President: PNP chief ‘never lived luxuriously’


President Benigno Aquino 3rd again defended embattled Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima from accusations that he amassed unexplained wealth.


Aquino told Filipino reporters in the US on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) that he had known Purisima since 1987 when the PNP chief was with the Presidential Security Group under the administration of his mother, the late former President Corazon Aquino.

“I have never seen him live luxuriously or eat too much,” Aquino said.
Purisima was with the younger Aquino when his convoy was ambushed in a failed coup attempt against his mother in 1987.

On Monday, the Coalition of Filipino Consumers (CFC) filed plunder, graft and indirect bribery charges against Purisima at the Office of the Ombudsman.

The group claimed that Purisima grossly undervalued in his 2013 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth the Nueva Ecija property that he jointly owned with his wife Ma. Ramona Lydia. The PNP chief listed the value of the property at P3.750 million.

It said Purisima’s property could be worth P30 million to P40 million.
The CFC also claimed that Purisima committed an act of indirect bribery when he admitted that the money he used for the “White House’s” renovation came from some of his friends and patrons.

Malacañang has asked the public to give the PNP chief a chance to defend himself.

”We have not heard General Purisima yet. So again, we’re asking that let’s give General Purisima an opportunity to explain and respond to all the allegations against him then we will be able to see the entire perspective,” Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said in a news conference on Wednesday, noting that persons accused of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Lacierda added that Aquino and Purisima’s closeness should not be an issue.

“I think we have shown in this administration that friendship is not a hindrance when there is a call for impartial investigation,” he noted.

“The President has already mentioned yesterday [Tuesday] in the Harvard forum that if there are any allegations, the courts are open, you can always file a case in court. It goes for allies, it goes for anyone in this government,” Lacierda said.

He added that it is up to Purisima if he will take an administrative leave.

“It’s always a question that should be referred to the person concerned because taking a leave is always a personal decision. Unless it’s ordered by an administrative body or by a judicial body, taking a personal leave is always a personal discretion on the part of person being asked,” Lacierda said.


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  1. Stop defending a crooked allies destroying the image of these administration that’s why so many bosses complaints because if it’s allies, no public investigation, COA report or even Ombudsman, but if your belong to opposition, not even a minute directly your in the hot seat, so who will beleive the Credibility of this administration, if PNOY is not stop believing and defending his crooked and corrupt allies. One day you wake up all that you have build image for you namesake is destroyed, because of this termites and bad allies. Wake up before it’s too late. If your car is broken, changed it with new ones. Don’t rely on people you trust but destroy your stand.

  2. Si PNP Chief Allan Purisima at Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima eh magutol ba? Kung magutol, aba eh ayos? pag need ng isa ng datong, bibigyan nung isa. Pag isa naman ang nagkakaso, me matinding police assistance na aalalay plus ung amo nila na si Great Thief Executive. ABA EH WALA SILANG TALO!

  3. What BS Aquino is saying when he states that Purisima does not “live luxuriously or eat too much” is this: Purisima does not live more luxuriously as Aquino does and he eats the same.

  4. is this accidental President a graduate of Law School? Why he keeps on lawyering for his allies (the bad ones)? Here and abroad, he does his job, defend his stalwarts. Knowing somebody wayback a dozen of years does not guaranty his/her personal motives and actions in the futurel. Why? Is Allan Purisima always beside him all of those years? The same thing with him. Never did he know that he will be the accidental president of the Philippines. The only person who finds his ally not guilty and honest (kuno) even in the absence of any complaint against that person. Absuwelto agad eh wala pang KASO!

  5. nakakahiay ka pinoy sabi mo kami ang boss mo un pala kami ay mga busabos mo may lakas ka pang sbihin na hindi corrupt yan abata mo eh hayan may ebidensya na nakaniti ka pa

  6. Leodegardo Pruna on

    P-Noy should stop defending his PNP chief because P-Noy himself is losing credibility by being with and surrounding himself with obnoxious characters in his cabinet and spokespersons. His knowing and the long time relationship he had with the chief is not a guarantee that the chief is clean. The chief has made himself dirty early enough because of ambition and surreptitiously amassed wealth as revealed in his SALN and lifestyle. God bless the Philippines.

  7. Mr. President,

    Why dont you ask the victims of cop crimes, even if you knew him since he was born it does not make him a saint as you portray all your KKK. You said you never saw him live in luxury and eat too much ? well i got news for you – thats not how the courts gauge corruption and his SALN is proof, standing him side by side with Frank, Butch,Dingky and Leila is an enough barrier to close the Palace gates.

  8. Your people Mr. President should defend you not the other way around.
    If you think, He is clean then just close your mouth so that the people will
    not construe that you are shading them. Why?

    Purisima can defend himself, if he is clean.
    Better still tell him to take a leave to erase the suspicion that he is influencing
    the outcome of the investigation.

  9. what? friendship is not a hindrance when there is a call for an impartial investigation? pnoy is a lying sack of poopoo! if that’s the case, what happened to abad? beneficiaries of the dap? both in the house and in the senate? and all his cohorts and cronies? they are still actively robbing the filipino people in broad daylight. and to say that the general does not eat too much, why, do they share the same table during meals? look at the general. he looks out of shape with that belly sticking out. i suppose that’s the same reason why most philippine national police personnel are out of shape. physical fitness is out of the equation for the simple reason that if the general cannot do it, then he cannot expect the same from the pnp. bottom line is, there are scalawags in the pnp because the man at the top is one of them. at least presumably he is. the only difference is that, he’s a wolf dressed in sheep’s wool. i think pnoy is out of touch with the reality of what’s going on around him. completely out!

  10. daniel marahomsar on

    “I have never seen him live luxuriously or eat too much,” Aquino said.
    Purisima was with the younger Aquino when his convoy was ambushed in a failed coup attempt against his mother in 1987.

    bakit laki tyan?…

    • Tama Daniel, kundi naniniwala si Pnoy sa kitang-kitang laki ng tiyan ni Sir Chief, dapat sumama si Pnoy kapag may “Budol-Budol” sa PNP si Sir Chief at ipasyal nya si Pnoy sa San Leonardo Rest House ng mga Purisima at maniwala sya. Sabi nga ” TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE ” di ba Pnoy?

  11. siyanga pala mr. clean kung ang sinabi ni Lacierda ay nagmula sayo, lumalabas
    iba ang pinaiiral ninyong batas pagdating sa kakampi kontra sa kalaban
    na tulad ni Corona. Kay corona nuon, hindi pa tapos ang paglilitis ginigiit
    na po ninyo mr clean na guilty siya beyond your reasonable doubt at
    halos araw araw bumabanat kayo sa tri-media. Pero po sa kaso ni
    heneral de madrid purisima tila maamong tupa ang pananaw ninyo sa
    kay purisima at ibinabato pa ninyo sa kaniya ang pasya kung magba-baksayon
    o hindi. Palagay ko napakalaking KARMA po sa inyo ang pangyayaring
    binigyan kayo ng pagkakataon para magpasiya sa isang may katungkulan
    na nasa direktang pagpapasiya ni Comm and chief eka nga serve at the
    discretion of the president, at hinayaan ng `Pinakamataas sa Lahat na
    makagawa ng tunay na pagkakamali sa SALN na pareho ng inakusa ninyo
    kay Corona, para lang maipakita sa taong bayan kung tapat talaga kayo
    sa inyong mga boss pagdating sa pagpapasiya ng Tamang hustisiya
    na MAKADIYOS, at makatao at hindi makadimonyo.

  12. mr Clean nag abugado ka nanaman sa bata mo. Very simple lang, sana
    pumasok sa utak mo. Si Corona inakusahan ng mga alipores nyo
    ng katakot-takot, pero dahil lutong makaw, nauwi na lang sa iisa
    at yun ang kanyo di pagsasaad ng tutoo sa saln niya. Para masiguro
    na guilty si Corona, sinuhulan mo ng bilyones na DAP ang mga nag
    akusang tongresmen at ang mga huradong senatong. Ngayon mr.
    clean si heneral Pulisama malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw na hindi
    nagdiklara ng tama sa Saln niya, at ang maganda ikaw ang comm.
    and chief, na sayo palang pwede mong suspendehin muna at iparetiro
    pending ang kaso naka file laban sa kaniya. Gaya ng korte suprema
    kahit sinabi na hindi pa nila nakita tumangap ng suhol kay napoles
    si ong, daglian ng sinibak dahil nagkabahid na ang pangalan.
    Ngunit sayo, tila taliwas sa ginawa nyo kay Corona at kahit kanino
    mo ipakita ang saln ni Pulisama malinaw na malinaw na wala sa tama,
    sabihin mo ngayon sa mga boss mo kung patas nga ang hustisya sayo
    kahit kalaban o kakampi. Linawin mo rin kung ang penoy law office
    ang abugado niya.

    • Tama ka Ferdinand Micos. Mr. Pnoy, there is a pastor who once said in this paper ” A LEADER, EVEN HOW HONEST, IF HE ALLOWS HIS OFFICIAL FAMILY ( KKK AND FRIENDS ) TO DO EVILS, HE IS MORE GUILTY OF EVIL DOINGS “.
      Mr. Pnoy, we still believe you are ” MR. CLEAN ” so please stop depending your KKK and FRIENDS AS THEY ARE NO LONGER KIDS AND OLD ENOUGH DEPEND THEMSELVES. DI BA SIR?