President is officials’accomplice – Osmeña


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd’s efforts to cover up for the corruption of his Cabinet members and other officials of his administration make him their accomplice, according to Sen. Sergio Osmeña 3rd.

Although Aquino has a good side, Osmeña on Sunday said, the bad part is that he is surrounded by corrupt individuals.

But, instead of exposing their wrongdoing, he added, the President even shields them.

“So what is that? You [Aquino]) are personally honest, but you are covering up [for them], an accessory after the fact for the corruption of your Cabinet members,” Osmeña said in radio interview over dzBB.
The senator, however, did not name names.

When asked what grade he would give the President, Osmeña, who served as Aquino’s campaign manager in 2010, said Aquino deserves a score of D+ overall but A for integrity.

The Aquino government, Osmena added, is a “student government” filled with incompetent individuals, who were either the President’s classmates or friends, who are running different government agencies.

The President “was elected by millions of voters but they did not say that we are electing you and your classmates, or his KKK [kabarkada, kaba¬rilan at kaklase or friends, gun buddies and classmates],” the senator said.

One clear example of incompetence of the government is manifested by its apparently failed plan to rehabilitate areas devastated by Yolanda, a super typhoon.

The rehabilitation, a UN report released this week said, remains inadequate.

“While the government is to be commended in terms of its immediate responses, its attention to ensuring sustainable durable solutions for IDPs [internally displaced persons]remains inadequate to date,” Chaloka Beyani, UN special rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, said in a statement.

The UN representative stated that thousands remain in shanties without power or water nearly two years after the super typhoon struck Eastern Visayas, particularly Tacloban City, Leyte.

Osmeña agreed with the UN report, saying one reason why Yolanda survivors remain homeless is the government’s inability to find available land to be used for permanent relocation of those displaced.

“This is the Republic of the Philippines, and it cannot afford to buy the land on which to build homes for its people,” he noted.

Osmeña also cited the failure of the government to improve the agriculture sector, resulting in higher cost of living for Filipinos.

According to him, about 17 percent of average household budget goes to buying rice, compared to Thailand’s eight percent.

Aquino, in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) in 2010, said the country will stop importing rice in three years but after five years, Osmena also noted, the country is still importing rice.

“This is the reason why the President did not mention it anymore in his [sixth and final]SONA [last July 27],” the senator said.

Problems encountered by Metro Rail Transit 3, Osmena added, are also a clear indication of incompetence of the Aquino administration because, aside from also failing to improve the train line, the government only worsened the situation of the line.

The sad part, he said, is that there is nothing to expect from the Aquino administration in its last eleven months because everybody will be busy with the campaign for the 2016 national and local elections.


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  1. Lalabas at lalabas ang katutuhanan na kahit anong tago nila sisinga at sisingaw din ito kasi yan naman ang tutuo palpak, manhid, kurap, inicompetence and impotent type of goverment..

  2. subordinates always follows the leader. if the subordinates are corrupt, then the leader is also corrupt.

  3. The Aquinos from his grandfather, to his father and to his mother Cory all love the other country. his lolo loved the japanese while he, his father and his mother loved the Malaysians.

    What kind of Integrity does BSAquino have ? The fact that he appointed people who are all corrupt in his government , his KKK , Failed policies approved by him .

    Let’s stop deceiving our countrymen. BS Aquino Does NOT have Integrity !


    • confusing descritpion. how can aquino be a man of integrity when when he is the co-author of DAP? how can he be honest when he always lie thru his teeth?

  5. armando flores on

    Aquino is not a mere accomplice. He is the Principal in all of the anomalies committed by his subordinates. Without aquino’s blessings thievery of people’s money could not have happened in the scale of BILLONS as the PDAF and DAP cases have exemplified. Naturally Aquino as the brain would not expose himself to the act of stealing as such is delegated to his cabinet members and subordinates. That makes him the principal by induction and/or participation in a grand conspiracy to steal from public coffers. Osmena is peddling this early aquino’s culpability as a mere accessory in anticipation of criminal cases that his boss would be facing the moment the liberals are out of malacanang in 2016.

  6. Finally, a man who dares to speak a little truth?
    But it is just a little scratch on the surface.
    If you were to drill a little deeper, it was found no landfill in the Philippines can accommodate the whole corrupt dirt.
    Aquini III carries along with his friends, the responsibility for the state in the Philippines. Too long, it is known which persons and which actions it covers.
    To get rid of the status of a banana republic again, requires more than sugary lukewarm words.
    It requires resolute, patriotic, not corrupt, loyal men with humanitarian ethics.
    So a task which a wide grinning items distributor, can not solve.
    A little campaigning on the edge.

  7. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Sir, Serging, maluloy-on gayud ka. Nahibalo man unta ka nga ang tawong dunay “integrity” dili makatugot nga naay “corruption” ug “incompetence” sa iyang presidential administration.
    “Inconsistent” kaayo, Sir Serging, ang imong paghuwes nga si BS Aquino angay tagaan ug “A for integrity..”
    Madaut, Sir, ang madungganong ngalan nga Osmena ug mopadyon ka sa imong pagpangga sa mangil-ad nga Presidente BS Aquino.

  8. AFTER THE DAP and PDAP /F YOU CALL bsaquino personally honest??? how in the world can bsaquino be even called honest after being the only president inthe Philippines to SHAMELESSLY BRIBE THE CONGRESS and SENATE TO IMPEACH A SITTING Chief Justice (Corona ) in a very clearly UNJUST KANGAROO COURT .
    How can bsaquino be even called honest kung until now KINAKAMKAM NYA HACIENDA LUISITA … THESE ANOMALIES became possible because bsaquino has been POURING MILLION / BILLIONS to people whom he appointed to exonertae / exempt him from the Phil. law
    How can he bsaquino be called honest when up to this time , PRES. GLORIA ARROYO STILL IN JAIL because bsaquino’s inefficiency / incompetence will be seen clearer if Arroyo will be around