President’s rating rebounds from record low


After dipping to a record low in June, President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s satisfaction ratings have rebounded in the third quarter of 2014, according to the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

The latest SWS survey, conducted September 26 to 29, showed Aquino gained nine points to a “good” net rating of +34, with 59 percent satisfied and 25 percent dissatisfied.

SWS, which released the results to its media partner BusinessWorld on Friday, said the survey was an improvement from the “moderate” +25 in June where 55 percent were satisfied and 30 percent dissatisfied with Aquino’s performance.

It considers net satisfaction scores of +70 and above as excellent; +50 to +69 as very good; +30 to +49 as good; +10 to +29 as moderate, +9 to -9 as neutral; -10 to -29 as poor; -30 to -49 as bad; -50 to -69 as very bad; and -70 and below as execrable.

The September 26-29 survey polled 1,200 adult Filipinos face-to-face.

Regional ratings
Aquino’s satisfaction rating went up by 16 points in Metro Manila to a “moderate” +22 (52 percent satisfied, 30 percent dissatisfied) from the “neutral” +6 (44 percent satisfied, 38 percent dissatisfied) in June.

In Balance Luzon, Aquino’s ratings remained “moderate” but improved 13 points with +29 (57 percent satisfied, 27 percent dissatisfied). In June, he had a score of +16 (51 percent satisfied, 35 percent dissatisfied).

The President’s ratings in the Visayas remained “good” in September, improving by four points to +43 (65 percent satisfied, 24 percent dissatisfied) from +39 (63 percent satisfied, 24 percent dissatisfied).

His scores stayed “good” in Mindanao at +43 (65 percent satisfied, 21 percent dissatisfied), three points better than +40 (62 percent satisfied, 22 percent dissatisfied) in June.

In the rural areas, Aquino’s score went up to +40 (62 percent satisfied, 22 percent dissatisfied) from +35 (60 percent satisfied, 25 percent dissatisfied).

In the urban areas, his scores remained “moderate” at +27 (56 percent satisfied, 29 percent dissatisfied) from +15 (50 percent satisfied, 35 percent dissatisfied) in June.

Class and gender
In terms of socioeconomic class and gender, the President’s ratings remained in “good” territory.

He rating rose to +34 (59 percent satisfied, 26 percent, dissatisfied) from +22 (54 percent satisfied, 32 percent dissatisfied) in June among Class D.

In Class E, his score improved by seven points to +38 (60 percent satisfied, 22 percent dissatisfied).

But the President’s ratings among Class ABC fell to a “moderate” +27 (58 percent satisfied, 32 percent dissatisfied) from the “good” +32 (57 percent satisfied, 25 percent dissatisfied) in the second quarter.

Malacanang maintained that President Aquino’s ratings remain “historically high” compared to his predecessors for the same period.

In a news conference, Palace deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said Aquino’s improved ratings disproved the claims of critics who predicted his downfall toward the end of his term, which ends in 2016.

“The professional naysayers and predictors of doom will perhaps find it inconvenient that their predictions of a trend have not materialized,” Valte told reporters.

“Surveys are snapshots of a political landscape at a certain time and accordingly fluctuate. The more accurate measure of government performance is the number of people who are empowered to take advantage of new and better opportunities,” she said.

Valte attributed the improvement in Aquino’s ratings to the administration’s “good governance and transparency reforms,” which, she claimed, “have translated into tangible benefits for the people.”

“This commitment to tuwid na daan [straight path]has borne fruit, both in boosting our country’s global reputation and in bringing about real change in people’s lives. We believe that these solid achievements will always result in public support for the President’s agenda of change,” Valte said.

These results will provide more drive for the administration in “pursuing even more growth and to propelling our country toward an even brighter future,” she added.

In a statement, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. pointed out that the heightened level of public satisfaction “provides the impetus for intensified efforts” by the Aquino administration “to strengthen the infrastructure for sustained and inclusive growth.”

“The administration is committed to plug the gaps in service delivery and address concrete challenges such as the projected energy shortfall in the summer of 2015, as well as improve the country’s international airports and other gateways in keeping with our hard-earned recognition as the most favored tourist destination in the Asia-Pacific,” Coloma said.

“The President is firmly committed to the development of the Filipino people’s fullest potentials and acknowledges that the government’s achievements are anchored upon the robust support and solidarity of the citizenry,” he added.


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  1. Ang kahirapan ay nasa TAO mismo aT di depende sa Pangulo o pamahalaan.

    Marami ang mahirap na umasenso dahil sa sikat at tyaga sa pag-aaral, pag nenegosyo at paglilingkuran sa pribato o sa pamahalaan man maging sa pagiging OFW.

    Mahirap o mayaman, nandiyan na yan panahon pa noong una pa man kahit anung uri ng gobyerno o sino man ang nakaupo.


  2. lorenzo legisniana on

    you will believe the ratings if it favors the one you are siding for…if the ratings of pnoy drops significantly, then those who said they don’t believe will surely change their statements

  3. Kapag controlado mo ang survey at
    mas media at nakikinabang ang mga elite at bbusiness na sipsip,lahat magiging pabor sa pangulo!!

  4. Its weird, why does Pulse Asia’s survey say his ratings dropped by 1 pt, while SWS says it increased by 9? Has anyone ever wondered?

  5. P. on

    All the polls being done on the performance of this sitting president cannot put food on the table; cannot cure his vindictiveness, bias and insensitivity in the way he governs.
    The poll is only part of ‘image-building’ and public relations. Be real “False Asia’!.

  6. When an INCOMPETENT buffoon like Penoy talks so bad about his predecessors – that only shows he has nothing to show and brag about his present governance. His putrid boast of improving social conditions under his watch is like telling you to believe him face value with his statements – and at the same token arm-twisting you
    to the hilt that his boasts are INCREDIBLY believable Lies!!!! What an Inutile, Incompetent, Corrupt, Grade C student Ateneo grad thiss sitting president is bragging about???? NOTHING….