President Aquino is now suspect


The discovery of the Pork Barrel Scandal would provide the executive branch, an opportunity to benefit from the crisis. First, by being decisive in bringing all congressmen and senators an audited recapitulations of their stewardship of the pork barrel funds regardless of political colors. Second, by grabbing the opportunity to reform the present system to benefit the country and discipline erring politicians, and highlight to the community of nations that the Philippines is a safe country for fund managers entrusted by their clients to invest foreign direct investment, FDI. And, lastly, to rid the government of dishonest people whose primary concern is his or her personal agenda.
Rolly Cavan,

Very alarming. Right from the start I feel there is something off on the way Ms. napoles surrendered and how she was being treated and handled.

Bakit may maniniwala pa ba na di kilala ni Noy si Napoles? Tanga lang yun! Makakapal ang mga mukha ng taga Malacanang, ng alam nilang lalabas at lalabas ang mga pictures na kasama ni Aquino si Napoles…inunahan na nila ang press at media. Tsk tsk tsk – buking na buking! Kakahiya!

Eh ! Halata naman si pres. Aquino is isa mga lumustay ng pera ng pilipinas .. Pinaiikot iikot pa dapat sa Kanya nakulong kasama ng iba politician nag nakaw din
Cecilia Mora,

Pictures doesn’t speak the whole story. Why not show the transactions or evidence that they really have connections, not that pictures. It seems common to certain individual to have pictures with politicians and actors in showbiz if they have a chance.. Don’t insinuate bad things with that simple picture, just give me a strong proof.


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