Preserve your good values, Pinoys urged


FORMER Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines Roberto Mayorga on Friday called on Filipinos to preserve the good values that they have and teach them to younger generations.

Mayorga said the Filipino character is unique in the world but warned that this could also be in danger of disappearing if the Filipinos failed to protect it.

The Filipinos, according to Mayorga, are known for their deep and intuitive “concern for others,” and it is this concern that gives strength to every Filipino in times of crisis and gives him a resilient and hopeful spirit.

The former Chilean ambassador and the Lopez Group of companies worked together to “preserve and share” this character through the Calidad Humana (Human Quality) project.

Mayorga and University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) associate professor Dr. Antonio Torralba conducted a short seminar on family values for school children of Sagad High School in Pasig City (Metro Manila).

The project is a nationwide campaign that aims to help refine and preserve the Filipino character profile (humaneness, cheerfulness, resiliency, compassion and hard work, among others) and spread this to the rest of the country and the world.

Mayorga said the Filipinos express their Calidad Humana through friendship, hospitality, resiliency, generosity, humility, solidarity, charity, smiling, dancing and singing, and as cited often, giving priority to concern for others rather than material things.

“Let us preserve the Filipino Calidad Humana,” the former Chilean envoy said. “This Filipino character is unique in the world [but]we face a serious risk of losing it. If you don’t take care [of it], you will lose it like other countries have lost [theirs],” the former Chilean envoy added.

But people, in general, are not aware of this human richness and are not taking care
of it, Mayorga said.

“You Filipinos have that richness [of unique character]but you are not aware of it.

You should be aware and be proud of it. If you lost it, you would] also [lose]your real identity being a Filipino,” he added.

Mayorga said Filipinos treasure their loved ones above all else.

“For the Filipinos, the most important [are]family and friends, more than a bank account,” he noted.

Mayorga, who now works as consultant to Lopez’ Energy Development Corporation, said they will also conduct a series of seminars and lectures in other parts of the country in an effort to preserve and spread the good values of the Filipinos.

“We have a parallel activity not only here in Manila but also in Leyte and in different schools in other provinces,” he added.

“We will also bring this campaign to Mindanao schools but we need more teams. We are looking for more volunteer workers,” the former Chilean envoy said.


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