President Aquino is glossy men’s magazine’s cover boy


The July issue of Esquire Philippines magazine features President Benigno Aquino 3rd on the cover.

It is the first time the President has been featured in a magazine’s front page, according an email The Manila Times received on Monday from Summit Media’s media relations associate Jieneb Jamin Kho.

The cover, shot in black and white, bears the headline “How To Be A Man by Benigno S. Aquino,” which is the magazine’s theme for the month.

Esquire Philippines Editor-in-Chief Erwin Romulo said the magazine chose to feature the President to be the cover of the “How to be a Man” issue, saying, “Who better teach every Filipino how to be a man than the most powerful person in the Philippines?”

In the interview that accompanies the photo, the President talks about why he pushes for transformation, how he always remembers the bearer of false promises, which “perpetrators” he’ll be keenly watching, and where he’ll kick back after his 2016 reign.

In an excerpt from the interview, President Aquino says: “My critics will insist that [I decide important matters hastily]. I’m tempted to challenge them to a debate Why don’t you ask me how I made my decision and show me where my reasoning was faulty? So, if I have a critic, and he makes sense, then I will seek him out. I will try to get his positive point and incorporate it.”



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