President B. S. Aquino 3rd a HOPELESS case


LAST week, I wrote that Benigno S. Aquino 3rd will go down in history as the president who lost his credibility to the Filipino people (MT, March 7, 2015). This is on top of and/or because of being the Most Incompetent President (MIP) of the Philippines!

The prevarications of President B.S. Aquino 3rd on the Mamasapano Massacre made him lose whatever was left of his credibility. Forty-six days have passed since the January 25 savage Slaughter of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos of the Philippine National Police (PNP). Yet President Aquino has chosen Not to Tell the Truth.

In the presidential prevarication on the Mamasapano Massacre made on January 28 that was broadcasted live nationwide, the Chief Executive avoided telling the truth by not directly answering the question on who gave the order to implement Operation Exodus. But what made matters worse for him were the flagrant lies he made recently in a meeting in Malacañang with evangelical leaders last Monday on March 9.

During the prayer meeting in Malacañang, President Aquino dumped all the blame for the slaughter of SAF troopers on PNP-SAFDirector Napeñas. The sacked SAF Commander allegedly gave PNoy the Wrong information on what was happening on January 25 and disobeyed the presidential order to coordinate with the military (Armed Forces of the Philippines). Mr. Aquino claims that he was “fooled” by former SAF Chief Napeñas!

No less than former President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) spoke out last Tuesday after President B.S. Aquino 3rd placed all the blame on the ill-fated Operation Exodus solely on the Special Action Force (SAF) Commander Getulio “Leo” Napeñas, Jr. Former President Ramos made known that he was “so disappointed with the language used “ in the speech of Mr. Aquino that was made before pastors, bishops and other church leaders.

FVR also observed and lamented the failure to maintain the dignity of the Office of the President, which is very important, with the pathetic speech made by PNoy. Mr. Ramos emphasized that this is not the first time it happened but also in previous instances. The highly-respected statesman cited the “high standard of behavior” that is expected of a Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief.

Senior Senator Sergio “Serge” Osmeña 3rd has recently commented that PNoy is suffering from a “Crisis of Credibility.” The remark instantly reminded of the same situation with then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in the 1980s before he was deposed in the EDSA 1 People Power Revolution. Earlier, Senator Serge Osmeña had severely criticized the Child-President for his stubbornness not to apologize to the Filipino people.

Communications Secretary Herminio “Sonny” Coloma was reported in the press that President Aquino will not – never? – apologize on the Slaughter of the 44 SAF commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. If this is true, then this is good because it will hasten the removal of PNoy from the Office of the President in Malacañang.

Role of resigned PNP Chief Purisima
While President B.S. Aquino 3rd viciously (angrily and cruelly) attacked the former SAF Commander for the disaster of Operation Exodus, he conveniently forgot to touch on the role of his BFF (Best Friend Forever) Alan Purisima. The suspended PNP Chief, who has resigned due to its aftermath, was appointed Commander of the tragic operation by President Aquino himself. Was there a conspiracy between the president and his FBB in the usurpation of authority?

President Aquino was communicating via text messages with his BFF Purisima on that fateful day of January 25 on the developments of the SAF operations. What PNoy said in his speech that he was given the wrong information and “fooled” by SAF Commander Napeñas defies logic. Earlier in February, he spoke of betrayal by someone he trusted referring to resigned PNP Chief Purisima.

PNoy could have easily asked Acting PNP Chief Leonardo Espina and/or DILG Secretary Mar Roxas for updates, but he did not. Likewise, the same he could have done with the AFP Chief of Staff General Gregorio Catapang and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. They were all in Zamboanga City that day. Thus, Mr. Aquino has no excuses for not knowing what was happening with the ill-fated operations.

Resigned PNP Chief Purisima did not cooperate with the PNP Board of Inquiry (BOI) investigation on the Mamasapano Massacre. Likewise. Purisima also did not answer the questions and invoked “executive privilege” during the Senate hearings. There were four Senate closed-door Executive Sessions with the police and military officers, including then suspended PNP Chief Purisima.

The worst thing about Purisima is that he has not condoled with any member of the families of the 44 slain SAF commandos. This is unforgivable since he was the appointed Commander of the operations that claimed the lives of their loved ones. Perhaps this is analogous to the despicable absence of President Aquino in the solemn arrival honors at Villamor Air Base even if he could have attended the ceremony had he only wanted to.

PNoy should have fired Purisima a long time ago. This was after the corruption issues surfaced against him in 2014 with his huge estate in Nueva Ecija and the controversial construction of the PNP Chief’s White House inside Camp Crame. Yet President Aquino opted to keep his BFF even after his suspension by the Ombudsman.

Time to say goodbye & let it go
In a short span of only less than eight weeks beginning January, President Benigno S. Aquino III gave four major speeches that were unprecedented and unpresidential. What he said were untrue, unfair and unkind to the persons or groups concerned.

The first was his infamous speech on January 16 in the presence of His Holiness, Pope Francis, who was his guest at the Malacañang Palace that became the talk of the town. President Aquino claimed that “many members of the church, once the advocates of the poor, the marginalized and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses.” PNoy was pilloried in the press, which he richly deserved, because they were both uncalled for and a deviation from the truth.

The other three speeches delivered by the shameless president from January 28 to March 9 are related to the Maguindanao Massacre. What he said last Monday regretting giving his approval to Operation Exodus contradicted his statements on January 28 when he equivocated that the SAF operation did not need his personal knowledge and approval!

Worst, in all his three speeches the Chief Executive Never Condemned the brutal slaughter of the 44 SAF elite police commandos by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and other armed groups. PNoy was particularly careful not to excoriate the MILF because he wants the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) passed by Congress by June this year regardless of the Mamasapano Massacre!

It is now obvious that President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd is a HOPELESS Case. Thus, he must be removed from office either through his resignation or People Power that has ousted two undesirables presidents.


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  1. …..”doing the same thing and expecting different result”…is by definition insanity!

  2. From where I stand, compared to Marcos, Estrada and Arroyo…..Pnoy is the lesser evil!
    So go Pnoy! go!….you are doing well. You are making progress kept putting those corrupt politicians to jail.

    To my fellow countrymen, what do you really expect? The fabric of our Filipino society is so corrupt we keep electing corrupt officials time and time again. The country’s Elite’s is corrupt so be happy you have someone who at least is making some progress!

    They say its more fun in the Philippines!!!………oh by the way if you want to change stop selling your votes to corrupt officials otherwise its insanity!…doing the change thing and expecting different results.

  3. The President, I suspect is a Malaysian too.
    Maybe he has a share of Bagsamoro land after his term.
    Maybe much much bigger that Hacienda Luisita.
    He can stay there after his term to avoid going to jail.

  4. POWER is blinding – and when Political Dementia sets in, Simeon da3rd is the classic example of a guinea Pig. Baboy na Abnoy, Judas na Lahi ng Makapili…ang Hudas nang Bayan’g Pilipinas. Ang lupain nang magnanakaw at corrupt na Sistema dito sa parte na Asia. And on global scale too.

  5. concerned citizen on

    I’m dying to go to the streets to demand for Aquino’s ouster! Why isn’t it happening? My fellow Filipinos, what has become of us? Have we surrendered our power as a people in our democracy to the powers-that-be, who happen to be evil? God bless our country!

    • emmanuel mallari on

      Filipinos are getting sick and tired of going out the street. We have done it twice and nothing happened. Instead, Filipinos are venting their “ire” in social media and other online blogs.

  6. In the first place, he was never duly elected in a clean and honest election so that the term “resignation” can never be used. He was a usurper of a public office, hence, the proper term may just be for him to walk away – pack his briefs and walk the streets of Mendiola en route to Times Street in QC. Thus, people should even stop referring to simyon as “president” – precedent perhaps is a better term since the world has a head of state that was chosen by a Machine, a first that should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Mr. Richard was never indicted for the break-in at Watergate but for lying after its aftermath. With the convoluted lies of the son of the congenital liar, Messrs. Frank and Sonny are showing the world the kind of eunuchs that they are for they can not even initiate the impeachment of a guy for insanity, megalomania and Asperger Syndrome.

  7. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are enough people who are willing to give up heir comfort, time and money to rid our country of a mad, untruithful and dangerous tyrant. They are being encouraged to be unpatriotic by no less than the Archbishop of Manila, Cardnal Tagle, who is a friend of BS Aquno.
    Not many seem to care that there will be no honest, transparent and credible elections–at the precinct level–unless the Smartmatic-PCOS machines are banished from our electoral process.
    You yurself failed to mention this very REAL threat to our democracy on the precinct level, sir Ramos!

  8. Mukhang “inutil” na lahat ng mga insntitusyon sa bansa. Sa dami ng mga pagkakamali at anomalya ng administrasyong Aquino, walang nagawa ng mga miyembro ng kongreso, ganon din ang mga kabinete at pribadong sektor. Nangangahulugan na kalat ang mga “tuta” ni B,S Aquino. Kawawa naman ang Plipinas.

  9. I have made a list of all the ugly and shameful descriptions heaped upon the illegitimate usurper in Malacanang. The abnoy is described as having “no credibility”. In fact, Sen. Serge Osmena, a former supporter, says that the Abnoy is seriously suffering from a “crisis of credibility”. This emphasizes the fact that the Abnoy is known to be a consummate prevaricator or a great liar of the first degree, aside from his being the “MOST INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT” (correction please” fake president is what he is). He is repeatedly called a flagrant liar, and an utter failure in maintaining the dignity of the Office of the President (former Pres. Ramos said this), especially with his “kanto boy” language which was deemed unprecedented and un-presidential.

    In other words, this Abnoy doesn’t really fit into the presidency in thought, in words, and in deed. Sana man lang, even if he ascended into the presidency not of his own merits, he could have at least honored the office. The reverse is true. He has DISGRACED the office of the president (per Cong. Walden Bello) and even caused the death of many of our uniformed men, by his criminal neglect and unconcern.

    Now the writer posits : “It is now obvious that President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd is a HOPELESS Case. Thus, he must be removed from office either through his resignation or People Power that has ousted two undesirables presidents.” The people are willing to heed this call. They just want to see who will lead.

  10. “During the prayer meeting in Malacañang, President Aquino dumped all the blame for the slaughter of SAF troopers on PNP-SAFDirector Napeñas. The sacked SAF Commander allegedly gave PNoy the Wrong information on what was happening on January 25 and disobeyed the presidential order to coordinate with the military (Armed Forces of the Philippines). Mr. Aquino claims that he was “fooled” by former SAF Chief Napeñas!”

    If PNoy feels he was “disobeyed”, can he deny that he gave the order to execute Oplan Exodus? PNoy is a patholgical liar, thus a psychopath.

    He is toasted and not way out of the Exodus fiasco. He does not make any sense anymore. The more he denies, the deeper he gets into the quagmire.