President keeps ‘excellent’ trust rating in SWS poll


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte maintained his “excellent” trust rating in the fourth quarter, as an overwhelming majority of Filipinos continue have “much trust” in him, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

The December 3-6 survey of 1,500 respondents nationwide showed that 81 percent of adult Filipinos had “much trust” in Duterte, while 9 percent had “little trust.” Ten percent were “undecided.”

This translated to a net trust rating of +72, four points down from the +76 the President got in the third-quarter survey, but still within the “excellent” range. Duterte began his term on June 30 with a net trust rating of +79.

The survey, first published in BusinessWorld, had sampling error margins of ± 3 points for national figures, ±4 for “Balance Luzon” and ± 6 points each for Metro Manila, the Visayas and Mindanao.

SWS noted that Duterte’s trust rating in Metro Manila dropped by 11 points—to a “very good” +65 in December from September’s “excellent” +76.

It also slid in the Visayas to a “very good” +69 in December from an “excellent” +73 in September.

The President’s trust rating in Mindanao stayed “excellent” but went down seven points to +85 in December from September’s +92.

His rating in Balance Luzon stayed at a “very good” +69 in December from September.

Among socioeconomic classes, Duterte’s trust rating was excellent in Class D at +78 and Class E at +73, but dropped to a “very good” +59 in December from September’s “excellent” +72 in Class ABC.

SWS classifies net ratings of at least +70 as “excellent”; +50 to +69 as “very good”; +30 to +49, “good”; +10 to +29, “moderate”; +9 to -9, “neutral”; -10 to -29, “poor”; -30 to -49, “bad”; -50 to -69, “very bad”; and -70 and below, “execrable.”

In Malacañang, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said Duterte’s “excellent” overall net trust rating showed continued support for the President’s agenda of eliminating drugs, criminality and corruption.

“It is noteworthy to mention that the President’s net trust rating has been excellent for three consecutive quarters, namely, days before his inauguration on June 30, last September, and now December,” Andanar said in a statement.


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  1. John Chameleon on

    Failure in punishing the former officials of the last term who are corrupt, drug trade protectors and immoral adulterer will definitely give the yellow an imposing appearance of invulnerability despite that the BS Aquino time saw the great proliferation of illegal drugs. The DOJ and the Solicitor General are more active on talking and press release loosely exposing alleged money of drug protectors but short in proving in court their allegations. The DOJ and SolGen are members of the NATO – No Action Talk Only. This so much talking is the defect of this administration while the yellow are there headed by DeLima are assailing with impunity the President without clear rebuff from incumbent officials. More Pilipinos will come to benefit next year from the programs and projects of the Duterte administration as corruption is expected to be substantially eliminated resulting to more support for the President. But if the congressmen, governors and other local officials find ways to continue their corruption, then Duterte might be walking in the line of ouster. Add to this other risk factors like inviting additional enemies local and abroad. Talking tough may impress people at times but keeping silence in the right time is more powerful, rightful and expressive.

    Also, the President must learn how to act and dress properly in international events and ceremonies. Is there a staff or Presidential assistant that can teach him this? Not one or two countries are complaining how Duterte act in their ceremonies particularly those who have Kings and Queens. God help the President!

  2. A slow , subtle but concerted creeping method to dis-inform in line with the agenda, up to no good.

    To make it appear that a manipulated “survey” is true, make curve drop slowly, ( para hindi halata) but surely.

    SWS is as dirty as all the other white-collar criminals – BSP, COA, ERC, the hypocrite media – you name it.