President Tsai launches judicial reform in Taiwan


President Tsai Ing-wen has nominated Hsieh Wen-ting as president of the Judicial Yuan and Lin Chin-fang as vice president—the first female to be considered for the position in the nation’s history.

“Hsieh and Lin are highly experienced in the operation of the country’s executive branch and well-versed in their fields of expertise,” said Huang Chung-yen, spokesman for the Office of the President. “The President expects legislative support for the nomination and looks forward to their commitment to leading judicial reform.”

Later the same day, the Office of the President announced directions for the establishment of the preparatory committee for the national judicial reform conference, underscoring the commitment of the government to ensuring all citizens participate in judicial reform.

“The directions are the starting point for the process of judicial reform pledged by President Tsai Ing-wen during her May 20 inauguration speech, which is one of the issues of most concern to the public,” Huang said.

According to the directions, the committee will comprise between 15 and 21 members, with legal professionals accounting for no more than half and any single sex no less than one-third. The convener and the deputy will be appointed by the president.

“This approach will promote expanded participation by the academia, interest groups representing the disadvantaged and private organizations advocating judicial reform,” Huang said. “It is in line with the spirit that justice is for the people and ensures that the country’s judicial system responds to the needs of the public.”

The committee is also tasked with canvassing input from all sectors of society, seeking public consensus on related issues, organizing the national conference and providing policy advice to the Office of the President.

As part of efforts by the government to safeguard the people’s rights and promote social fairness and justice, Tsai will nominate five Constitutional Court justices in early September.



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