President denounces extrajudicial killings


EVEN AS he reiterated his vow to crush illegal drug syndicates, President Rodrigo Duterte denounced extrajudicial killings and said he would put it “under control.”

“We cannot build a nation over the dead bodies of our own citizens. I’ll have to control [it],” the President said in a speech during oath-taking ceremonies for officials of the League of Cities of the Philippines and League of Provinces of the Philippines Wednesday night.

The death toll in the war against drugs has hit 667 since the President’s election victory on May 10, based on an independent tally by ABS-CBN News.

Police operations have killed 429 people while unidentified gunmen have killed 182. Fifty-six were identified as victims of vigilante killings.

Duterte told local government executives on Wednesday night he had become the “whipping boy” for the casualties, but argued that the drug problem had reached crisis proportions.

“It’s a drug crisis. 170,000 surrenderees. Is that a police problem? The police cannot solve it,” he said, referring to drug suspects who had turned themselves in to authorities.

Military camps will be used as drug rehabilitation centers as a stopgap measure, until more rehabilitation centers are built, Duterte said.

“The military has large reservations. It’s going to be barracks style for those who are recalcitrant,” he added.



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  1. It is sad to say that this killings happened but for the sake of our future generation, sacrifices and compromises are needed in order to achieve peace and safety. The present administration is wiping out the dirt and corrupt politics and governance including the rampant and rapid spread of illegal drug addictions and many other crimes caused by this. There will be no death or there will only be lesser count of death if the people who are involve to illegal drug addiction and syndicates will stop and surrender themselves. No punishments if no violations has been done, perhaps.

  2. euselyn carbonell on

    mamaya baka yong mga nag babantay naman sa barracks ang maging corrupt. dapat hindi corrupt yong in charge sa rehab facility. sorry guys, with the history of corruptions in the government sa pilipinas, hindi ko maiwasan na maging skeptical.