Presidentially nautical


Conrad Manila levels up the coastal vibe with 1,000-square meter suite
When hears the phrase “nautical theme,” anchors, boats and hues of whites and blues almost always come to mind. But for Conrad Manila, this interior design concept can be taken so many “nautical notches” higher to mean sheer luxury.

“Conrad Hotel, from the outside, looks like a ship docked in the bay so we have carried over this whole nautical theme for the suite as well,” General Manager Harald Feurstein told The Manila Times sidelines of at the sidelines of the hotel’s exclusive Presidential Suite re-launch.

Now bearing the stamp of famed Singapore-based firm Michael Fiebrich Design, the 1,000-square meter suite boasts of two bedrooms, a study, two terraces, and a private pool, which provides an unobstructed view of the bay.

Simple circular forms in lacquer and polished nickel throughout the living area lead the space to the majestic view of Manila Bay

“As you can see, inside the suite we have very solid materials, a lot of lacquer and mother of pearl—these are the materials that you will find in a suite of a luxurious super yacht,” Feurstein further detailed.

The color palette—comprised of sunset golds, coppers and coral tones blended with soft sky blues and silvers—is also noteworthy as it complements the famous Manila sunset, arguably the most unparalleled asset of the suite nonetheless.

A walk around this incomparable accommodation would awe any visitor, what with its majestic dining room which features fabric wrapped silk panels with golden thread, lorded over by a giant custom timber and crystal modern chandelier that is studded with circular lacquer and polished nickel. The same can be said for the entertainment and living spaces where attention to opulent detail is evident.

The interior of the master suite, meanwhile, achieves both a polished modernity and glamour with organic, glossy forms and pale finishes. Its spacious built-in closet as well as its use of sustainable toiletries are as much as a come on as the distinct dressing room.

Finally, the expansive outdoor terrace—which consumes a total of 600 square meters—mimics the suite’s flow with large curved lounge areas and circular sun loungers.

“What we don’t want is for people [who will stay here]is to feel a sense of urgency. We want them to be able to say, ‘I want to be to feel luxurious in an intimate event with my family, with my close friends. This is where I am going to encapsulate myself. I don’t want to be anywhere else,’” the general manager enthused.

“WE envision that guest staying at this suite will be so comfortable that they don’t want to go anywhere else. Once the doors are closed, it will be their own paradise,” Feurstein further noted.

Overall, the general manager said Conrad takes pride in creating not only a massive space filled with luxury to the tiniest detail, but building a space that can “move” heads of state, industry leaders, and the most discerning travelers and guests.

“Typical presidential suites are an assembly from room to room to room which could mean box to box to box. Ours, by its sheer size and shape and the way that its very open is very different, very unique. We want a presidential suite that has soothing feeling, a suite that doesn’t feel still,” Feurstein concluded.


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