• President steps into traffic row, orders apprehension of colorum PUVs


    TO end the ugly spat between the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) over the issue of colorum (illegal) public utility vehicles (PUV), President Benigno Aquino 3rd stepped in and ordered the apprehension of all such vehicles in Metro Manila.

    “Upon the directive of President Aquino, members of the Cabinet and the concerned agencies discussed solutions to remedy the worsening traffic jams in Metro Manila and to reduce congestion in the Port of Manila,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a news briefing in Malacanang on Thursday.

    First among the President’s directives is the apprehension and charging of fines on colorum PUVs and buses that are “out of line” or traveling beyond what is allowed under their franchise to operate.

    The second is rationalization and further study of routes for provincial and city buses entering Metro Manila (National Capital Region or NCR).

    “The other measures that were agreed upon in the meeting will be discussed and referred to the mayors of cities and municipalities during a meeting scheduled for next week,” Coloma said.

    The LTFRB, MMDA and city mayors have fought over a decision of the franchising agency to suspend implementation of an order that imposes heavier penalties against colorum vehicles. The MMDA and the local executives said the “no apprehension policy” will only result in clogging of major thoroughfares and side streets.

    On the congestion at the Port of Manila, Coloma said Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory Domingo, Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Abaya and Philippine Ports Authority General Manager Juan Santa Ana are about to implement steps they and port users had agreed on.

    “It is expected for the situation to be back to normal beginning the 16th of August,” Coloma said. “There is a continuing dialogue with the local government to address the problem of congestion around the port.”

    He said trucks that still use green plates can still apply for provisional authority until August 15 but that those “for hire” without such authority will be apprehended beginning August 16.

    Green-plated trucks that are not for hire will need to get an exemption from the LTFRB.


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    1. Why is it that so many vehicles have been driving for so long without a franchise or any meeting any legal requirements to operate that vehice. They do it because they are allowed to get away with it. In this country you are only guilty of something if a person accuses you of that crime & persues charges. The police dont charge people with offences, you the person has to charge them. Go anywhere in this country & watch every single driver everywhere breaking the driving laws in this country & traffic enforcers turn a blind eye, police turn a blind eye, so no wonder everyone does it. Its one of the reasons this country is such a shambles. Ive seen vehicles driving with red headlights, with green tail lights with white tail lights & no one stops them. They drive on the wrong side of the road & no one stops them. All traffic laws should be strictly upheld & most of these crashes you get on the roads will be eliminated. I would bet over 95% of drivers will text & drive, speak on a hand held mobile phone whilst driving & no one stops them. Ive stopped at a red light before & had the driver behind me blowing his horn for me to drive through the red light. I get very angry & should verbal abuse at him as i dont like it. My wife gets upset with me & says if he has a gun he will shoot you. If that is the case it shows what the filipina is like. So please dont tell me how good religious people are as im not religious & i wouldnt shoot someone for telling me off when i am in the wrong.

    2. Okey, so President Abnoynog orders the apprehension of colorum PUV vehicles, for now. Then what? This inept and corrupt BS Aquino administration cannot do anything right. There should not be this issue of colorum vehicles if LTO is not a corrupt agency. LTO launches fake crackdowns on colorum to get “areglo” from owners. Once the grease money is paid, these colorum vehicles will be back on the road again, until the next crackdown. They are the milking cows of the thieves in the LTO, and the clueless Abnoy just can’t see this point. If Abnoynog really wants stop these illegal vehicles from operating, he should order LTO or MMDA to apprehend all these colorums and sell them at auctions. If he does this, no colorum owners will ever dare operate these illegal vehicles anymore.