• Pres’l run up to God -Duterte


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said he has not received a formal nomination from his party, the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino -Laban, to be its substitute candidate for president.
    Again asked about the possibility of him joining the presidential race next year, the mayor said it is up to God.

    In an interview during the 23rd Defense and Sporting Arms show, Duterte also admitted that he has not met with PDP-Laban officials in the past three years.

    He added that he only learned about his nomination from the media statements issued by party officials.

    He said three factors are discouraging him to run — his family, age, and lack of funding. 



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    1. Now it is up to God. But, how would God convey to him that He wants him to run? Will God send him an email? A text? A tweet? or maybe a sign from heaven? I don’t know if I should continue holding my breath to see if he will really run or not. The suspense is killing me.

    2. Who is POE?? only idiot and stupid people will vote POE. She is not matured enough to be the President of our nation. She is to compare with Corykong Aquino who is plain housewife just like her.. Please do not vote who doesnt know nothing. ano ito trial and error ang pagpatakbo ng bansa.. there is alot of problems in our country..We dont need again incompetent leader of our nation. Also, she is a puppet of yellow oligarch businessman who is the culprits of our nation.. Contractualization of our poor workers.
      This law must be repeal …..
      MDS is the right person for President of the Philippines.. and BBM for Vice President.

    3. He can be strong in his principles and has a politicdal will. However, a leader who cannot make decisions, make up his mind is a sign of weak leadership. He should have decided eirlier funning for President and teaming up with BB Marcos. Nag pa asa lang tapos atras din……Mahirap din ang leader na mey utak na meron urong-sulong…..

      • He explained his 3 reasons…age, family, money. You ought to know how much fund they should have in order to win this fight. Voters are always ready to receive any amount just to feed their empty stomach, another easy money for them, once in a lifetime phrase to accept from politicians. that’s the trend in politics in the Philippines…At the middle of the night, they are distributing goods in certain barangay, the chosen leaders are trying to knock at the door of voters just to deliver one cavan of rice or 500 pesos each, we should be very careful of existing fake money in election time. What a dirty politics…if only Duterte is sure 100 percent to file on 2016, the new leader who can change the menace and rampant spreading of DRUGS in the entire Philippines…they are tolerating it, pretending they don’t know but they are the one who does.

      • He is weighing his chances. If Poe is disqualified next week, he will definitely run because he knows he cannot beat Poe. With Poe out of the way, his chances of winning are good.