• Preventing rape with timely consent


    Those who want a shift to a jury system must show we can afford it. Last Monday, I (working with Medico-Legal Teresita Sanchez in a case of mother and child detained since early 2012), found myself with others packed like sardines in Imus. However, the Judge and her staff worked very hard, along with the prosecution and the PAO lawyer – true public servants -in upholding the majesty of the law. True pros.

    My casual seatmate, an Atty. Supnet, and I, were among the machos not using abanicos or folders to fan ourselves, given the overworked malfunctioning aircon unit in the overcrowded small courtroom. (The other morning, I had to walk up and down the third floor of the Pasay Hall of Justice, with my HurryCane; no working elevator – for shame. Then that afternoon, in the NLRC of Calamba; no elevator, either, no PWD facility).

    Panyero Supnet and I got to talk about the loss of cage Olympian Florentino “Bote” Bautista of Kawit which I learned about from him. The country owes Bote. Puso was what the burly bantam (5’9”) showed. Enforcer. Small but terrible would come to mind. Compañero Supnet said to look for the obit in the Star last Sunday. I did. It said he left for a better world on April 28, 2014,at 83, and interment is today, Friday, at Binakayan, Kawit Cemetery. He is simply described as “former mayor and a former Basketball Olympian.”

    Not quite enough. The PBA and our sports editors should send someone to Kawit at one p.m. today to thank and honor a hero of yesteryear. As King Caloy would put it, they would give their all for the beloved Motherland. Walang datong. I understand fellow Olympian Tony Genato, a fellow Bedan is going to the funeral. A tough cookie himself with his hustle and famed running shot. (My son, Atty. Rebo, said that, for his part, he was going to the wake of Atty. Tony “Bote” Bautista, who I almost sued once for defamation. He told me he had a daughter, Rebo’s classmate, who said my son was pogi. He looked at me up and down, “Why, is your wife beautiful?” – Was she ever! And I didn’t sue, terrorized: truth is a defense.)

    Anyway, Manang Letty Ramos-Shahani is another tough cookie from Wellesley and Sorbonne with whom I guested on EDCA in ANC’s Headstart last Tuesday (along with Rommel Banlaoi, Chair of the Center for Intelligence and National Security Studies, who cries: Where are the Annexes?). When I was candidate Cory’s spokesman, in December 1985, Manang, then in the administration, said she was for change, meaning, “primo Macoy, game over, time to go,” at a time we were badly lagging behind in the polls. Gutsy. The tide turned early January, when Cory called Macoy a coward with fake war medals, in a game-changing speech in Manila Hotel, if my memory is true.

    TWA? Talagang Walang Alam. Yup, walang alam sa pagnanakaw, atbp. It became a contest.

    Manang and I voted differently in 1991 on the US bases.

    Previous to last Tuesday, I saw her last in the RTC of Makati in the sala of Judge Benjamin Pozon who convicted Daniel Smith but he was acquitted by three women Court of Appeals Justices. Manang and I supported Private Prosecutor Atty. Evalyn Ursua.

    The custodial arrangement of a Kano charged with crime should have been clarified in the EDCA. Smith, detained at the Embassy, may be typical of the GIs posted here enjoying the company of those they labeled Little Brown F____g Machines. The Kanos should construct their bases in Ayungin and Scarborough, with a Pinoy General in command.

    Bottom line. The Kanos are back in America’s interests, not ours. They did – and do – come not just because we are such nice guys and dolls. So, we should drive a hard or harder bargain. Beginning with the return of the Bells of Balangiga. We have been dealt good cards. Let’s play them.

    In the Philippine Star of the other day, Jarius Bondoc kindly printed my latest Q&A, reflecting by and large the stand of Senator Tito Guingona, Bobby Tanada and Guru Joker Arroyo, and of MABINI (Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood, Integrity N Invictus). The other day, The Manila Times printed by Primer No. 1.

    The Kanos are coming for a reason, their own interests. Let us make sure they come also for ours. We may not be a virgin all over again but it used to be, the woman would tender-trap a man in marriage before giving in. In the past, we would prevent rape by our timely consent. As Fielding colorfully put it, of the famous seduction of fair Laetitia by Fireblood, he would have raped her, if she had not prevented him by her timely consent.

    Never again!

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice/thrice, shame on me!

    * * *

    Dear MABINI Friends:
    The remains of Oping Sanchez will be at their house in Kawilihan Village [Pasig] on May 10 and 11 and will be interred at Pasig Cemetery beside her Dad, Bobbit [orig MABINI Chair], on May 12.


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    1. Migs.Doromal on

      A good start will be for Mr. Rene Saguisag and his then fellow Infamous 12 senators: Salonga, Joker Arroyo, Wigberto Tanada, ERAP, JPE et al. to be sent to Ayungin Shoal and relieve the poor soldiers there manning that lonely and hostile outpost.

      After all, it was their stupidity that cost this nation the loss of Mischief Reef and other territories in the Spratlys Islands.