Pressure is key to nullify Floyd’s style

Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao takes a rest during a training session at a gym in General Santos City. AFP PHOTO

Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao takes a rest during a training session at a gym in General Santos City. AFP PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao’s long-time assistant trainer and dietician Nonoy Neri said that Pacman must apply tremendous pressure on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the early rounds of their upcoming mega fight on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, to tire out the unbeaten American.

“We already saw his [Mayweather] weaknesses in his previous fights not only with Marcos Maidana,” Neri told The Manila Times on Wednesday via phone interview. “Manny needs to hit him with a lot of power-packed punches and put a lot of pressure on him.”

“I’m pretty sure Floyd will run out of gas because Manny will chase him and then hit him with timely punches,” he added. “Marcos Maidana is not faster and stronger than Pacquiao, but he gave Mayweather a lot of problem. Manny will whip him up in the whole 12 rounds.”

Neri, who agreed to Mike Koncz’s comment that Pacquiao doesn’t need a knockout win to beat Mayweather, predicted that the fight would go the distance since the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association welterweight champion is a hit-and-run type of a boxer.

“There is no knockout, I guess. But if ever Mayweather will run out of gas, I think Manny has a great chance of knocking him out because he will be forced to engage,” said Neri. “Cramps won’t be a problem if he chases Mayweather.”

But the father and trainer of Mayweather, Floyd Sr., said that the World Boxing Organization welterweight southpaw champion has an inferior footwork and no defense.

“This is one of the easiest damn southpaws Floyd is going to have a fight with. Man, Pacquiao, come on, man. I’m just trying to tell you, they gonna see when it’s time to go in the ring. Ain’t nothing to talk about. Floyd right now can definitely outthink him,” Floyd Sr. told Ben Thompson of

“Outthinking him ain’t even the problem . . . Lookie here, man, he don’t ever move his head. If people don’t see that, shit! Pacquiao has no footwork, he blocks with his face, and he can’t even spell defense . . . He’s the most hittable man in the world.”

“You gonna see that. You gonna get a chance to see exactly what I’m talking about. Floyd gonna hit him so easy. Floyd will dominate him bad. He gonna paralyze him. Floyd got a good chance of knocking him out.”


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  1. IMO If Team Pacquiao stands any chance of winning against TMT, they should watch the video of the first Roberto Duran/Sugar Ray Leonard fight, A classic fight where the the puncher/brawler draws the boxer into his fight. Unfortunately Mayweather is too smart or has watched this video already.

  2. I remember Floyd senior’s talk before Manny knocked out his protegee Hitman from the UK.
    He made fun of Roach and his coaching and mocked Manny
    2ND ROUND knockout that ended his career!!
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it all those who talk down Manny!
    Mayweather is in for a big surprise and a life lesson on May 2nd

  3. Who has Floyd knocked out with their hands up ? oh. no one. Floyd jr / floyd sr. both FULL of S**t. Easy fight for Manny. Floyd’s legs are shot. Look for a new weapon from Pacquiao, to confuse and throw May off his game. Manny by decision or late stoppage.

  4. Correct Buboy! Consistent pressure! But pressure without power is worthless! Floyd has power now and Pacquiao has none at welterweight. The Rios, Bradley and Algieri fight were just a show do don’t get too confident! Bradley said Pacquiao’s power in the first fight was WAY STRONGER than the 2nd fight! Once Ariza left, Pacquiao’s explosiveness left, too. You better pressure Fortune to add power and muscles to Pacquiao’s arms and body because if not, trust me, Manny will get embarrassed and Floyd will just laugh before Manny’s face and say “Where’s your power, Manny?!”

    And Buboy, you’re saying that Manny is stronger than Maidana? Well, i’d call that “ignorance”. Pacquiao’s team must not be paying attention to International Boxing, to say that, because of too many engagements. Khan was not able to let go of his hands during the 10th round with Maidana. Now Maidana is even stronger. On the other hand, Khan bragged he was never hurt by Pacquiao in sparring while Khan was able to floor him numerous times. Pacquiao’s cutman, in one occasion, trained Maidana and he said that Pacquiao shoul avoid Maidana at all cost because he punches like a Middleweight.

    You must watch this advice, for Pacquiao’s sake, in case Floyd disrespects Pacquiao’s power:
    The translation to this video is this:

    Other advice on the forum:
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  5. LeCramping James on

    When Floyd is under pressure, he’ll grab & hold his opponent.
    That’s part of his craft he said

  6. most hittable! wow… i guess it was the same shit he told about to ricky hatton when he was in hatton’s corner…

  7. Knockout? come on Senyor! Floyd Junior cant even knockout the bloated Marquez who climb 2 weight classes for Floyd’s demand & on top that, he cheated the scale of 2 pound over the limit, even paying the penalty as long he got the advantages? what are you talking about? When was the last time Floyd Jr. knocked an opponent out? 1997 or 1999?
    You must be kidding me Senyor. remember your prediction & your talkies before the Hatton fight? do you have all the good ole days recollection in your mind now? a lot huh. then what happened when you were training hatton & then in his corner.
    you did nothing bro. you aint improve even asingle style of Hatton, in fact, he was Hattonized in the 2nd round.
    Just let your Junior prepare his best because he gonna expect the unexpected worse of his carreer. Let me remind you & give some tips though,..

    Did Floyd buckled & reeled on the early going against Zab Judah & Mosley?

    If this fight happen 5 yrs ago, I concede your son will have an easy win because his foot work, head movement & reflexes were perfect.
    But Junior ducked & dodge instead. And he never fought a fast southpaw who packed a power.

    So, good luck Senyor.

    (By the way, dont let Mommy Dionisia see you in the arena, she might do the voodoo- hurem hurem to you, bro. lol