President’s lump sum funds can’t be detailed: Abad



President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s discretionary fund will remain in lump sums because the beneficiaries are hard to determine, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said Saturday.

Abad made the explanation a day after President Aquino announced the scrapping of the lump sum P25-billion allotment for the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in the proposed 2014 budget.

As a result, the PDAF allocation will be subjected to line item budgeting and included in the General Appropriations Act or the proposed 2014 budget.

This means that the lawmakers have to identify the beneficiaries of their PDAF before 2014 starts.

The President’s discretionary fund in lump sum worth P1 trillion under the 2014 proposed budget includes allocation for government corporations, local governments, calamity fund and contingency fund.

“Let us look at Calamity fund. How can we identify the number of typhoons that will come to the country next year? We can’t be so sure  of the amount that we will need for that.  When Typhoon Pablo hit Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley this year, the government spent P11 billion for relief and rehabilitation. Our Calamity fund for 2013 is only pegged at P7.5 billion. This is exactly why we need Contingency fund,” Abad told Radyo ng Bayan.

“Can you imagine us asking money from Congress only after the typhoon brought damages? That cannot be right,” he added.

The contingency fund, Abad underscored, also provides for emergency repatriations of overseas Filipinos in conflict areas, or combat operations of the Philippine National Police.



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  1. This is not a good alibi, Mr Abad. All monies whould be accounted for, Aquino is no exception.. The rally won’t stop there, we need the COA reports of Aquino’s trillion pork barrel or else rallies will continue.

  2. Pag si Aquino walang audit, si gma lang. Kaya pala walang COA audit report durin aquino admin EXEMPTED sa audit

  3. Abolish Pork! Place everything on the fiscal budget. Every project has to go thru transparent bidding.

  4. It is right that you need a contingency fund but all money paid out for it should also be accountable & clearly shown who had what & when they had it. Then their accounting should also clearly state when they received it ( to clarify what the contingency fund said ) & when & how much & who to they paid it out. Every stage & step of the money trail should be accountable & monitored to stop this awful corruption. Other 1st world countries can spend a lot of money but its all accountable & documented so where is the problem in this country. The problem is most officals are corrupt & cant help themselves as thats what they went into public service for, not to serve the public but to serve themselves. Find all these people who steal from the country & confiscate all their weath & put them in prison. So what if their families suffer they knew they were living off stolen money as they knew their spouses salaries wouldnt give them that standard of living. Dont show compassion to these low life thieves they are the scum of the earth. They profess to be good religious people but they are no more than common thieves & dont deserve any respect or sympathy from the citizens of this country.