• President Aquino’s suicidal defense policy


    First of all, even without the presence of US forces in the country today, China still will make aggressive moves and quietly creep into the archipelago in search for oil, natural gas and fisheries which are abundant in WPS. HIstory proved this when the PLAN sunked and killed 24 Vietnamese sailors in their skirmishes in South China Sea. China also invaded and occupied 2 of the islets and more were coming. How then can you trust China? Before when there were no rumors of presence of natural gas and oil in WPS, China was not interested, but now that there these data known, suddenly they say they own all of South China Sea islets. So are you just going to give in to their aggressive actions and plans? I think Pnoy is right and is right to allow US and Japanese forces temporarily station their troops and ships into the country on rotational basis. Without these foreign forces and with our dilapidated AFP if China attacks or clashes happens the US may not help, but with the presence of US forces, they are most likely going to help maybe not in troops but in materiel and equipment. PHL really does not have much option right now because it neglected its AFP for decades.
    Tom De Leon

    well, something that you fail to realize is that without the US and our allies, we would no longer have our 200mile EZZ, and chinese oilers would be freely cruising in philippine waters.the main difference between the USA and china is that the chinese dont respect the sovereignty of other nations. now if you will cite the US wars in the middle east, i say that without the taliban hatred for the US, there would be no reason to invade them. the us is losing more money in the wars than i ever hopes to make by drilling for oil.


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    1. The more it would be suicidal if we don’t act now and take sides. Those who are in the middle and uncommitted often end up the loser. Still, if we don’t rally the US and Japan on our side China would all the more embolden to gobble up our territory. Who knows it might only be Scarborough today but Luzon tomorrow? Mr. Saludo already said it himself “…over a year ago, the PLA moved at least one rocket brigade to the southern coast [Hainan?] where it can attack all of the South China Sea [West Philippine Sea (WPS) included]…”. So there you are, even before this bigger bases access were tossed in the air China were busy arming themselves to the hilt, for what? To invade nearby territories first and farther away next. I salute the President for his decisiveness. We were born knowing US was on our side despite past disagreements on a number of relationship issues and it has to stay that way. On the other hand if the Pres. prevaricates and did nothing the usual inveterate carper would have gone to town lambasting him. Yes, sort of “damn if you do…”