President is no martyr – bishop


President Benigno Aquino 3rd was criticized for parroting his father, Benigno Aquino Jr., in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, when he said that the Filipino is worth dying for.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said Aquino should not have used the words of his father as he pointed out that the famous statement was valid during the dictatorship of former President Ferdinand Marcos, not at this time because the President “is no martyr.”

“That was very valid during the era of [former President Ferdinand]Marcos, the tyrant and [Sen. Benigno] Aquino [Jr], the martyr. Today, Aquino is no martyr,” Arguelles added.

The prelate admitted that he considered the President’s parents as real heroes. “But the longer the son stays in power, the less the luster of the parents becomes,” he said.

“More and more corruption and disappointments seem to originate from the failed presidency of the mother,” Arguelles added, referring to late former President Corzaon Aquino.

In his SONA, the President should have presented more results than promises, according to Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad.

He noted that more Filipinos are in “agony” waiting for delivery of Aquino’s promises in his previous SONAs. Jumoad, however, applauded Aquino on his plans for calamity victims.

“He has plans for the victims of the Zamboanga siege, earthquake victims of Bohol, Yolanda victims of Leyte, Samar and Northern Cebu. But we need results, not just plans,” the bishop said.

Aquino said by August, residents affected by the clashes in Zamboanga late last year will be transferred to their permanent shelters.

The President, however, failed to mention his plans for victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda who are still living in tent cities in Tacloban City, Leyte’s capital. Jumoad said Aquino should not have painted his critics as enemies of the people.

“His warning to critics as enemies of progress is unhealthy in a democracy. That’s his problem: When he attacks, it is okay, but if he is criticized, he calls his critics enemies of progress,” the bishop added.

No mention of typhoon victims
A consortium of international aid agencies that has been working to realize inclusive, community-based disaster risk reduction (ICBDRR) in the aftermath of Yolanda said they were disappointed that Aquino did not mention his plans for the typhoon victims in his SONA.

“Nine months since the strongest typhoon to ever make landfall hit the country, thousands are still living in tents in coastal areas. When Glenda hit the Visayas two weeks ago, more than 7,000 people in Yolanda-affected areas sought cover anew.

Back in April 2014, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said only 53 out of 643 or 8 per cent of evacuation centers can be used in Eastern Samar.

These communities are being exposed to tremendous risk and uncertainty. They urgently need to know when permanent relocation will move forward, what other settlement options they have and what the implications will be for their livelihoods. They must be consulted in ongoing and meaningful ways to ensure any settlement measures represent truly durable solutions,” the group Typhoon Haiyan Response, Oxfam in the Philippines said.

Haiyan is the international codename of Yolanda. The group noted that the fifth SONA would have been an opportunity “for the President to update the nation on its plans for recovery.”

“With a clear trend of increasingly frequent and intense natural hazards, the government must lay out a strengthened commitment to enacting and implementing policies that increase our nation’s resilience to disasters. Renewed efforts and scaled-up resourcing are needed,” it said.


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  1. Reuben V. Espartinez on

    Let us remember the Indian saying: Let me not criticize anyone unless I have walked a mile on his moccasin. Past presidents of our country MIGHT have the moral high ground to criticize President Pnoy, I can’t. Jesus said: Remove first the log in your eyes before you remove the mot in some body else’s eyes. Righteous people inside government or outside government: Please help our church (UCCP) clean up from communism, corruption and criminality! Some of our leaders are no better than those involved in public scams, sorry to say.

  2. victor m. hernandez on

    kung ayaw mag resign, anong gagawin? patuloy ang tuligsahan? Kung mag- resign, dapat accept natin si Binay. Siya ang legal successor! Kung hindi i-impeach ng Congress, ano ang gagawin? In limbo na lang ba tayo, hanggang 2016? Anong gagawin ni P-Noy, mag noynoying na lang hanggang 2016? Kung hindi titigilan ang pag-tuligsa, at ayaw mag-bitiw, at walang impeachment?
    Anong gagawin ni P-Noy? Anong gagawin ng mga tumutuligsa? May lakas ba ang Cabinet members na mag-resign silang lahat? Ang natititrang kulang na sa 700 days before his term ends will be tumultuous unless this impasse is resolved. Truly, we need God’s help. May he deliver us from evil. Amen +

  3. true…attacks his enemies viciously but when he himself is attacked cries to his parents…still living under their shadows..maybe wanting people to be reminded this:.that he is his father’s and mothers son…

  4. simon saberon on

    Yes. He has plans for calamity victim… the previous presidents did not have any plan at all except to release funds when it came. Here we have preventions, project noah, LGU as disaster preparedness councils who lead early evacuations.

    He had actions, more accomplishments, outputs than the previous 3 presidents combined. Police are equipped and compensated, classrooms, books more distributed, real (not virtual) roads constructed, decades old proposed projects (bridge in ilocos) completed, AFP modernization slowly realized (not like previous where BCDA funds did not modernize the AFP). He is the only president we have. That’s why I support him. Do you, bishop, have anyone else?

    • Pasalamat sya kay GMA naayos nya economy – kung hindi wala syang pang gastos… – ganun lang ka simple…

    • Calamity Fund is already in place long before this ignoramus leader thought of becoming president…

    • I do support him regardless of all the negative critics about him. The previous 3 presidents have nothing to show except give a good talk! We must listen and be fair since we gave all other crooked president freedom to run a govermental office again. While others still living the life with no prosecution in sight for the crimes committed. Come on now are we such fools and gullible with cheap punches. What have we done to help the government? Just like little boys & girls complaining about anything and everything without lifting a finger to help out. Even pips in white cloth jumps into it like there’s anything better to do but play politicking. We must learn to trust our leader although it’s a big word for most morons but you must remember he has a BIGGER WORK and being accountable to every shit action! Give the guy a BREAK you bunch of A-holes.

  5. It seems that he is the only one who has the right to criticize but when people starts to make suggestions or constructive criticism he looks at them as his enemies. He can never be a good leader if he will remain stubborn and arrogant.He must learn to admit on his mistakes, his advisers should be blame for Pnoys attitude since they are only feeding Pnoy good results. Our president is living in fantasy I hope when he wake up it is not too late for him and us, the Filipino people.

  6. I used to support PNOY, but I lost my trust in him when he violated our Constitution, when his obligation is to uphold it. I hope sooner or later he will face the consequences of his transgressions. He is proving to be the worst destructor of his father’s legacy. The longer he stays as president, the more damage he does to his father’s legacy and to trust of the Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.

  7. I mentioned it in my comment in yesterdays issue of the broadsheet, Philippine Star that because of the sins of commission and omission of PNoy during his failing Presidency, his parents, Ninoy and Cory will be negatively affected by erosion, especially Corazon Aquino. Because of PNoy’s corruption, even the activities are now being digged-up and sad and revealing stories of the corruption also committed by his mother Cory are slowly turning out. Indeed with the faults and failures of PNoy and the misery he subjected the people, the legacy of his parents, especially Cory are now tarnished.

  8. BS Aquino is running out of alibi, excuses and promises and need to use his parents name to get the sympathy of the public. Too bad too sad no one is buying this foolish tactics…What people wants is his tuwad na daan out and be liable to his actions pertaining to DAP.