• President Aquino: Government won’t stop hunting down perpetrators of media killings, other crimes


    TOKYO: While it cannot promise a total end to the killing of journalists, the government can promise it will never stop in going after the perpetrators and make sure they pay for their crimes, President Benigno Aquino 3rd said on Friday night.

    In an interview with journalists, the President said that as far as the Executive Branch is concerned, it will go after the perpetrators of heinous crimes and build airtight cases against them to ensure their conviction.

    “Now we cannot promise that there will never be any shooting (or) killing of anybody. What we can promise is we will never stop in trying to come up with the suspects,” he said.

    But he also said there is a need to come up with a more holistic approach, such that people will learn to settle differences civilly and not take the law into their own hands.

    Still, he said people who commit crimes “have to be brought before the bars of justice,” and the government has not stopped its efforts toward this end.

    The President also said he has told all the people involved that filing charges should not be the measure of success as much as the conviction of the defendant.

    “I tell all the people involved, filing a charge is not the measure of success. It is the conviction. Up to now we really want conviction that will send the message you do a crime, you pay the price,” he said.

    In past weeks, three media practitioners were shot dead while a radio reporter in Iloilo was wounded in an ambush. PNA


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    1. Please publish the names of those members of tri-media, our journalist, radio and tv commentators who were murdered and update us of development whether
      or not the PNP were able to solve the cases.

    2. This should be the rule as stated by Pnoy but unfortunately the PNP almost always waits for an order from the President before they seriously pursue the perpetrators of the crime. Media killings attract attention but how about ordinary killings? Honestly, I think there is something wrong on how our bureaucracy takes its reason for being. The President should pressure all government offices to perform by adopting the management by objectives approach which is to make all officials of government accountable for their office’s non performance. Di lang sahod, pera at promotion ang tututukan nila kung hindi may pakinabang ba ang bayan sa kanila?

    3. Another motherhood statement. Paramg robot. Pero sabi nga ni Coloma, presidential alter-ego, media killings are not so bad in the Phl. As if there’s an acceptable amount of killings. Hay naku, palpak is palpak is palpak. Yourpanties are showing Abnoy, and they are butas butas.