Presidential system ‘defective’


The 17 mayors of Metro Manila have expressed support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s strong espousal of federalism as a form of government, saying the centralized system of government at present is “defective.”

The mayors who compose the Metro Manila Council (MMC) said in a resolution that “the system of the Philippine government [at presnt]is such that the three great powers of the executive, the legislative and the judiciary are centralized in the National Capital Region [NCR], thereby effectively alienating the other regions of the archipelago [and depriving them of]much-needed government support.”

The MMC is a policy-making body of which the mayors of the 16 cities and one municipality of Metro Manila or the NCR are members.

“After a judicious evaluation of the existing systems of governments around the world vis-a-vis the unique and diverse circumstances, needs and requirements of the country and the Filipino people, it is imperative that a new and more responsive form of government be adopted the soonest,” according to the mayors.

Duterte is strongly pushing for a change in the form of government of the country from the presidential to the federal system.

The President has asserted a number of times that federalism will solve various problems that the country faces, particularly massive poverty and equality.

Steps are now being taken by the majority in Congress to set the motion for a revision of the 1987 Philippine Constitution to make the shift to a federal form of government possible.

MMDA Chairman and General Manager Tomas Orbos, said the 17 mayors are prepared to lead their constituents in this direction but they want to know how exactly they will function in a federal government.


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  1. Abner Silang on

    The US, the oligarchs and their puppets will do everything they can to stop the Philippine government system from becoming federalized. They will use the crooked big media and their henchmen to paint federalism in a bad light and use fear mongering to scare the people from supporting a federal system. The continuing imbalance of power and wealth depends of the government being centralized in the hands of a few people in Manila who are oligarchs or puppets of oligarchs and the US. Our new government has been in place for already 9 months but congress has not yet formed a constituent assembly to write the new constitution. We need to put pressure on our congressmen and senators to quickly act of the federalism initiative, otherwise when PRRD steps down there is a big possibility of another crooked oligarch, US puppet to be elected president again. We should NEVER AGAIN elect the likes of Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos and BS Aquino and their kind to any public office.