Presidential system ‘defective’


The 17 mayors of Metro Manila have expressed support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s strong espousal of federalism as a form of government, saying the centralized system of  government at present is “defective.”

The mayors who compose the Metro Manila Council (MMC) said in a resolution that “the system of the  Philippine government [at presnt]is such that the three great powers of the executive, the legislative and the judiciary are centralized in the National Capital Region [NCR], thereby effectively alienating the other regions of the archipelago [and depriving them of]much-needed government support.”

The MMC is a policy-making body of which the mayors of the 16 cities and one municipality of Metro Manila or the NCR are members.

“After a judicious evaluation of the existing systems of governments around the world vis-a-vis the unique and diverse circumstances, needs and requirements of the country and the Filipino people, it is imperative that a new and more responsive form of government be adopted the soonest,” according to the mayors.

Duterte is strongly pushing for a change in the form of government of the country from the presidential to the federal system.

The President has asserted a number of times that federalism will solve various problems that the country faces, particularly massive poverty and equality.

Steps are now being taken by the majority in Congress to set the motion for a revision of the 1987 Philippine Constitution to make the shift to a federal form of government possible.

MMDA Chairman and General Manager Tomas Orbos, said the 17 mayors are prepared to lead their constituents in this direction but they want to know how exactly they will function in a federal government.  NELSON S. BADILLA 



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  1. Abner Silang on

    The Philippine system is centralized because it is designed to enable only the very rich and/or the puppets of the oligarchs to run for senate, vice president and president. This constitution was written by puppets of Cory Aquino the haciendero and US puppet. The constitutions of Singapore and Malaysia are very different. They use a federal and parliamentary system of government. This is much more efficient in delivering services to people even in faraway places. It is also better in reducing corruption and replacing a crooked head of state without bloodshed and without the conspiration of the US and oligarchs. This is why even though we became independent many years ahead of Malaysia and Singapore, they have prospered much faster than us.

  2. Lets face it there are not many governments in the world as corrupt as the government of the Philippines. the congress is corrupt, the supreme court is corrupt, Comelec is corrupt, the Ombudsman is corrupt etc.

    Only thing that ever changes are the faces, same result from every administration, A lot of boasting about how they are not corrupt and are fixing everything.

    The problem is none of the officials are ever convicted of anything.
    Take the pork barrel scam for example.
    20 senators on the Napoles list
    100 house members on the Naploes list

    Only 3 opposition senators arrested and jailed and they still haven’t been to trial yet after 3 years.

    Aquino, De Lima and Ombudsman Morales protected the other 117 pork barrel thieves and are still protecting them.

    How can the country ever change when the lawmakers steal P10 billion and are not charged and jailed ?

  3. Under the present system poorer LGUs get to share the wealth of affluent LGUs through the internal revenue allotment (IRA). A shift to federal form of govt means there will be no more IRA. When that happens I doubt if poorer LGUs can survive considering that almost all LGUs are IRA-dependent.

  4. According to the news, Duterte is strongly pushing for a change in the form of government of the country from the presidential to the federal system. What do the really mean by that? How can they change presidential to federal? How does that work? Are they not making the country federal but change presidential to parliamentary? The United States is also federal but still presidential. Whereas, in Canada, it is federal but parliamentary. Therefore, it makes more sense to say that in the Philippines, they can make the country federal but still retain the presidential just like the United States or make it federal and change to parliamentary just like Canada. Isn’t this the way it works instead of telling the people that they are changing presidential to federal?

  5. Federal system will result into a divisive nation and a government with no cohesive platform. magkakanya kanya ang probinsya ng pagpapatakbo.

    the bicameral system of legislature, resulted into stalemate, as described by Marcos during his September 15, 1982 speech in America. that’s the reason he changed the legislature into a unicameral system so that the government can fast-track laws and avoid needless debates by senators and congressmen.