• Is the president hallucinating or on medication?


    A day before leaving for Europe, President Aquino gathered his Cabinet and members of the Liberal Party in Malacañang and hinted once more that he is open for another term in office after 2016.

    Mr. Aquino first toyed with the idea of having his term extended beyond 2016 if his “bosses” want it, on a one on one interview with TV 5 last month so he could clip the powers of the judiciary by amending the Constitution.

    His pronouncement on TV drew heavy criticisms not only from his political opponents but also from people from all walks of life who wanted PNoy to step down by 2016.

    On Friday, Mr. Aquino pointed out the reasons why he is open for a second term in office despite negative perceptions from the public and the opposition.

    He said he does not want his administration’s gains to go to waste, and he would go after those who try to destabilize the government, and confront those who want him to be a lame duck leader, that he wants another term in office.

    I really do not know if the President is hallucinating, or simply on high dosage of prescriptive drugs, that he gets the idea of another term in office, which is contrary to the legacy of Cory Aquino, who turned down any moves to let her stay in power beyond her term limit at that time.

    PNoy was even quoted last week to have said, “I might do even better in a second term” adding he definitely would be able to finish the reforms he has started.

    One could not help but wonder, what reforms could the President be talking about? Is it his “walang wang-wang” (no siren) policy? And does he also mean going after corrupt officials such as former Chief Justice Renato Corona, who was eventually impeached from office, and sending Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Bong Revilla to prison because of the misuse of their “pork barrel”?

    Mr. President, removing sirens on private vehicles on the road is not a gargantuan task. The chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) could have done it easily at his level.

    And, if you think you have addressed the problem of corruption in the government…think again, Mr. President. Some high-ranking officials still make money to this day using government funds.

    As a matter of fact, these corrupt officials even enjoy your protection because you announced that they still have your full trust and confidence.

    The question really is, what have we gained so far in your four years in office? Your allies, who are blind like bats during daytime, believe your administration has accomplished so much.

    But for the ordinary man on the street, he would have no answers because he can’t feel or see these gains or reforms you have been bragging about.

    Stop hallucinating, and please ask your doctor for a new prescription if you are taking some medications these days, because its taking toll on you, sir.

    “Saan po kayo kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha para humingi ng isa pang termino, Mahal na Pangulo”?


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    1. i gez Pnoy is hallucinating… did you not notice Pnoy making the sign of the cross infront of the statue of our National Hero during his visit in Spain?

    2. Pnoy kapit toko to stay in power just to evade being in prison after his term, may karma si gloria…

    3. The president wants a second term because he is afraid that the next might discover that he is the most corrupt officer in the office. He claims that the economy is getting better but the truth is the poor doesn’t have anything left to eat. Even the price of food supposedly for the poor increased throughout his term. The president should lock himself in a mental ward. HIS BOSSES wants him out of the office!

    4. “Saan po kayo kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha para humingi ng isa pang termino, Mahal na Pangulo”? ang galing mo Mr. Erwin. Mabasa sana ito ni Boy Tiwala cum kumpiyansa kahit nasa abroad siya. tuwa ng mga taga-Customs at naibalibag mo kay Boy et al. ang mga sinabi nya nun para sa mga taga Customs. Sana di na makabalik sa Pinas.I will save this and paste on every comment I make with all the tabloids around. But this is patented for you. Am just borrowing.

    5. I like your comment Butch and I salute you Mr. Erwin Tulfo! Pwede po ba ihulog sa basurahan ang Mahal na Presidente kasama ang mga alipores nya katulad ng mambabatas sa Ukraine?

    6. There are many arguments both for and against limits on terms. Around the world there are some with 1 limit, some with 2, and many with none. A debate about which of these provides best governance would be welcome, but it is not what is being offered. If Pinoy or his supporters propose a second term for him, will this herald a change in term limits for Mayors, Councilors etc? It seems not. If Pinoy really believes a limit of 6 years is unreasonable, his integrity will be shown by accepting that change should occur only for his successor incumbent and not for those currently holding office.

    7. Kami sa dti ay sawang sawa na sa corruption that you, mr. Tulfo, is alluding to. Favoritism in the selection by gld and usec manalo of business delegation members who accompany the president in his trips abroad is also a form of corruption, lalo na kung may lagayan. It is also a fact that an employee of dti collects substantial participation fees (of course with the blessing of these officials) from these businessmen, disburses the money ala PDAF and is not made to account for the collection. Calling on COA!

    8. Overheard: the second term-seeking is just a diversion to take away the people’s mind off the next batch of senators to be grilles for pork barrel misuse. The next batch happens to be PNoy’s allies.

    9. jose hernani m. parco on

      “nobody is indispensable, anybody can be replaced” even the president! but then again penoy and beenay is a choice between equally unfavourable alternatives!

    10. He can do better. If he can stay longer, maybe the terrorist will have annexed the Visayas into Bangsamoro and the Chinese will have drawn their line past Mindoro and up to Luzon. He will see that as cutting down on the number of poor.

    11. Benigno is devoid of the basic qualities of a human being. He is shameless, vindictive, a canard, moron and insane I am short of anymore adjectives to describe this cockcroach. I wish he would just disappear from the face of the earth.@#%^%$#MAYABANG AT PANGIT PA.

    12. Voice from the Wilderness on

      No, this present inept president in malacanang is not on medication nor hallucinating. He is just too immersed in his own make believe world….

    13. Oh! boy, Mr. Erwin Tulfo. You really are a “Tulfo”. Talagang dala mo ang tatak na tapang ng mga Tulfo brothers. Paano ba kayo hinubog ng mga magulang ninyo? If Filipinos are critical and courageous enough to express their sentiments and observations to a situation like ours, we will never have abusive and corrupt officials in government. This way we can move forward as a progressive nation with intelligent populace. This way no politician and government functionary will dare to enter government, if he has bad and selfish intention. Mabuhay ka!

    14. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Hanga ako saiyo sa pagbibigay pugay mo sa MAHAL na pangulo. Tutuo bang MAHAL pa rin siya ng tao? Hindi kaya kung hindi rin lang sa pagbibigay pugay natin sa KONSTITUSYON kaya tinitiis natin ang pananatili niya sa position hanggang 2016? Gising tayo at hingin ang awa ng Panginoon. God bless the Philippines.

    15. Pnoy was quoted as saying that if there’s a will, there’s a way. that if we wanted it, there’s a lot of ways to make it happen, and if we don’t, there’s a lot of reasons so as not to do it. amending the constitution that is. well, why don’t he tell us how he would do it and once and for all give us an idea because the way it stands right now, the people or his so called “bosses” are not keen to the idea, the comelec isn’t and, and the presidentiables are not either. that said, yes, the stupid president is high on drugs. nicotine that is. it has infested not only his lungs but also his brains. and to give him six more years is a disservice to the filipino people. he knows other people’s kakapalan ng mukha, but his own kakapalan ng mukha, he doesn’t see. plain and simple.

    16. Excuse me, Mr. Tulfo, but the president is hallucinating either because of medication or just forgot to take his medication. Where can you find a president who got at least 3 impeachment complaints (but got ‘loose’ because of some inutil members of congress) yet, thinks he is worth another term? “It doesn’t add up”? Unless, he is thinking of a prison term. “Onli in da Pilipins”!

      That handsake I had with you at the SFO sometime ago, means, “right on”. Like you, I hope to see a better Philippines with less corrupt politicians, police officers and and contractors, etc.

    17. The question “Saan kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha” should be addressed to all the Yellows, i.e., Dinky Soliman, Florencio Abad, Mar Roxas, Franklin Drilon, etc, etc. And I guess the truth is they don’t get kapal ng mukha anywhere – they’re just born with it.

      • BENIGNO C. AQUINO 111 is HaLLUCINATING due to HIGH dosage of DRUGS w call it ICE.
        why he will do better on second TERM ? bakit may second Term pa ba syang inaasahan ? TMA na ABNOY sobrang , sobra na pangaabuso mO at ang mga Yellow ribbon mo .
        WAG na , nababaliw ka na punta ka na sa REHAB.