particularly the long charging time and limited usage known as “range anxiety,” according to the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP).

    Luckily, the start-up tech company Talino EV has come up with a SIM card-enabled pay-per-use system for EV batteries similar to the prepaid card for mobile phones.

    Founder Henry Abreu has developed a system which monitors the travel distance of EVs charges the subscriber per kilometer.

    EVAP President Rommel Juan said batteries are the one of the main concerns among EV owners because of the high costs and difficulties in maintaining and securing a efficient return on investment.

    “The top choice for batteries right now for EVs in the Philippines has shifted from deep cycle lead acid batteries to lithium ion batteries for relatively higher capacity, longer range, and longer life. Yet, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight,” Juan said.

    “The only downside is its price, which is often twice or thrice that of lead acid batteries, and almost one- third to one-half of the cost of the entire electric vehicle itself,” he added.

    For the prepaid battery system, once the load is used up the battery system shuts down until the card is reloaded, Juan said.

    “Talino EV charges P27 per kilowatt-hour, but the good thing is that you do not have to buy the costly lithium ion battery system,” the EVAP official noted, saying it’s as affordable as leasing the battery.

    “It also takes away the worry of battery maintenance as our battery pack comes equipped with a reliable Battery Maintenance System,” he added.

    Abreu said the prepaid system would not jeopardize users who are worried that they may run out of battery during a trip with no charging station in sight.

    “Our system erases that problem as we will make sure that the battery is always in tip-top condition.

    “In our system, since the EV will be bought without the battery pack, then there is a lower acquisition cost as about one-third or one-half of the EV cost is done away with. No need to worry too with battery maintenance and high replacement costs,” Abreu said.

    Talino EV has partnered with six EV manufacturers to for the battery management system and pay-per-use battery concept.

    “This boosts the advocacy of EVAP to make EVs more mainstream and affordable. For one, we used to import all the BMS from abroad. But now, Talino EV manufactures and offers it locally,“ Juan said.


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