• Pres. B. S. Aquino 3rd really hopeless


    It is bad enough for President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd to continue blaming his predecessor even while overseas, but what is worse is making foolish statements at home. Last Wednesday, the pathetic president made another puerile statement during a forum of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).

    President B. S. Aquino 3rd said that he is willing to go to jail for the decisions that he made, such on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). However, he believes that it will only happen under an “unjust judicial system.” In short, he is always right in his decisions, notwithstanding the despicable DAP that the Supreme Court has unanimously declared unconstitutional last July 1, 2014.

    PNoy must really be misguided and has a sick mind. He will justify his actions that they are for the good of the Filipino people and that he did not steal. In October last year, President Aquino went on national television and radio to defend his DAP that impounded some P145 billion of alleged savings in the government budgets from 2011 to 2013. Even after the Supreme Court ruled on DAP, he continued to defend it three times last July.

    I agree with Vice-President Jejomar Binay when he attacked the Aquino administration last week of their way of doing things that “the end justifies the means.” If VP Binay were President, we can be sure that he would never do a DAP, being a lawyer – a graduate of UP Diliman, who has done litigation work for more than 15 years.

    A former Cabinet member of then President Corazon C. Aquino, also a lawyer, told me exactly the same thing months ago before VP Binay said it. The problem with PNoy is that the “end justifies the means!” It is as simple as it is all right to do it because it will be good for the Filipino people and he is not stealing from public funds.

    What is pathetic about the presidential statement before the FOCAP forum is his mental dishonesty when he said that “all the decisions are well-studied and arising from the best advice I could get from the various sectors.” This is simply not true because PNoy is known to be stubborn (“matigas ang ulo”) who does not follow the advice of his people.

    With the issue on the legality of DAP, President B.S. Aquino 3rd could have easily heeded the advice of four top officials: the Secretary of Justice, the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, the Executive Secretary and the Senior Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs. They would have all advised him that the DAP is against the Constitution.

    President Aquino could have also asked the wise counsel of retired Supreme Court Justice Adolfo Azcuna, the former Presidential Legal Counsel of his late mother. The brilliant Justice Azcuna, who is now Chancellor of the Philippine Judicial Academy (PhilJa) under the Supreme Court, could have advised him not to proceed with his DAP.

    Even the use of “I” and “we” in his statement shows a confused mind like “… I can defend all the decisions that we made.” It must not be “we”, but what “I” made because he made the decisions and must be held accountable for it.

    Blaming GMA to eternity

    When President B.S. Aquino 3rd went to Belgium last September and to Indonesia two weeks ago, he brazenly blamed former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) again and again for the problems of the Philippines. I never imagined that this would still happen in the 5th year of his presidency with him having less than two years to go.

    In 2012, I was telling this joke that PNoy will continue to blame GMA up to the end of his lamentable term. Well, it is happening now in 2014 and most likely to go on in 2015 and perhaps even 2016 in time for the presidential elections.

    The theme of President Aquino’s never-ending attack, which already sounds like a broken record, is the “Lost Decade under GMA.” It is a good thing former Finance Secretary Margarito “Gary” Teves, who was cited as “Asia’s Best Finance Minister” in 2008 by the London-based Banker magazine, has finally spoken to tell the truth on what really transpired from 2001 to 2010.

    Contrary to the repeated criticisms against GMA, the Philippine Star reported that “the Arroyo administration laid the foundation which resulted in the Philippines’ credit rating upgrades which started in her term and shortly after she stepped down from office” based on the statement of Mr. Teves (October 19, 2014).

    Mr. Teves pointed out that “contrary to Aquino’s reference to the ‘Lost Decade,’ the Arroyo administration and the Department of Finance initiated several positive reforms that are benefiting the Philippine economy until today.” Tax reforms like the reformed value added tax (VAT) led to increased tax revenue collection of the government.

    Mr. Teves cited the “prudent management of the national government debt and the passing of legislations which resulted in the credit outlook upgrades from negative to positive.” He also pointed out that the Fitch’s upgrade in March 2013 noted Arroyo’s “improvement in fiscal management that made general government debt dynamics more resilient to shocks.” Let us see if Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima can debunk all these.

    P-Noy Never Apologized for Mistakes

    In the past four years and almost four months of his administration, President B. S. Aquino 3rd has never acknowledged and publicly
    apologized for his shortcomings and mistakes to the Filipino people.

    He is always right in what he does. The most he can say is that “not all the decisions were perfect.” Typical hubris of a spoiled brat.

    What is really worst with Noynoy Aquino is the repeated blame on his predecessor for the so-called ‘Lost Decade,’ and yet he claims credit for her accomplishments. These were even mentioned in his State of the Nation Address (Sona), such as the success of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry that now employs one million Filipinos and the 89km. Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX). Quintessentially pathetic!


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    1. >>> People of the Philippines !!!! The real accomplished this LOUSY AND STICKY BRAIN-HEADED PRESIDENT ARE:
      1) Wang wang prohibition.
      2) Bribed representa-thieves and senatongs to removed SC-CJ Corona
      3) Bribed senatongs in Yellow Ribbon Committee to charged and detained 3 top opposition senators.
      4) Illegal and unconstitutional DAP funds
      5) Malampaya funds scam
      6) MRT-3 scam
      7) Sell-out the Mindanao to rebel MILF
      8) Power shortage
      9) No salary wage increase for public teachers and public/private workers and employees.
      10) Non-stop hiked of commodities and transport fares and fuel oils.

    2. Saying Aquino is honest because he never stole government money is like saying Hitler is not a murderer of Jews because he has not killed any Jew.

    3. with bs Aquino, he already justifies things he is planning to do, in short, haven’t done yet. IN his sick mind he thinks that by blaming arroyo it would elevate him to a higher stature. And I thought he is a college degree holder from ateneo? huh huh huh! His old professors must be scratching their heads listening to what he says. As I said over and over again, he has the mentality of a 7 year old, a spoiled brat who wants to have what he wants but doesn’t have the brains to plan for it so he has his best friends do the thinking for him. And that includes of course press releases readily prepared for him to justify the action. Pathetic man. He could never stand alone by himself, or he will be lost in a simple maze he created. Really pathetic

    4. This president does not understand that he is an embarrassment for the country he represents in the international community playing his childish blame game on his predecessor which is obviously a way of praising himself for his perceived achievement.

    5. redentor pajara on

      He is blaming GMA for the bad things that’s happening in the present administration and he is taking the credits the previous programs of GMA is doing with the economy today. He has not increase the jobs for the filipino people, it is still the programs of GMA which is doing good in job creations such as the BPO industry.

    6. Corabel Y. Diel on

      Yes, he is honest that he has violated the constitution but for the wrong reasons. The constitution is the one that has erred in giving the judiciary equal powers with the executive!

      Hay..! Ambot sa langaw pilay idad sa uk uk!

    7. The bigger blame should fall on those people with selfish motives who continue to feed the fantasy of this immature bachelor who became president. THEY continue to support him even if they know HE is really incapacitated due to his psychological condition. They are the yellow hypocrites…inquirer,abscbn,drilon,abad,tupas,trillanes,cayetano,belmonte, dinky, delima and the ambitious roxas! When this childish occupant of malacanang steps down, I hope those people mentioned would be the first to go to Jail.
      Karma will nest on their heads! they will suffer the same mental/psychological condition of the one they are controlling like a puppet.
      poor abnoy,he will never know he is being used by those abhorrent people around him!

    8. Roldan Guerrero on

      In BSA`s usual blame-game repeating his lost decade description of the Arroyo Presidency, his administration of 4 yrs is perfectly compared to 4 decades of agony. Loses through corruption in his past 4 yrs regime dwarfs the consolidated loots of all past regimes starting from his mother. I just so wish he will be jailed immediately after his term and lose all his hair in a solitary confinement.

    9. Vicente Penetrante on

      Truly hopeless!

      P-Noy always include three things in his speeches: 1) “Blaming GMA for eternity” or “if she is bad, I must be good;” 2) DAP spending for “resurgent economy” or :”resurgent LP” – if not for personal gain, then it is for party gain; and 3) “Daang Matuwid” or “slide down to hell” road – I’m after corruptors, so I must be clean.

    10. S George H Florida on

      Well said, Mr. Rick Ramos!
      When a president like this BS Aquino III has this “Leader Knows
      Best” syndrome or pathetic attitude,
      the Philippine “household” is really in a great mess!
      “Crying over the spilt milk,” and repeatedly on the “blame game” doesn’t help much nor
      alleviate the already pitiful situation the country is in.
      The “Daang Matuwid” is very ironic and inconsistent,
      indeed, from the very mouth of this spoiled brat in the
      Palace along the Pasig river!

      Cuddling and defending the abusive power-hungry favorites of his administration
      only strengthen and perpetuate the corruption that Benigno S Aquino III as the elected president is very much expected to eradicate and vanish!
      That, if he truly meant from the very beginning, and not by all rhetorics
      only that he is always willing to heed and follow his bosses!
      His bosses deserve better than mere promises!
      Enough is enough of the abuses and lip service!

      Put a STOP to this unending blame game
      Mr. President!

    11. Aquino is not hopeless. Anyone, whether a drug addict, a murderer, or criminal can change. It would take a lot to bring about that change and that includes a willingness to change. Aquino is lacking brains and that is truly beyond help. He needs a moral compass to help guide him. That could be done if he embraced religion. So all in all he is close to being beyond help. But maybe, just maybe, if he saw a priest and explained his actions, the priest show him his mistakes and may set him striaght.

    12. After Pnoy steps down in 2016, that will be the time that issues of corruptions against his sisters and brother in laws will be known to us because there will be no Belmonte and Drillon for cover up. But these will not come easily because we might have the dirtiest election in 2016. Massive cheating and violence will be used by the ruling party just to win and if they will really force Roxas to win by all means there could be people bloody uprising.

    13. I perfectly agree with the writer, I find it very frustrating that after more than 4 years we are still in this status.

      PNoy should wake up.

    14. PNoy’s definition of honesty is terribly wrong and mangled. That’s one symptom of a sick mind. Another symptom is a reverse perception that what is patently wrong and false is for him truth and correct. He has made lying a practice for his administration to institutionalize. His cabinet advisers twisted facts which are being made fodder for their persistent lying. I am really appalled why these advisers whom I consisder to be saner than PNoy have themselves infected with his character. I even suspect that his political adviser Llamas is the one who is giving PNoy bad advice and the motives to constantly lie. After all, the group of Llamas are experts in the art of propaganda and lying.

    15. I did not vote for BalutPNoy because he is “tingkuling” (mentally or psychologically unfit ) and vindictive. Any person with such qualities is NOT a good leader.That’s my perception. I agree with the writer that he must really be misguided and has a sick mind.

    16. Some of Aquino’s allies like Escudero, Belmonte and others say that the President is honest but how come he is coddling cabinet secretaries who are already been charged of plunder and graft with the Ombudsman and still say he has full trust of them? Is he afraid of something the tainted secretaries will tell if they are fired? Is this the cause why FOI bill cannot be passed in the Congress? There are many dirty linens being kept at the Palace that the people should know and only through FOI Law that we can unmask the real agenda of those demons behind the back of the President.

      • Hi, it should read as: “and the DEMONS within the Great Thief Executive himself”. You’re right. How can one be called Honest when he is the one approving for his subordinates to steal, plunder, etc. the people’s money. My thinking is, he appears honest coz he has his personal cashier in the person of A-bad boy who keeps all his money. IF he is really honest, why not make public his use of pork barrel when he was still a tongressman and senatong. How did he spend his pork barrel, to what project, who were his conduits??? HONEST…. pwe!!!

      • Very good analysis and insight. Yes, the non-passage of the FoI shows the HYPOCRISY of the Aquino administration. Amazing Mental Dishonesty of a DELUSIONAL president.

      • What more can you expect from a weak Congress? No objections to the DAP, no LEDAC meetings, no complaints??? No more PDAF and DAP, now its Grassroot Participatory Budgeting Process under the Roxas.

    17. since pnoy is willing to go to jail for his decisions about the DAP, and that only an unjust judicial system will put him there, well mr. president, do the filipino people a favor. save the taxpayers’ money and take yourself to jail. no bail, no special treatment. no supreme court appeals. no nothing!!! just outright imprisonment. afterall, in your twisted frame of mind, you are and will always be mr. right. how can you be such an arrogant vindictive fool?

    18. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      When one says: “Kayo ang boss ko”, (referring to the citizenry), but do not follow them, what do you call the person who made the statement? Who wants for a president a “bolero”? Who would ever believe a head of a state who says one thing and does another? Pathetic!

    19. You said “If VP Binay were President, we can be sure that he would never do a DAP, being a lawyer:, yeah right and what do you think of the millions (if not billions) of pesos, properties (with elevator), hacienda, cash that they are hiding. How can Binay afford all these? Wala ka bang common sense para ipagtanggol mo na malinis si Binay? Magkano ba ang iBINAYad sa iyo? Kasama ka rin ba sa payroll niya dahil kulang yang suweldo mo sa Manila Times na kokonti na ang nagbabasa?

    20. “President B. S. Aquino 3rd said that he is willing to go to jail for the decisions that he made, such on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). However, he believes that it will only happen under an “unjust judicial system.” In short, he is always right in his decisions, notwithstanding the despicable DAP that the Supreme Court has unanimously declared unconstitutional last July 1, 2014.”

      This statement of the writer Mr. Ramos sums up the main cause of the failure of the Aquino administration. He thinks he is always right. He thinks he is wiser than God. Hence, he cannot change what he has already done or said even if they are criminally wrong. In fact, he has not convened the National Security Council, which includes the former presidents, because he will never take any one’s counsel or anyone’s unsolicited advice. Mr. Ramos has appropriately described the Abnoy as a misfit because he is misguided and has a sick mind, with a gargantuan inflated hubris. I agree with all the description of the writer of this mentally sick illegitimate president. Abnoy is really unfortunately pathetic and hopeless.

      But the country is even more, unless we act concertedly to remove him from office.