• Presidentiables must debate on issues


    Nothing has changed towards the inevitable demise of the Noynoy Aquino administration as far as national and local elections are concerned.

    Unto this point, hefty campaign funds, star power, and political patronage continue to be the major factors that come into play as a multiple rivalry in the May 9, 2016 take shape.

    It will have been six years since we elected to tread the “matuwid na daan” but we now end up making a U-turn to “dating-daan.”

    Massive television ads, negative propaganda, mudslinging and “trend-setting” have so far taken the place of presentation of platform and debate on issues.

    Even before the official filing of certificates of candidacy, poll-surveys have reduced the whole thing as a popularity contest.

    To correct this somehow and to help the public pick each candidate’s brain, the Commission on Elections is asking the help of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas to organize a series of live debates among the presidentiables.

    The public must know their individual stand on the issues that the Noynoy administration itself has consistently evaded, such as minimum wage hike, freedom of information, Bangsamoro Basic Law, reimposition of death penalty, divorce, same-sex marriage, and the country’s territorial row with China.

    We would like Senator Grace Poe, Vice President Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas to touch on these issues.

    If Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte decides to go for it, we may be interested in hearing about his ideas on “federalism.”

    It is a welcome development that the Sen. Poe-Sen. Escudero tandem has named Bayan Muna partylist Rep. Neri Colmenares in their no. 1 senatorial line. For sure, the militant lawmaker will be strongly addressing the social justice-related issues.

    PH a haven for alien fugitives
    There are more “undesirable aliens” remaining in the country, Immigration Commissioner Siegfred B. Mison disclosed following the arrest of seven Taiwanese fugitives.

    The seven were among at least 43 foreigners rounded up in Cebu City where they were discovered engaged in illegal online gambling, money laundering, blackmailing and other cyber-crimes.

    These shady characters, who are wanted in Taiwan for cyber-crimes were found to have been staying in the country for years, Mison said.

    The Immigration chief further revealed that the foreigners have not only evaded arrest in their home country but have also brought their criminal activities in the Philippines.

    This is why Mison has ordered an intensified crackdown on undesirable aliens, most of them Chinese nationals smuggled into the country by human traffickers and then employed by online gambling casinos catering to international markets.

    Apparently, the number of undocumented foreigners in the country grew tremendously in previous years.

    An example of a notorious fugitive who operated in the country is Wang Bo, who was coddled by an immigration official who reportedly will soon replace Mison. No wonder the country has become a haven for alien fugitives.

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    1. Evelyn Tabungao on

      The presidential and VP debates should be made law, or at the very least mandatory. In the US, CNN sponsored the debate. Not just one debate, but a series of debates, while voters see the presidential hopefuls dwindle in number as the weeks go on.

      Has there ever been a debate done in the PHL, my friend Mr Tulfo? I mean a serious one, and not like the Lim-Erap mayoralty debate that turned out to be like a schoolyard teasing and bullying. I felt like I was watching a comedy skit!!
      That guy Erap was a joke, and not in a funny way.

    2. I support the idea to have live debates among candidates for President and Vice President. However, it should be compulsory for them to participate. Otherwise, the debate is meaningless. Remember that FPJ refused to participate in any debate before nor allow himself to be interviewed during his campaign That’s why no one knows what his platform is. People remember him just because he is a popular movie actor.

      • That was why he lost the elections because of his unwillingness to participate in debates and interviews. AND because he was handled by tadpoles (er tradpols pala aka erap) who also shunned debates