• President vows to back up female cops


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has encouraged the women police force to continue helping the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, as he vowed to support them until the end.

    “Trabaho lang kayo. Ako na ang nag-garantiya ngayon, not as a mayor but as a President [Just do your job. I will back you up, not as a mayor but as a President)]. If you do it legally, fine. I will support you to the end,” the President said in his speech at the 9th National Biennial Summit on Women in Community Policing in Davao City on Friday.

    “Just do it in the performance, in the fulfillment of a duty. Just do it right,” he said.

    President Duterte also reminded the police that their loyalty should be to the country, the flag and the Constitution.

    “If this problem (of drugs) would outlast me for one reason or another… this is one request from your commander in chief: Huwag ninyong hayaan ang bayan [Do not neglect the country],” he said.

    “I expect that you will do your duty and that you have to survive, you have to kill. I could understand that. And I am just at your side, at your back and you will be protected,” he added.

    The President slammed his critics for failing to take into account the number of policemen killed in the line of duty.

    “`Yan hindi tinitingnan ng human rights … I lose two policemen a day. Dalawang police `yan on the average, araw-araw [That is something that human rights advocates do not see … I lose two policemen a day. Two policemen on the average, every day],” the President said.

    Talking about the scourge of drugs, the President showed a folder containing a list of names of persons suspected to be involved in the illegal drug trade, among them congressmen, mayors, judges, village chiefs and police officers.



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