• ‘Pres’l immunity does not cover murder’


    THE revelation made by retired police officer Arturo Lascañas that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered members of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) to kill criminals in Davao City raises questions on the doctrine of presidential immunity from suit, Senator Leila de Lima said Tuesday.

    According to her, the people who crafted the principle of presidential immunity did not foresee a situation where the President of the country would be involved in “high crimes.”

    She noted that the underlying rationale for the doctrine is to prevent the President from being distracted from his work if anyone can file a case against him or her.

    De Lima said she believes that Duterte can be charged with murder because the doctrine of presidential
    immunity does not apply under the current case.

    Lascanas was earlier identified as a DDS leader but he denied it when he appeared at the Senate last year.

    He resurfaced on Monday to admit that he was part of the death squad and that he received orders directly from Duterte, who was then the mayor of Davao City. The former police officers also claimed that he received allowances and bonuses from Duterte after every successful operation against suspected criminals.

    De Lima said the public confession of Lascanas showed that Duterte is a “psychopathic serial killer and mass murderer” thus he should not be covered by presidential immunity.

    It can also be used as basis for the filing of an impeachment complaint against the President, she added.

    “These are murders, extrajudicial killings, mass murders, crimes against humanity, in other words high crime and a ground for impeachment,” she added.

    “There is no more doubt that our president is a murderer and sociopathic serial killer,” De Lima said as she called on the cabinet to declare Duterte unfit to lead and ordinary Filipinos to voice their opposition to his rule.

    De Lima said the constitution allowed for a majority in his cabinet to force him to step down by ruling that he was mentally incapacitated.

    “Now the time has come again for us to be brave and stand up to another criminal dictator and his evil regime,” the senator added.


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    1. She has already investigated him when he was mauor but couldn’t get key witnesses and that’s why he was not prosecuted.

      And who’re you calling the devil when the rwal devil is sitting in Malacanang? Evil begone!

      We want to know the truth. Who cares about perjury.

      What we want to know is if he is guilty then why are we allowing a criminal to run this country?

    2. as i was saying, during that troubler period in the the philippine there were several death squad group for hire usually used by innocent citizen instead paying ransom for their kidnap kins or political revenge.

    3. Ma’am senator , you are really evil—why only now that you sounds righteous by making all these reasonings and deliberations.

      Why didn’t you have that mindset during your reign as justice secretary and a former commissioner on human rights? Is that what you call selective righteousness , you become righteous only when you are on the defensive and on the losing end?

      You are like your father , the Devil who knows righteous and sinful things , and has the option of appearing righteous and good when he need to. That is why he is the father of two options , and his children can choose to be either good or evil , to pull themselves out of the pit they have fallen into.

      This proves that you are the evil one and Duterte is the good one because he is your opposite.

      To tell everyone the truth , time is soon coming when de Lima shall be revealed as the real mass murderer , the mother of Philippine extra-judicial killings. It is her brainchild.

    4. The devils are on a rampage and running amuck! Just look who’s explaining , a senator about to face the judgement seat for her alleged involvement in the multi-billion dollar illegal drug industry. Does she have moral ascendancy to talk the way she has been talking?

      Mind you , de Lima , you are the mother of extra-judicial killings in the Philippines , you know that. You keep on reversing the truth , but the time is coming fast when the real killers are to be exposed and punished. Your own tongue has been falling apart against you!

      The president that you have been calling a mass murderer is nothing but a master simulator , adept at feigning murder–he has been doing that so that the real murderers could be enticed and insinuated to come out in the open. Just like what is happening to you and your cohorts.

      That is the president’s brilliant way of deceiving the dirty rats to come out of their hiding place . His unconventional principle is very effective. Once he said , “to catch a lawbreaker , be a lawbreaker first”. Christ is a perfect epitome of this unconventional mind. Duterte is clearly a chip off the old block of Christ , so how could he be wrong?

      The corollary follows , in order to catch the true murderers , pretend to be a murderer. The true killers would be enticed to come out for they will believe the lie because they are natural liars and murderers.

      What Duterte is doing is biblical the reason why his approach is very effective. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 (ESV)

      11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false,

      12 in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      And Duterte has been sending a strong delusion to these murderers by pretending to be a killer himself , so that those murderers and liars would believe his lie , actually they have fallen into his trap already. And they come out one by one without them knowing they are being trapped. And they can no longer extricate themselves from entanglement.

      You all have a short-termed memory , remember the parable of the God who conversed with the President? With that , he has created delusion among the people especially among his fiercest enemies! His being a feigned murderer is not to be outdone , he has not move out of his brilliant tactics ever since he assumed power. He has this innate wisdom what others termed as Solomonic Wisdom.

      It is actually UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM. To catch the world by surprise and render them flat-footed , be an unconventional thinker because the whole world is a conventional thinker.

      Did you know that Christ is coming in an unconventional manner , the reason the whole world shall be caught unaware? He is not coming as the world like it, rather he is COMING LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT! The coming king being compared to a coming thief , is it not unconventional?

      Can you now figure out the similarity between Duterte’s mind and that of Christ’s? You see , both of them are unconventional thinkers.

      Now , in order for you to come to the full understanding of the whole truth—be a consummate unconventional thinker.

    5. What if Lascanas was paid by Trillanes and Delima from the fund of Loida Lewis to further destabilize the government of Du30. Who really can trust Trillanes? He is like a snake ready to bite.

    6. In government covert operations the size of the Davao Death Squad where there are many individuals or perpetrators involved in carrying out the extermination of enemies of the state, the “truth” or at least what is essentially the truth will almost always eventually be revealed by at least one or more credible confessors/participants or witnesses. That is what is happening now. Thank the conscience of Lascanas or God that this is happening earlier in Duterte’s term rather than later. A, or The main question to come out of this more than reasonably credible Lascanas confessional that appears to back up many of the statements made by earlier confessor Matobato: Will the other institutions of government, the Congress and Supreme Court – be willing and able to bring Duterte to justice. If not then will the people again step forward as they did in EDSA in 1986.

      The president of the Philippines is a cancerous ticking time bomb. In light of Lascanas’ confession it should be no wonder that Duterte reveres the murderous thug of a president that is Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The Philippines should accept this truth or suffer more the consequences of the violent unhinged death squad dictator. As one who brought down another similar dictator in 1986, Fidel Ramos has said it clearly regarding Duterte’s leadership – “The Philippines is losing badly”.

    7. PinPin de Sarapin on

      My comment today is a resentment in our government on how it is governed by our leaders right from above: it has never governed yet of good leaders starting from the government of the former president Marcos. We are always deceived during the election campaign when the presidential candidate presented himself as the promising leader of the Philippine nation. Du30 told us during the election campaign that he was ready to be a Father to all Filipino people until we found out that he is unfit to lead the nation from a high moral ground due to the many killings that he himself personally confirmed in many of his speeches. With the new evidence coming out from Arturo Lascanas against Du30, I don’t know where our lovely country shall go. There might have a high degree of veracity from the words of Arturo Lascanas. He would not have the nerve to show up and told the entire nation if he had not been involved in Du30’s mechanism to eradicate persons involved in illegal drugs. I hope the entire Philippine nation would be open to the rules of law, wisdom, and knowledge and understanding of any course that the nation may pass through this year and to the next.

    8. mabait na pinoy on

      The method PDU30 used in cleaning the drug infested city of Davao works real well for the whole country. However the President needs to show his sincerity to clean corrupt officials and they need to be eliminated as well. In the Philippines, if all suspected criminals were given the due process, the government is at the loosing end. I particularly like the President style in dealing with drug pushers / users –kill them all and ask question later. PDU30’s concept is to fight fire with fire, and do not let any Drug Lord appear before a judge because for sure, the case will be dismissed, with the help of a powerful element called MONEY. As all we know, PDU30 is working for the Filipinos and he wanted peace as well. Long live to PDU30, and blessed are the peacekeepers for they will be called the son of God.

    9. Where were these accusers when DU30 was campaigning? This EJK DDS issues never came out during the campaign period. These issues were never brought up by Delima and Trillanes. Matobato and Lascanas where nowhere during the campaign period to voice out such accusations. Their accusations made in front of media are not validated, supported by corroborating evidences and affidavits. Right away Delima and Trillanes accused DU30 as a psychopath and a serial killer. These two personas can fool the Filipino people some to the time but not all the time. Delima and Trillanes are making a mockery of the senate hearings and conduct them for grandstanding purposes or as cover up for their own offenses and shortcomings as servants of the Filipino people who elected them…….

    10. Z criminal charge must be filed immediately against this person for false testimony he had presented in the Senate together with Matobato and their accomplices Trillanes and DeLima. Anybody now is taking for granted the law. Right in the Senate Hall, prevarcating witnesses turned the honorable senators into honorable comedians.No one is afraid of the law anymore because even the members of the Senate are making it a comedy script.

    11. what happened to the legal counsel of the LP? it looks like they do not know laws like the champion debater Falcificado.

    12. De Lima’s desperation is showing. Grasping at straws amidst her impending arrest. Hysterical woman losing her sanity. Ah, whom the gods seek to destroy, they make mad first.

    13. Even with his recantation, the problem there is that Lascanas will be open for perjury if they take him again to testify, since he was already under oath during his first testimony.

      • Exactly. And the bigger point is, would people take another chance on a liar? What’s the guarantee that Lascanas won’t be lying again? Lascanas got only one chance and that’s that. Sen. Gordon is right not to take him seriously.