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    Trusted kitchenware brand Philips helps chef Nancy Lumen prepare food for parties

    Trusted kitchenware brand Philips helps chef Nancy Lumen prepare food for parties

    House parties are more fun with good food and drinks. But if you find yourself hosting one, it can be more of a challenge than a celebration what with all the planning and preparation that comes along with festivities. Some go for convenience by hiring caterers, but this can prove to be more costly.

    According to Nancy Reyes Lumen of the Aristocrat fame, preparing party food at home should be easy enough—and healthier—if you use “trusted high-quality kitchenware.”

    “I always prepare food for my kids and my grandchild, and we are a big, happy eating family,” she revealed during a cooking demonstration at Marmalade Café in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. “Of course I want to serve healthy and delicious meals for them all the time, but without my trusty kitchen appliances, I would never have discovered the possibilities of preparing healthier versions of dishes like Lechon Kawali, Lumpia, and Crisy Adobo Flakes.”

    Sans the unhealthy components of deep-frying, the fun-loving chef took charge of “Kulinarya: Defining Healthy, Yummy, and Easy Food” event hosted by Dutch technology company, Philips.

    The celebrity foodie of the Aristocrat fame

    The celebrity foodie of the Aristocrat fame

    From refreshments, appetizers, to dessert, the chef easily whipped up nine dishes in just over two hours. Using her trusted kitchen gadgets—an airfryer, juicer, electric pressure cooker, blender, food processor, and multi-purpose rice cooker—she masterfully put together a delicious feast for four to six persons.

    Party menu
    Starting off with a generous slab of pork, Lumen marinated her first dish before putting it in the airfryer. Using the “Rapid Air” technology, the Lechon Kawali was left to cook for eight minutes with “fast, circulating superheated air” inside the magical cookware. Without sacrificing flavor, the pork oil settled at the bottom of the airfryer while the pork came out crisp and juicy.

    Chunks of cucumber and mango were next thrown in a juicer to make healthy and delicious green Cucuber-Mango Juice; while carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, apples and green mangoes went into the food processor for Everything Coleslaw.

    The culinary genius collected the pulp from the juicer to make dressing for the coleslaw by mixing it in a blender with seasoning, lemon, and a bit of the freshly-made juice.

    She also made a 10-minute Hainanese Boneless Chicken dish using the electric pressure cooker; a quick Hainanese Chicken Soup with Salmon Quenelles, pureed to perfection with in the food processor; and Hainanese Chicken Rice in the rice cooker.

    Dessert came in the form of Anise Cookie Cut Ups conveniently baked in the airfryer.

    Smart cooking
    “It’s very easy to prepare the right kinds of food if you have the right appliances in your kitchen to help you,” Chef Lumen reiterated.

    “With trusted brands like Philips, I am confident that [the gadgets’ motors can cut up or cook well and fast, and that the devices are long-lasting. I consider these ‘investments’ which I can use over and over again,” she concluded.


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