President Benigno Aquino 3rd was accused of hiding documents supposedly prepared by Janet Lim Napoles, particularly the list of lawmakers and other government officials who allegedly benefited from the pork barrel scam.

    The stinging criticism came after the President admitted that long before Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and former Senator Panfilo ‘Ping” Lacson got their own copies of the Napoles list, he acquired a copy of the documents but did not announce it to the public.

    “This is a grand plan to obfuscate the truth. Instead of hiding the list and obstructing the attainment of truth and justice, the President should be the first to divulge the list to the public,” Kabataan party-list Terry Ridon said on Monday.

    Aquino admitted that he got a copy of the controversial list late Sunday.

    Political analyst Ma. Lourdes Tiquia also questioned the timing of the President’s admission.

    “I am alarmed at the revelations being made only today when the alleged pork scam has been with us for the past 12 months and 17 days to date. Why is this revealed only today? Who are those being protected by the President? How come the timing is so precise as to put question to the lists being subpoenaed by the Senate?” Tiquia said.

    She added that by suppressing the information, Aquino ignored the people’s right to “reliable and timely information.”

    “The fact that this information was hidden from the public is alarming and smacks of manipulation,” Tiquia said.

    “The inaction of the President caused further injury to the public at large. The President should make his list public, along with all the other lists and allow concerned government institutions [to]perform [their]mandate unimpeded. Further, the President should certify the passage of the FOI [freedom of information]bill as an urgent administrative measure,” she added.

    In an interview with reporters prior to his flight back to Manila from Myanmar where he attended a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Aquino confirmed having seen the first version of the list way before Lacson and de Lima got their own copies.

    He said the documents were transmitted to him by the camp of Napoles.
    But the President noted that the lists did not match.

    “I think I have seen two [versions]and they don’t agree with each other exactly. And they are supposed to have come from Mrs. Napoles,” he said.

    “[The] first one I think was transmitted to me, which I, in turn gave to Secretary de Lima. At that point in time, she [Napoles] didn’t want to talk to Secretary de Lima,” the President told reporters.

    He said he gave the document to the Justice chief so she could evaluate it.

    Aquino added that de Lima showed him the list she got from Napoles before the businesswoman had surgery at the Ospital ng Makati.

    The third version of the list, he said, was brought up by Lacson when “we were discussing [Super Typhoon] Yolanda.”

    “Now, [former senator]Lacson was telling me of another list given to him by relatives of Mrs. Napoles. And, again, there is a substantial detail there that doesn’t, again, agree with the other two,” Aquino said.

    Lacson, according to the President, gave him “little highlights” but these were “not consistent with the other two [versions].”

    Lacson on Monday said 21 senators were on the combined lists of Napoles and whistleblower Benhur Luy.

    “Two senators are not on the list of Luy, and some are not on the list of Napoles,” he told a forum in Manila.

    Lacson said of the 21, 12 are incumbent, including senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. Nine on the combined lists are former senators.

    He added that about 90 former and incumbent congressmen are on the list of Napoles.

    Lacson and Joker Arroyo were the only senators who did not utilize their priority development assistance fund or pork barrel.


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    1. Roldan Guerrero on

      PM Abe resigned in his 1st term as a result of taking responsibility on a simple mistake committed by his foreign minster, having appeared in a summit showing signs of hang-over due to drunkenness. PM Abe is known as a very good technocrat and is again reinstalled as Prime Minister after succession of 6 Prime ministers who all failed to make a turn around on Japanese deteriorating economy. In so short a time after his come back, Japan is again in a swift recovery. The Philippines needs a leader who has the same if not better qualities than PM Abe. The Philippines do not need a President who protects his erring allies but a President who must serve justice to his people. The phils. do not need a President who uses peoples money to use as bribes in eliminating his political foes. Aquino should not only resign but also do a HARAKIRI!

    2. Ano ba iyan! Pre-emptory evidence eh di walang bisa at bias ang outcome. Para namang tele-nobela ito. Para naman tayong nagugulat sa mga pangyayari eh ganyan naman bawat administration. Sa 1 milyon campain eh di 100 milyon ang tubo at iyan ang tubong lugaw. Ano naman ang susunod…Pips Power na naman. Sayang lang ang pagud dahil wala rin nalulutas iyan. Tapos me napipinsala or nasasaktan. Negosyo lang iyan and lets not be a casualty of any harsh reaction due to desperate time so to speak. Hayaan nyo ang mga iyan wala naman konsensiya ang mga iyan. Ika nga eh ipagbahala o ipasa-Diyos na lang ang mga iyan. Parang ahas iyan putulin mo ang buntot eh meroon panibagong tutubo.

    3. Produkto ng Hokus PCOS si Aquino. Kaya lahat ng ginagawa niya ay hokus pokus.

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      It takes us to wait for the next administration to unveil the truth about Aquinos secrets. We must elect an opposition presidentiable to succeed BSA to unveil every hidden illegal activities of the yellow army.

    5. Yes, how easy and affordable for Noynoy to hide the Napoles List. The people’s blood, sweat and tears are at stake here while the entire nation are deeply engulfed in the quagmire of Noynoy endless political vendettas anyway making it as their daily extravaganza to sway people’s attention away from government’s “Zero Accomplishment” they embraced this option as most ideal way to while away the certain length of waiting time prior of 2016 election while accomplishing nothing except to pillage the nations coffer. It maybe true that they did not sanitize the “the list of the names” but reverses back in time of Gloria 2010 – 2011 to salvage and skip Noynoy’s crime.

    6. The reason they should show the list is very simple. The government say they want to make sure there is evidence to back up what she says on the list.Well lets say for example she has mirriam santiago on the list & says she gave me P100,000,000, well we then look at her allowcation of pork barrel funds & where that money went, Now if some went to ngo’s run by napolez then we know she was in on the scam. If it all went to organisations that used that money correctly there will be a trail showing how that money was spent, Its very simple. Show us the list mr president as we think you are doctoring it for your benefit. You work for the people of this country & they deserve to know the truth.

    7. Meron din nagsabi na ” YOU CAN CHEAT ALL THE PEOPLE SOMETIMES BUT NOT ALL THE TIME” . The Pnoy administration, even how much and many Press Secretaries Pnoy assigned, is nearing to ” NOT CHEATING THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME “. Dito lang pinapakita na kahit mo itago ang mali sa ilalim ng RUGS ay lalabas at sisingaw pa din ang baho nito, di ba ho Sir?

    8. Dapat ang nagtatago ng kasinungaling ay dapat ikulong,obstruction of justice iyan ang ginagawa ng pangulo!isama sina delima, abad,coa at ombusman,!!