Prepare to leave, US told


“Bye-bye, America.”

A furious President Rodrigo Duterte early on Saturday told the United States to expect the eventual abrogation of a military agreement after Washington deferred a new aid package for the Philippines.

In a news conference following his arrival in Davao City from his state visits to Cambodia and Singapore, Duterte reiterated that the Philippines “can survive without American money.”

“You know, America, you might also be put to notice. Prepare to leave the Philippines. Prepare for the eventual repeal or the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement,” Duterte said, referring to the 1998 pact that governs the presence of American troops in the country.

His statement came three days after the US aid agency Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) deferred a new multi-year development aid package for the Philippines over alleged human rights violations in relation to Duterte’s anti-drug war.

Duterte said the withholding of aid to the Philippines was a “last-ditch effort” of outgoing US President Barack Obama before he steps down from office next month.

The Philippines received $434 million in MCC funding from 2010 to 2016. Countries can only qualify if they “demonstrate a commitment to just and democratic governance, investments in its people, and economic freedom,” according to the corporation’s website.

“We are glad that we are freed from proving anything to the United States. We do not need the money. China said they will provide so many…and we will give you the money. So, bye-bye, America, and work on the protocols that would eventually move you out from the Philippines,” Duterte added, while waving his right hand in the air.

The President also stressed that since the Supreme Court had declared that the Visiting Forces Agreement is an executive agreement and not a treaty, he would “decide soon” to repeal it.

The VFA, signed by Manila and Washington in 1998, accorded legal status to thousands of American troops deployed to the country for military exercises and humanitarian assistance.

“What is your purpose in this Visiting Forces Agreement? We will never be ready to fight with China. It is you who is egging a fight there. We will never fight with Russia. That’s too far away and besides, we are friends,” Duterte said.

Trump factor
But in the same speech, Duterte said he might defer his decision on the military agreement out of respect for US President-elect Donald Trump.

Duterte said Trump was “very nice” and “very courteous” during their phone conversation on December 3.

He said he would “reassess” the situation once Trump becomes US president on January 20.

The President revealed that he rooted for Trump over Obama’s candidate Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.

“Actually in the liking of my character, it was really Trump all along, and you can ask them. Because I like his mouth,” Duterte said.

But he said he did not expect improvement in his relations with the US under a Trump presidency.

“It’s the timing actually. If I will still get the raw end of all of these things…I’m not inclined to side with you [US] anymore,” the President added.

Russia, China to fill the gap
At any rate, the Philippines can turn to Moscow and Beijing for aid as well as arms, Duterte said.

“China communicated to us. They’re giving us $50 billion. So what do I need America for? They do not look at us kindly. We have this huge problem and you exacerbate it. Actually we do not need it. We can survive without American money,” he said.

China has also offered to donate arms to the Philippines, while Russia is eyeing a “buy one, take one” arms deal, he said.

Prior to Duterte’s latest tirade, he had threatened to bar all foreign troops in the country in the next two years.

“I do not want to see foreign military troops for that matter. Not only American, Canadian or whatever, Australian. I do not want them in my country. I have so many uniformed men already,” he said.


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  1. Must watch !!! U.S. Senator. Richard Black: US should respect President Duterte and Filipino culture (youtube subs)

    Video Url:

    Video time – 00:02:52

    “…I think what many Filipinos are now coming to recognize is that when the then Ferdinand Marcos government was overthrown largely through direct US intervention by George Schultz Paul Wolfowitz and others in 1986 declared to be a dictator and so forth. He, like Assad in Syria, that you’ve made the point over and over. he (Ferdinand E Marcos = FEM) was tremendously popular in the country but there was an urban group (the Yellow Cult Oligarchs together with the CIA and State Department) that rallied against him and they succeeded in removing him but with removing him from office all of what he (FEM) had brought to the Philippines, an industrialization programs, rice self-sufficiency, the building of the first nuclear power plant (that Cory Aquino, US Puppet, does not want to make it work because the Aquinos, US Puppets, wants Filipinos to hate FEM) in Southeast Asia, health facilities, not only for the Philippines but for all of Southeast Asia.

    All of that has been shut down and the Philippines that was once looked at as the most promising developing country in Southeast Asia, has now become the basket case with tremendous poverty which Mr. Duterte, president Duterte has always point the fact that you have thirty to forty percent poverty and even hunger across the Philippines. So, in all this time of the U.S. development and us friendship in US aid all we were willing to do is invest in mines to take out their raw materials or to use their young people in call centers to serve Americans with their banking or computer problems. But no industry no infrastructure, and now the Philippine people see an opening an opportunity for that and I think what President detect a said to his business people should be listened to as you’re saying by the united states which was well why doesn’t the United States make us the same offers that the Chinese are offering us and then we’d be glad to take them…”

  2. The shooting of a 6 years old presumably accidental when the gunman shot the drug suspect was featured all over the western media. But what about this incident that has nothing to do with drugs? Is America safer?

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A 3-year-old boy being taken on a shopping trip by his grandmother was killed in a road rage shooting when a driver opened fire on the grandmother’s car because he thought she “wasn’t moving fast enough at a stop sign,” police said.

    The boy and his grandmother were at the stop sign in southwest Little Rock on Saturday evening when a driver apparently angry about the delay stepped out of his car and opened fire, police said. The boy was struck by gunfire at least once, they said.

  3. United States debts to CHINA & Trillion US Dollar…..If there is war with China US will win and will not pay debts due in CHINA…….US is simply Using Philippines to Start the war………US wants Philippine be destroyed first, then US will come and surely will defeat China…………That is what President Duterte saying about……..We do needs USAFE to help us again…….We knows the reasons……..I love President Duterte……..

  4. with the way DU30 is behaving i won’t be surprise that in a year or two BPO’s catering for american companies will be a thing of the past. so right now DU30 should start giving training in chinese & russians language to all the staff of these possibly affected BPO’s for eventual shift of their operation to chinese or russians, if ever the chinese & russian companies will replace the american. Having said this, i think the operation of american companies on local BPO’s will be tremendously reduced to the bone if it won’t zeroed out.

  5. A furious President Rodrigo Duterte early on Saturday told the Unites States.

    “We are glad that we are freed from proving anything to the United States. We do not need the money. China said they will provide so many…and we will give you the money. So, bye-bye, America, and work on the protocols that would eventually move you out from the Philippines,” Duterte added

    The little tyrant is furious about not receiving the money that he claims the Philippines does not need.

    Sounds like Duterte expects China and Russia to send him money without expecting anything in return.

    Why does a beggar nation like the Philippines think it can demand aid money from Millennium Challenge Corp.
    (MCC) who recently deferred a new multi-year development aid package over alleged human rights violations in relation to Duterte’s anti-drug war.

    You have the President of the Philippines giving speeches on television talking about how he killed suspects without due process along with his recent claims of not allowing the police that the NBI and the Senate investigators called premeditated murder to go to prison.

    Duterte is furious that a human rights group won’t give him any money.

  6. Joshua Schneider on

    News flash for DU30

    Obama is only a few weeks away from his ability to further destroy the US so why is it that you do not understand what and why he is doing it.

    He raised the Prime Rate from 0% to 1/4% to 0.5% this last year. Why????????? He has deliberately added more debt than all the previous Presidents before him and that debt has to have the interest paid in a timely fashion.
    Yes, it is true that not all debt was at 0~0.5% but what was… just doubled. Why you might ask, well he loves Donald Trump so much that he wanted to make sure his first few years in office where more productive. And lets not forget the Billions of fake money he digitally “eased” the US economy with.

    His staff is writing over 4,000 new executive orders before Donald steps in, (as in not caring what the elected folks think) because he knows how much the Donald loves paper work.

    He personally attacks Putin over the supposed hacks of the DNC computers. But still enjoys the fact that he and his BFF, Hillary thumbed their noses at the law of the the US for years and will get away with it. Hillary s phone was hacked more times by foreign nations than McDo has sold hamburgers. She should be swinging from the end of a rope for her crimes. Not a fact, but you get the picture of what I am trying to say.

    Barrack Hussein Obama hates, in my opinion, the US and has done more to cripple its standing in the world since the Lords Protector of England did.

    DU30 has had some 3,000 people killed or not killed in a war on drugs, depending on which newspaper you read, that have been in some way, or not. Depending on which newspaper you read, than Hillary Clinton, acting as Barracks head of the State Dept had on a bad day in any one of her many disasters. I would think the count would be over 200,000 Muslims and Christians, but yet he calls you out for how you govern. And you listen to him!

    Obama has reduced the US Armed forces to almost a joke, replacing General after General that refuse to turn their backs on their country and the proud men and women that serve in uniform, and you get upset because he does not give us our pittance of help.

    President Duterte, why oh why do you care what a fool thinks, much less react to his words. The US is flooded with fake news and disinformation due to the grown ups having to come in and clean up and the liberal media acting like spoiled kids having to have Trump Free Zones on college campuses. Do you think they have reported in a honest and fair way the last 36 years. (Carter) You are better than him on your worst day. Let the liberal folly play out, and after Trump takes office, shake his hand. You will find a friend to the Philippines. And like so many other countries are now doing, actually help us.

  7. The US should realize by now that it has a very important ally and instead of criticizing the government it should help the PH through large investments to improve the economy and the well being of all Filipinos. By withdrawing it’s aid to the PH, US showed its true color or intent which is nothing but short of bullying. This is an insult to every Filipino. PH is no longer a colony of the US or satellite air base. World has changed and DU30 is right to be infuriated with the attitude of the MCC management. I hope Trump will realize this and do something to correct the situation. MCC better rethink their criteria and apologize to the Filipino people who have been left out in MCC aid compared to Egypt, Israel and other countries. DU30 is right in saying, “if you can’t behave properly then get out or bye bye”. This sounds familiar during the time of Marcos. My one cent of comment.

  8. Ayan.., you brainless Americans asked for it – by your repeated attacks on Pareng Digong’s war on illegal drugs and threats of withdrawal of aid and assistance, you brought upon yourselves the prospective abrogation of the VFA, EDCA, and the banishment of your military presence in the entire Philippines, at a time when China is reportedly installing anti-aircraft guns and anti-missile systems on all 7 of the artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea.

    And Pareng Digong has confirmed that he will NOT take issue with China on this matter. What happens now to your planned “Pivot to Asia”? DOWN THE DRAIN. That’s the price you pay for listening to the anti-Duterte crowd, hook, line and sinker. I now ask you: Was it worth it?

  9. Our tax money can be put to better use in our country. There are lots of poor families in America that needs help. Why give it away to ungrateful politicians in a foreign land. Make America great again do not squander our tax monies.

  10. Since this isagrant from US, we arenot required to pay the donated amount. Not like a loan that has interest rates and maturity deadline. I feel we going on a free fall. Stock investors are feeling the pain. The public will see gas prices and prime commodity prices go want “. Inflation will set in. I am 100 percent sure that this will be our future.

  11. When you call Mr. Obama’s mother a whore, what did you expect. And, anyway, the Chinese will look out after your interest and protect you from those mean old Americans.