Has President Aquino incited the wrath of God?


Some of the talk among religious types last week, coming after the Papal visit and the second Maguindanao massacre, this time of elite police troops, was whether President Benigno Aquino 3rd has brought the wrath of God upon himself and his rule.

The devotees divining heavenly messages in earthly events wonder whether Aquino’s untruthful attack on Catholic bishops in his welcome message to Pope Francis at the Palace on January 16 has incited the Almighty to bring him down (see the Jan 17 column, “After cheering Pope Francis, will we crucify him?”).

“It’s karma,” said one lady who regularly attends Tuesday night prayers with a group. “You reap what you sow.”

Besides the sacrilegious falsehood against the bishops told to the Holy Father himself, the talk about divine retribution also cited the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s round-up of about 500 indigents from the Roxas Boulevard area, which kept them away from the sight of the Pope who journeyed from across the globe to be with the poor.

The wages of sin

These offenses are on top of past actions of the President and the government, which would certainly disturb devout Catholics (see the Nov 8, 2013 article, “Aquino’s troubles and the wages of sin”).

Very early in his rule, his handpicked chairperson of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Margaret Juico, maligned eight Catholic prelates with the canard that they received luxury sport utility vehicles from the PCSO during the past administration. In truth, the agency’s assistance for the bishops’ charity work was used to purchase vans and pickup trucks, many of them second-hand.

Yet Aquino and his government never apologized for the sacrilegious lie, and in the Pope’s face two weeks ago, told another untruth about the bishops.

Even more appalling was the use of pork barrel to sway legislators in passing the Reproductive Health Bill in December 2012.

After Aquino himself called for a “conscience vote” on RH, the pork was laid out to ensure the enactment of the contraceptive law. Since conscience is the voice of God in our hearts, Aquino used the legislative largesse against that divine counsel.

Those looking for heavenly retribution might well believe they saw it in Juico’s unceremonious ouster from her cushy PCSO seat last year. Plus, in the Supreme Court’s twin rulings declaring unconstitutional the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the two main pork sources.

As architects of the DAP, moreover, Aquino and his budget secretary, Florencio Abad, will surely face a host of malversation cases for disbursing funds for expenditures not appropriated by law, if not now, certainly after his immunity from suit ends in mid-2016.

Chastised yet unrepentant

Not that Aquino needs to see the inside of a jail cell for him to think hard about divine displeasure. Back in 2013, after Catholic bishops consecrated the country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in June of that year, the Administration suffered one debacle after another — more than enough to make any believer shudder at God’s wrath (see the July 9, 2014 column, “A nation consecrated to Mary: Upheaval again?”).

In July 2013, the month after the Marian consecration, two scandals erupted: the $30 million Inekon bribery attempt, which tarred presidential sister Ballsy Cruz and top transport officials; and the pork barrel expose on PDAF operator Janet Lim Napoles. That triggered the biggest protest under Aquino, decrying the pork barrel scandal on August 27, the National Heroes Day.

The following month, DAP hit the headlines. In response to the expose by opposition Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla about pork inducements during the 2012 Senate trial of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona, Abad identified DAP as the source of tens of millions of pesos disbursed to senators on top of their PDAF pork.

In September, Moro National Liberation Front fighters lay siege to parts of Zamboanga City, in anger over the government’s move to diminish the MNLF’s clout and stature in the future Bangsamoro entity envisioned to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), which was to be abolished if and when the peace agreement with the MNLF splinter group – the Moro Islamic Liberation Front – is implemented.

Two more disasters followed in two months: the Bohol earthquake caused the collapse of centuries-old churches in October 2013, and the Yolanda Super Typhoon killed more than 7,000 people and devastated vast areas of the Visayas in November.

Despite Aquino’s claim of vessels, aircraft and relief goods in place, there was nil government response for days after Yolanda inundated Tacloban.

If that wasn’t enough to bring religion to Malacañang, there were the PDAF ruling in December 2013 and the DAP decision last July. And in between – the surge in consumer prices amid port congestion and the mounting woes of Metro Rail Transit commuters.

Despite all that, however, Aquino is unrepentant. His budget contains about P20 billion in disguised pork barrel. The Commission on Elections has railroaded a $300-million contract with automated election supplier Smartmatic, raising fears that poll anomalies in 2010 and 2013 would repeat next year.

The commuting public, weary of Metro Rail Transit queues created by its anomalous maintenance deal, face hefty fare hikes. When the nation hosted Pope Francis, Aquino falsely accused Filipino bishops of silence about issues in the past government. And with utter imprudence, if not recklessness, he and his suspended police chief have reportedly mounted an ill-conceived operation outside the chain of command, costing life and limb among dozens of troopers.

So is God out to oust the President? In fact, having angered the Church, the poor, the commuters, and now the security forces, Aquino doesn’t need divine intervention to undermine his rule. He’s doing it all by himself.

For the nation’s sake, may God grant him the grace to see the light and mend his ways.


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  1. You are right Rick

    “So is God out to oust the President? In fact, having angered the Church, the poor, the commuters, and now the security forces, Aquino doesn’t need divine intervention to undermine his rule. He’s doing it all by himself”.

    “It’s karma,” said one lady who regularly attends Tuesday night prayers with a group. “You reap what you sow.”


  2. muriel magtanggol on

    Did you notice that in his speech during the necrological service, he even suggested that what happened was part of God’s plan. Hellohhh, Mr. Boy Sisi is pointing to God as the one who let it all happen? God is a God of order, not disorder or out of order like Noynoy’s botched operation. God does not bypass authority or the chain of command!
    God will not let a president use the services of an officer who was suspended for graft and corruption! God will not needlessly risk the lives of his beloved children for the sake of greed and pride! Those attributes belong to the devil!

  3. Hindi kaya!baka nagkakamalI ang tao!mula ng pumunta ang pope dito,meron agad accidente at muntik pang mag-crash ang eroplano sinasakyan ng gabinete ni Aquino! Ngayon ito namang SAF!!parang pelikulang exorcise dumating ang salot sa pilipinas!pag naaalala ko ang mga movies na katulad nito parang totoong ang mga pari sa pelikula!!!lawakansana ang isipan!wag isama sa karma ang mga inosente!!

  4. This retardate got to this position because of the myth that spin masters created saying that the people felt so much sympathy for him when Cory died to the point that they wanted him to become president. The propaganda tool named SWS followed this up with a survey confirming this. What we are witnessing is the inevitable outcome when people are made to abandon reason and surrender to emotion when making decisions. Reason is the only defense against the devil who ALWAYS comes in an appealing package to deceive and corrupt us. Why are people so easy to win away from reason, which is a God-given faculty like seeing, hearing, smelling etc? The answer is found paradoxically in religion itself, but that is a topic for another day. Yes, I believe this moral degenerate has incurred the wrath of heaven. I can’t wait for the coup de grace, not only against him but against the yellow regime that put him there.

  5. Look at what Aquino has done to our country. The government full of corruption and our police being murdered, without fear. We need the the killers brought to justice and law and order brought back to every island. Let the days of the criminal gangs be over.

    • Napaka demanding natin sa ating Pangulo…….ang dami natin reklamo at kaartehan sa katawan…pero obvious naman na kinakalimutan natin na 5 decades na itong mga problema natin at hinde malulutas lahat yan ng isang 6 year term lang lalo ang kaguluhan sa mindanao at kurapsyon. Ikaw…tanungin kita…ano ba nagawa mo para sa kakabuti ng ating bayan…hinde ba Mr. Saludo..kasabwat ka ng mga kawatan noong panahon ni PGMA? Hinde ba’t kaya nagbaril ng sarili si Angie Reyes para mapagtakpan lang administrasyon ni Arroyo?

    • Mr. Rolando Javier,
      Ano naman ang kaugnayan ng mga nagawa ni mr. Ricardo Saludo sa ating bayan sa mga pagtalakay nita sa mga kapalpakan ng iyong mahal na presidente Aquino. Pati kaartehan at reklamo namin sa katawan idinadawit mo . Patunayan mong mali ang kanyang sinasabi . Huwag mong atakihin ang mga pagkatao ng mga pumupuna sa mahal mong presidente Aquino. Wala namang nagsasabi na perpekto ang lahat ng mga tao. Lahat tayo ay makasalanan . Ang kaibahan lang ni Aquino sa ibang Filipino, pinasusuweldo siya ng taong bayan para magtrabaho ng tama para sa bayan. Kung hindi niya kaya, umalis siya o kaya, magtiis siyang mabatikos ng mga tao .

  6. Jose A. Oliveros on

    “When will this kamalasan (bad luck) be removed from our lives?” – former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan, III in a facebook post. By this time, people should have noticed that bad luck (kamalasan) always falls on our country under Cojuangco-Aquino presidencies. During the time of Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino: Mendiola massacre of demonstrating farmers in front of Malacanan which never happened during the entire 14 years of Marcos martial rule; daily blackouts lasting up to 8 hours; Pinatubo eruption; Baguio earthquake. These are just some that I can recall at the moment.
    Under PeNoy: Typhoons Yolanda and Glenda, Bohol earthquake, Zamboanga City raid by MNLF, PDAP/DAP scandal, massacre of 46 or so PNP-SAF commandos, looming power shortage this coming summer. I am sure there are others that I cannot remember as I write this. Which leads me to ask: ISINUMPA BA ANG PILIPINAS SA ILALIM NG PAMUMUNO NG DALAWANG COJUANGCO-AQUINO? Can Jaime Licauco or other psychic give some explanation?

    • Malaking katangahan ang iugnay ang natural disaster sa pamumuno ng isang tao. Engot lang ang hinde nakakakita sa mga magagandang bagay na nagawa at ginagawa ni Pnoy. Una. Nabuking ang kalakaran sa PDAF, second, Ekonomiya natin malaki inimprove dahil sa corruption drive. third, Kalakaran sa Bilibid, sa mga korte…malaki nabago. fourth, Mga bunos ng mga govt exec…nabuking…AFP natin…nakabili ng mga bagong kagamitan….kasama na sa pag-asa sa weather forcasting….nagpakulong ng dating presidente…mga senador….pinaka importante hinde magnanakaw si Pinoy…ikaw Mr. oliveros…ano nagawa mo…mag ngal-ngal lang d ba?

  7. I think you are right that wrath of God went on PeNoy’s way. This is give a mark on commemorating Cory death anniversary instead it will be remembered as a day the massacre for PNP officers and soldiers who obeyed lawful command who did not even be honor them instead went to another engagement.

    Furthermore, I think officers involved in monitoring the operation of this PNP SAF should resign because there was no PLAN B or for poor planners even if there were no coordination with other allied forces.

    Then, If the firefight lasted several hours, no rescue effort was exerted. Where the sophisticated communications system if this was an elite SAF unit. The officers responsible for planning should have already responded when there was a delay in the return of the PNP SAF team.

    Lastly, why were they clouded that it would affect the peace talk when the objective was to arrest USMAN. That would be a very good reason to send forces rescue forces.

  8. The answer to that question is another question, how is it that everytime humans (those highly religious kind) always put the blame on the creator, if things go awry or are miserable, yet relegate it to good luck if they are enjoying all the amenities in life?

    Then, it is often seen or heard from these ‘true’ believers, how they can come quote verses from scriptures in the bible, so you can read the bible and memorize the words, what is the big deal?

    Wrath being the subject for which to ponder, why Philippines is in the state of calamity (natural and man made), is that this term is not the creation of God, it is the invention of humans. The creator has no hand at all in all the miseries human have brought upon itself.

    To move this country forward, is to acknowledge that the fault lies within each misguided individual – who are led to believe that God should be the next best thing to be made a scapegoat for everyhting awful that befalls them.

    Let us give God a rest, for those church going believers, tomorrow go to church and honor him and ask forgiveness for pointing to him, and those who do not go to church but are believers, pray to him and ask his forgiveness for blaming him. May he have mercy on your souls for realizing that he does not destroy those that he created.

    This problem that we brought upon ourselves is man made not created for us by God – we should find the solution to this ourselves.

  9. in our dialect it is called “GABA”. ONE’S FOOLISHNESS WILL ALWAYS GO BACK TO HIS BODY. one columnist called him a “foxhole catholic”. if one can still recall, prior to pnoy’s declaration of candidacy, he went to monastery in zamboanga because he wanted to be enlightened. days after he declared his candidacy. at that time, i was already wary about his personality because he was using religiosity for his personal gain. it was somewhat sacrilegious so say the least.

  10. Masasabi ba natin ngayon na si Noynoy ay hari ng kamatayan?
    Naging presidente siya dahil sa kamatayan ng ina niya.
    Ang unang hinarap ni Noynoy bilang presidente ay kamatayan sa Luneta.
    Kamatayan sa Zamboanga seige, sa lindol sa Bohol, sa Yolanda, at ngayon sa SAF 44 massacre. ilan pa kaya kamatayan ang darating dala ni Noynoy?

  11. So did i get this right, You say god punished pnoy for his words against the religious people of the church & he did that by letting 44 decent honest men of this country. I hope you wernt saying that but i saw it as you saying that. & its for things like that which clearly showed me there isnt a god as if there was he wouldnt allow such a tragedy in the 1st place & most certainly wouldnt let 44 innocent guys die to punish someone else, & if there is a god & he did do that then you can keep that godas i wouldnt want anything to do with him. & those who would by association would be as bad as he is.

  12. Ninoy Aquino — assasinated on the tarmac. Cory Aquino — cancer. This “wrath of God”…. baka nuon-nuon pa.

    Pero Noynoy Aquino, presidente maski hindi naman dapat, dahil lang sa kamatayan ni Cory. Baka si Noynoy ang regalo ng diyos sa Pilipinas. O si Kris Aquino kaya??? Ang hirap basahin kung ano talaga!!!!

  13. Anima A. Agrava on

    Thank you, Sir Ric Saludo. May this man of evil designs and actions mend his ways and return properly to the Roman Catholic Church, be contrite for his sins–which include specific plans and acts harmful, destructive, of our Republic and democracy–and do what is right from now on.
    The first thing he should the is heed of the Catholic bishops, Protestant pastors and leaders of church councils, and Muslim clergy for him to resign at once so that a moral and independent National Transformation Council can take over and prepare our country to have honest, transparent and credible elections in 2016.

  14. don’t blame it all to pnoy. ask yourself and other catholics if you are not worshiping a dead human being, images and statues. that’s idolatry which God hates. anything unbiblical is plain HERESY.

  15. Excellent article. PNoy incited the wrath of God for so many natural and man-made calamities. One is afraid that the wrath will continue after he leaves office. Please God, no more!

  16. I have no doubt in my mind that this illegitimate president is really a CURSE to the nation. I have discerned this all along since he forced the enactment of the RH Law. The Lord himself said to Noah that He himself will demand an accounting for human life

    In Genesis 1: 26-28, God himself proclaimed that He is the absolute Lord of the life of man, who is formed in his image and likeness. And because man’s life comes from God….man cannot do with it as he wills. God himself made this clear to Noah after the flood: “For your own lifeblood, too, I will demand an accounting…..and from man in regard to his fellowmen, I will demand an accounting for human life” (Gen. 9:5)

    This means that the Abnoy is not free to do as he pleases with regards human life. The fact that he really put pressure on the lawmakers for its passing, by dangling a huge amount of DAP, makes him the principal volator of God’s precepts and for this He has to pay.

    And never for a moment have I doubted that God will “demand an accounting”. The rule of this illegitimate president will be punctuated by failures after failures. He is now the “karma” of the nation. So the sooner we are rid of him, the better for the country.

  17. Since the chinese new year is just a few days away, feb 19 i think, let me just comment the way the Chinese used to rationalize the fall of political fortunes: PeNoy has lost the Mandate of Heaven