• ‘President’ Duterte: May declare martial law if needed


    LIVING up to his tough image, former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte admitted on Thursday that he will not hesitate to declare martial law if he wins this year’s presidential race.

    He, however, clarified that imposing military rule will be an “extreme option” and it will have to meet some conditions.

    One situation that would compel him to resort to martial law is a constitutional crisis brought by conflicts between the executive and legislative branches regarding allocation and release of budget.

    “If you threaten me with impeachment and create a constitutional crisis, I will be forced to declare a revolutionary government,” Duterte said at the special joint meeting of the Rotary Club of Makati and Manila.

    He added that he will appoint former military officials to his Cabinet because they can help him address corruption in government and maintain the integrity of his administration.
    The former mayor also vowed to restore law and order and to intensify the campaign against illegal drugs.

    “Almost all crimes are drug-related nowadays. I will restore order. Crime has to be stopped. Illegal drugs have to be stopped,” he said.

    His next move will be to ask Congress to pass a measure restoring the death penalty.

    Capital punishment will be imposed for all heinous crimes caused by illegal drugs, he said.
    Duterte also admitted that solving Metro Manila’s traffic problem will be difficult but he will not back down from the challenge.

    “There is no silver bullet to all our problems, even those in Metro Manila. But I will look for solutions,” he said.

    The mayor told his audience that losing the presidential race will not be devastating for him.

    “I never tasted defeat in my life. I would be very happy if I experience one before I die,” he said.

    Also on Thursday, Duterte again called on Commissioner Rowena Guanzon of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to recuse herself from disqualification cases filed against him.

    Vitaliano Aguirre, Duterte’s lawyer, reiterated the call a day before the deadline for submission of memoranda.

    Once all parties have submitted their comments on Friday, the disqualification cases will be deemed submitted for resolution.

    Aguirre said it would be for the best interest of everybody if Guanzon will no longer take part in the deliberations of the case before the First Division.

    In a 17-page motion for disqualification and/or inhibition, he claimed that Guanzon is closely associated with Maria Sheila Bazar, counsel of John Paulo delas Nieves, one of those seeking the disqualification of Duterte.

    Guanzon and Bazar, according to Aguirre, are members of the Justice Gender Network, a women’s right group.

    Aguirre noted that only Guanzon voted to throw out Duterte’s certificate of candidacy.
    The Manila Times tried to get the side of Guanzon but she did not respond.


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    1. You can convince or work harder for congress to bring back death penalties for big time drug smugglers, kidnappers, robbers, corrupt government officials, corrupt law enforcement officials, (all the way down to the lowest ranking police man/woman, jail guards). These people can no longer be rehabilitated so they must go, to preserve the integrity of the society. By the way, you can also recall Mr. Honorado, the GM of NAIA, and include him to be on the list for firing squad. Get that “Martial Law” out of your mind because it will only bring back memories of the pains and sufferings endured by the Filipino People during Marcos regime, and the AFP will not support you to sustain peace and order. Do not impede, restrict, or take away the freedom of the people because you will surely fail when you do this, guaranteed.

    2. Declare Martial Law and change the legislature into a unicameral system.

      Abolish the Senate and the House of Representatives and combine them into one parliamentary chamber, so that the passage of bills will be quicker.

      • I am 200% with you here. The senate is a total waste of people’s money. Where and when a senate is needed, an adhoc body of 20 may be had by selecting from among themembers of the one legislative body

    3. Duterte is leading the presidential polls because more Filipinos trust him. A revolutionary government like the one imposed by Cory Aquino before to oust President Ferdinand Marcos is not needed. The radical revolutionaries during the Aquino lead siege forced their way to gain power. The majority before was stil pro Marcos. This time Duterte doesn’t need that as he is loved by the majority especially in Metro Manila…

      • He is leading also because people are tiiiiirrrreeeed of the ruling class and the establishment elite. As in a revenge by the wretched class is coming

    4. Comelec Commissioner Guanzon is biased, she is pro Liberal Party & should be banned in the Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Disqualification case argument

    5. brando bulgoryo on

      nice one! galing mo talaga mayor duterte maganda po yan para magkaruun nmn ng katahimikan ang bansa natin

    6. sonny dela cruz on

      Guanzon is an Aquino appointee and she is so vocal, nagpapasikat because she wants to take over the position of Bautista. Masamang ugali ng Filipino. Nasa mukha niya, tignan ninyong mabuti ang pagmumukha niya. Mukhang masamang ugali ng pinoy.

    7. Sa plataporma pa lang halata ng panalo na tayo sa kanila kaya naman itataya ko ang lahat para sa pagbabago na dala nila

    8. Duterte could be as bad as Dictator Marcos. Duterte said he would appoint military officials to his cabinet.

      Yeah, WHAT COULD GO WRONG???

      Duterte obviously does not know recent world history. Military officers are good in defending their respective countries but they do a TERRIBLE job in running countries.

      Look at what is hapoening to Thailand recently. Foreign dollar investments have dropped more than 70 percent!!!

      Duterte better think before opening his mouth. Is he capable of that? He kills first, think later.