• President Aquino has yet to impart thoughts on dismissed PMA cadet’s case: Palace


    With only a few days left before the graduation rites at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City, Malacanang on Wednesday said that President Benigno S. Aquino III has yet to impart his thoughts on the case of dismissed cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia.

    It can be recalled that Cudia, who would have graduated salutatorian on March 16, was accused of lying, a violation of the PMA’s honor system, and was voted for dismissal by the Honor Committee.

    In a Palace media briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that Cudia’s case has never been brought up for discussion by the President.

    “We have not discussed the situation of Cadet Cudia…He (the President) has not stated anything precisely… to have an open mind,” Lacierda said.

    He added he could not comment on whether there is a chance that the President would overturn Cudia’s dismissal because it would be, so far, speculative to say.

    Although Cudia was not the first to violate the Honor Code — with others reported to have still been able to graduate — Lacierda said that the reevaluation of the code would be up to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

    Lacierda also said that it was “unfair” for anyone to judge the Honor Code as reforms have been done to change the PMA’s once corrupt image.

    “…One rotten apple should not spoil the entire barrel. You may have some bad eggs there but it should not say that the system is bad because of one or two or three persons who are perceived to have not honored the Honor Code,” the Malacanang official said.

    “I would believe that most of those graduates continue to observe the Honor Code, even while they are no longer in the Philippine Military Academy,” he added.

    In reaction to the reported Cudia family’s request for a meeting with President Aquino, Lacierda said that there has been no confirmation of the request. PNA


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    1. Tthe most painful part was the revelation of Cadet Lagura to Commander Tabuada that Lagura voted for not guilty ,and Chairman of the Honor Code chamber Lagura and pressured him to change his vote so that it will be unanimous. If indeed, Mogol did what Lagura said ,someday this Mogol will be the most notorious and corrupt inthe military..His diabolical intent will be the one to crucifix himself.

    2. i think CFC cudia will be more effective in his service to the AFP if given a chance because of what he’s experiencing right now…GO straight…NO half truth…it will marked him is entire carreer…and thru experience that strengthen our ideals…LET CUDIA graduate and let him served the AFP…

    3. If its truly Mr Cudia breaks the law of honor code for lying why his 2mins late. The academy can give him punishment for that small issue, they can also removed him from honor roll rankings…that is one big punishment already… But by removing him / dismissing him, and not letting him graduates is too much… What he did is not beyond crimes, it was consider only a mistakes that needs punishment but there judgement is unjust to the fact that all his sacrifices wasted and ruined…Nobody is perfect even his teacher,his superior and all panels of the jury who voted and decided to outcasted him to all students to be graduates…The family, relatives and friends all there are asking for ? Is a second chance to be lenient and let him graduate even without honors….I know the ACADEMY won’t give him a chance, they won’t change there decisions, because they want to probe that they are right… And won’t change there mind no matter how hard they try…. How can you fight one against all….How can you win a battle alone… That your arms only your beliefs and principles ….No ! you cannot win at all… Our hearts and symphaty belongs to him but the saddest things, wus, cannot help him in any way. Let just wish that GODS give him MERCY.

      • manolito enriquez on

        Yes you’re absolutely right,these people who judge him and remove him from the graduating list were acting as if they were honest people,You guys who are just recieving 25-30k a months were becoming rich and sending your children to exclusive schools for WHAT reason? HONESTY? Come on! We were not born yesterday

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      Expect nothing from BSAs action for the meantime. Maybe he is still waiting what Mar Roxas will say.

    5. Siony Camacho Bana on

      Those 9 members of the honor code committee couldn’t be all perfect themselves with accomplishments as PMA student like Cudia a Salutatorian of his graduating class ,and to disqualify him to graduate because of a 2 minute late cannot be and should not be a reasonable basis of disqualification to graduate. This situation will only harbor distrust of many Filipino parents and aspiring youth vs the whole institution (PMA) and its faculty for unjustful penalty. There is one word in Tagalog I hate to say” enviousness of 8 members ensued vs Cudia- coming from a poor family, As one member stated for being swayed to vote to disgrace him the honor to graduate, that surely is a sign of CORRUPTION already ingrain amongst the Phil Military Academy as an institution. My prayers for fairness to the parents and his family.

    6. A white lie is a small, almost insignificant lie that shouldn’t be justified at any time. It is used by almost anyone anytime. An example would be if your friend asks you if you think she’s pretty. Even if you don’t think so, but you say yes anyway to make her feel better, that’s a white lie. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that beauty is relative. What could be beautiful to me may not be beautiful to others and vice versa,

      By the way, It was not specified what sort of a lie did the accused commit. For this reason I can’t contribute any sound advice. I’ll just stand on my presumption that he committed a white lie which is excusable. C’mon guys let’s not be so bookish.

      • He just came in 2 minutes late in the class that’s all. His reason was they were dismissed late by their instructor which is not of his own doing. His reason is… it’s not his fault why he’s 2 minutes late. That’s the lie he told his instructor.

    7. Rosauro Feliciano on

      Our island nation, which Spain did everything in her power to unite all the petty kingdoms within the archipelago throughout the nearly four hundred years of colonization appears to be not reaching yet that aim of fully uniting us. This mentality of destroying our own selves was first made fully known in our history during the days of the Katipuneros where enmity between the magdiwa faction and the magdalo faction happened, and whereupon Bonifacio and Aguinaldo were mortal enemies of each others. We are indeed a strange people as SOME OF US TALK OF HIGH HEAVEN BUT DEEP WITHIN OURSELVES WE DON’T DO WHAT WE ARE SAYING AND TO DEMONSTRATE THAT WHAT WE ARE DOING IS RELATED TO WHAT WE ARE SAYING. This particular group of people is spoiling the good majority of our people. Is what I’m saying true or not at all? Look around us folks and try to have that mental picture about how to differentiate between the insignificant class of our people who are mired in poverty and the influential people who live affluently, and yet all of us live under one stratum of our society to answer my question. So what am I trying to say here is LET THIS CADET CUDIA GRADUATE AND SERVE THE NATION IN FULLNESS.

    8. Let him graduate Mr. President, he deserves it for the 4-years of hardship that he’s gone through in the PMA. Punish him by other means (e.g. bread and water, sit-ups, etc.) or send him to Ayungin Shoal or Spratley after graduation. I think that he did not lie but just got rattled on his response.

    9. The great message during this Lenten season is forgiveness. Those who thinks he/she does not have sin, will cast the first stone, otherwise the action of the few who voted for dismissal of cadet Cudia boils down to being arrogant and hypocritical.

    10. Alfredo Jose on

      This is a very small and petty thing for the President to intervene but the “future” of this should-have-been honor PMA student is at STAKE. It is hoped that this will not be among the “recycle bin” or “spam” message/items in Malacanan Palace (like the Martinez case – Winter Olympic 2014 hero). May the ‘truth and fairness” be on the side of the Cudia family.