President Aquino has committed treason


The draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law that President Benigno Aquino 3rd gave Congress ignores the Republic of the Philippines, the Constitution and us the Filipino people.

This does not surprise us. The Framework Agreement and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro, the two previous foundational documents signed by President Aquino’s negotiators and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front panel, and which President Aquino approved, also virtually mocked us Filipinos and our most important laws and symbols. The original draft of the BBL that the MILF gave the Palace was so full of veritably anti-Philippine Republic and anti-Constitution contents that President Aquino had his people revise it—to the displeasure of his friends, the MILF supreme leaders.

As we have said in this space many times before, the creation of a Bangsamoro state—and not a region of the Philippine like the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or the Cordillera Autonomous Region—is subversive of the Philippine Republic. It will lead to the dismemberment of our country.

The BBL lays the foundation for the separation of the Bangsamoro state—or the state of the Moro nation—from the Philippine Republic.

Instead of containing a provision that forbids secession—as any patriotic and competent President of the Philippines (or any country) would have insisted to have in the Framework Agreement, the CAB and now this Basic Law or mini-Constitution of the Moro state, the present BBL version even contains provisions that encourage the MILF Moros who will run their Bangsamoro state to pursue separation and independence.

This encouragement to achieve the final objective of the separatist MILF is in the BBL’s Section 1 of Article IV which says: “In the exercise of its right to self-governance and self-determination, the Bangsamoro is free to pursue its economic, social and cultural development.”

Yes, all Moros, and for that matter all Filipinos, are free to pursue their economic, social and cultural development. But not to exercise their right to run their provinces or cities to achieve “self-governance and self-determination.” Filipinos are bound to being governed by the constitutionally approved governors and authorities and are not to pursue self-determination. Only those who aim to dismantle the Philippine Republic do so.

The MILF authors of the proposed BBL—and we have said this in previous editorials—do not consider themselves Filipinos or persons subject to the Constitution of the Philippines. That is why the BBL treats our Constitution, our Republic and us Filipinos as non-existent beings.

President Aquino—and his men and women in Malacañang who supported his moves—therefore committed nothing less than treason when they handed over this treasonous BBL draft to the Congress of the Philippines.

This is another count to be included in the people’s impeachment case against Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino.


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  1. alexander d cabales on

    This is just an initial step towards full independence. They will never stop until they become a separate state. So why don’t we just allow them to secede NOW. Let them go their own separate way rather than spend billions of our meager resources on something that eventually would not be part of the Republic. It is a poor investment. After all they never thought that they were Filipinos!

  2. This is trully THREAT TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY !!! ..
    And wonder still no action from the AFP….wake up.!!!

  3. OK.. so if people in here wants to scrap the BBL.. whats your alternative to so that ARMM region will finally have peace? unless we would like to continue with this WAR and filipino killing filipinos.. its been a 100 years already, not unless we kill all those muslims? and have a 100% christian country.

  4. Roman R. Guerrero on

    In the BM Islamic Sub-state, there shall be sub-people, sub-territory, sub-government and sub-sovereignty. Since, there is no separation of Church & State, Islam too becomes sub-religion. How long do you think can they bear being adherents of a sub-religion? That is the question the answer to which does not engender Peace in Mindanao. It could even be blown up into REVERSE RECONQUISTA vs Filipinos who honor Philip2 – the worst persecutor of the Moriscos- their faith ancestors in ancient Spain ridiculed and pejoratively called

  5. victor m. hernandez on

    Balkanization, whatever. This is self determination, and ARMM is self determination. So what’s the difference. That “Bangsamoro” thing has been discussed for so long, in the hope that ARMM will be in peace, and that ARMM will evolved into a truly viable self governance with a distinct cultrue and tradition altogether under the regime of the Republic of the Philippines. And the sovereign will of the people who will ratify the Bangsamoro Law. So what gives?
    Give peace a chance. Respect the wishes of the Moros. There is no secession in the Framework Agreement. So there.

  6. BS Aquino is just doing what his masters are bidding him to do. The US State Dept and the CIA are doing what they have been doing around the world. In our part of the world the following examples will open your eyes.
    a) In Thailand the decade old rebellion in the Southern Thailand is secretly funded and backed by the US with ample support from their stooge the ex-PM Thaksin. They want to create a “separate Muslim hardline State” sandwiched betwee Malaysia and Thailand. sounds familiar? It also happens to have oil & gas. Plus it can also make treaties with the US once it is independent just like Bahrain they will host US Bases.
    b) In Indonesia the fighting has stopped in Sumatra and Acehese have autonomy. The Indos are smart enough not fall into the same trap.
    c) Philippines – The Kano are going for broke with their lapdog BSA. They want another Military Base in the Philippines but this time with a Muslim country they can control. Bahrein, Quatar, Kuwait are the Templates. A separate Moro Stae would do just that.

  7. Samahan ng Bagong Kabataan on

    This Agreement for sure will be approved by Congress considering the situation on hand. But the majority of the Nation can delay if not set aside if and when the members could hear the wrath of an angry people. If they approve, it will spark the fire in the gates of hell.

  8. In any way you look at it, this BBL is treason. It proposes giving a part of the Nation to a terrorist group.

    • ‘Tis more than mere ‘treason’, in fact. For in giving a rebellious few the lottery-jackpot they’ve craved, the BBL constitute the crime of rewarding criminals and their foreign underwriters [Malaysia, OIC, Libya], instead of punishing them for their insurrectionistic activities.

  9. ano kaya ang ginagawa ng mga supposedly bright boys and girls sa malacanan? have they not seen the effect of this bbl to the country? ang tawag nga ng mga kritiko ay ‘balkanization’ ng pilipinas and bbl. ang pinagkopyahan ng bbl ay yung moa-ad ni arroyo na deneklarang unconstitutional ng supreme court led by corona. ito, to my mind, ang isa sa dahilan kaya gustong sipain ni aquino si corona besides sa hacienda luisita case.

  10. An examination of the text of the BBL clearly shows that it has created a government (a parliament) within a government (such as the one we have now ) and has created a sub-state within a constitutionally established state. This is decidedly treason for having provisions which are unconstitutional.

    For the sake of the legitimate citizens of this republic, such violations must not go unchecked. They must be abrogated and the whole agreement thrown out into the garbage. Too, the perpetrators of this treason must be charged in court and dealt their just comeuppance.