The President’s ‘claim to fame’

Ej Lopez

Ej Lopez

EXCEPT for some personalities  who “sang in chorus” with the president in his State of the Nation Address (SONA), simply overlooking the many glaring statistical and theoretical “abstracts” in his claimed achievements; many, including a greater number in social media who are well informed about political issues and educated enough to decipher his claims, had a grand time bashing the SONA of the President. In fact, this event has gone viral, overtaking the popularity of another controversy contained in the speech of the Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Eduardo V. Manalo, which disparaged the alleged falling out of Catholics by shifting allegiance to other ideologies.

This is not to dwell on the “claim to fame” of the president as regards his supposed achievements over the past year, and not to mention the “pass the buck” attitude that characterizes PNoy’s speeches; but the  non-mention of controversial topics like PDAF, DAP, the FOI bill and several other concerns point to the obvious and deliberate avoidance of issues that have been hounding his administration lately. Apparently, these are issues that have sunk his popularity and should be forgotten and better left unsaid, if only to conceal all his misjudgments on basic issues.

And perhaps, to gain sympathy despite some discredited policies his administration has committed lately, he resorted to rhetoric to appeal to the people’s emotions (an act where he is good at); to gain sympathy, to justify the means, to adopt his parents’ patriotic deeds and love of country and gain compassion, especially from people who choose to be blinded by realities.

This is the brand of democratic institution and leadership that characterizes our society.

Regardless of the means, whether it is flagrantly unconstitutional, for as long as you “sincerely” do it for the people, then it should be absolved and accepted at all cost sans constitutionality. Just like Robin Hood, dubbed as the “Prince of Thieves,” would rob the rich and give the loot to the poor; a typical case of the end justifying the means. This exemplifies how the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was utilized. Thus, should law and order take a backseat in favor of stimulating growth and development? This is no different from legalizing high-profile criminal activities like illegal drug preparations, a flourishing “industry” which can stimulate employment, growth and development.

If this is the case, then let prevailing situations of lawfulness (or lawlessness) be better left to the prudent judgment of the person himself and ought to be applied to everyone as an expression of democracy.

Stock market  
Perhaps as a result of unmet expectations from the SONA of the president, the local stock market sagged and went on a losing streak since Monday. If not for a partial rally led by Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) shares, it would have been a gloomy week for the local bourse. The increase in PLDT shares, however, was in anticipation of a dividend declaration by the telecom giant. Of course the market decline was not all due to the disappointment of the business sector in the president’s SONA but was also influenced by market movement in other bourses in the world.

Another claim to fame made by the president was the boom in stocks and the record-breaking performance of the local bourse. Not to take anything from the chief executive, but the optimistic mood of the business sector was sustained by the unprecedented high trust ratings of the president prior to the administration’s political disgrace over the DAP.

Market movement is expected to be volatile until the end of the year. Primarily, the volatility will be brought about by accelerated inflation and high interest rates. Investors are expected to shift to blue chip shares because while the returns may be low, they are relatively safer havens than other stocks.

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  1. the above article mentions his parents’ patriotic deeds and love of country.

    ninoy’s leaking of the plan by the philippine government to physically claim sabah in his expose regarding the supposed jabidah massacre led to the formation of the MNLF and years of bloody conflict in mindanao. also, as a result of the expose, malaysia funded and armed the rebellion while providing training camps and safe havens in malaysia for the training of MNLF guerillas. had this uprising not happened, who knows how progressive the southern part of mindanao could have been almost 40 years hence.

    in the end, it turned out that the jabidah massacre was a hoax. no such massacre really happened. so what was aquino’s expose all about? these are not the acts of a hero and serves to perpetuate the aquino clan’s seeming hereditary tendency towards betraying national interest for their own selfish and narrow vested interests. the cojuangco clan, unfortunately, does not lag far behind in betraying national interest. but that is another long story.