• Prez Digong, Veep Bongbong and Senate Prez Manny – my nightmare


    Happy birthday – Kamandag Mayor Erap. Hizzoner turned 79 last Tuesday. A contempo of Rod Reyes, who is gone, at 80. A true pro, ever courteous, Rod I met at Crossing, Mandaluyong, on Feb. 23, 1986, at dusk, and he acknowledged, “You have won.” Game over.

    He was then with Macoy but remained respected to the end. Fair and objective.

    Digong Duterte was in Time last week, in a two-pager (pp.10-11) aside from the
    Washington Post last Monday. Also the Los Angeles Times. He may continue to draw attention, the wrong kind, I think, dragging the Motherland with him. Bayang Bastos.

    On the latest, on necrophilia, paraphilia, or thanatophilia – had the seeming cad on cadaver simply said he supposedly uttered the patronizing statement in the heat of anger when he was more impetuous, in 1989 (a lifetime ago, as it were; kapusukan pa niya at an immature time), the issue might have quickly died or blown over. (“I’m sorry for what I said then. I misspoke. I respect women, beginning with my sainted mother.” Or some such.) But, our Bobi Tiglao had an interesting account the other day on just where Digong was then.

    Like Macoy claiming he was the hero in the Battle of Bessang Pass when in fact he was 150 kilometers away.

    You know when motor-mouth Digong errs or lies at times: his lips move.

    In my years in the States, I found that Americans are quick to apologize. In law school, a teacher, when asked, may simply say “I’m sorry. I don’t know but I will find out.” Dito paninindigan yata. The teacher may mumble, dissemble, or even raise his voice in irritation.

    If Digong goes down, sad, but only he and a few others suffer. But, if he brings down the country with him, sadder. A nation of boors who treat women as sex objects. Kanto boy braggadocio can harm our foreign relations, where tact, maturity and diplomacy matter.

    And the negative foreign reportage can be immense. Australia and the US have vocally expressed their displeasure.

    “Pilahan,” sabi ni Digong. We can live with it maybe at the barangay, town, city and provincial levels, but at the national? We have to strive to erase the image that we are unschooled monkeys with no tails, or rabbits with untamed hormones.

    A cad with cadaver for Prez? Dapat nauna siya? Digong, the seemingly egocentric aspirant realizes the high risks of winning for him. But, do we all lose? Who among the candidates will less or least likely embarrass the country? Who can best bring back 1986-87, when it was a proud time to be a Filipino, following the Edsa euphoria?

    Enough of necrophilia, paraphilia and thanatophilia? But, we have to gauge credentials.
    Another likely embarrassment is Manny Pacquiao, in my view. A Senate wannabe calling LGBTs as worse then animals – group defamation. The Kanos used to sing of us as monkeys with no tails. But coming from our very own, . . . Champion boxer, alleged top Tax Evader and top House Absentee, pathetic PBA player and showbiz character, etc.

    A necromanic Prez the country doesn’t need. We do not blacken the recollection or memory of one who is dead, particularly a woman who had come to help prisoners, life’s losers.

    Digong’s and Manny’s half-apology for their needless, thoughtless remarks would not raise our standing at a time when much of the world looks down on us, as narrated by travelers harassed at immigration counters. Digong should apologize less to our embarrassed people but more to the family of Jacqueline, raped and killed. And he should stop insulting the poor as incapable of courtesy. Had he been under Prof. Ed Caguioa in his senior year in San Beda, in Civil Law, he would have heard him say, “lo cortes no quita lo valiente.” Courtesy does not detract from valor.

    * * *

    Good people change others. Better people change the system. The best change themselves.

    * * *

    The only perfect Bedan – Justice Gregorio Perfecto.

    *  *  *

    Raissa Robles has just republished her interview with Bongbong in 2012 where clearly it was shown that BB was no babe in the woods in the Marcosian kleptocracy. “Senator Bongbong Marcos confirmed that he had a direct hand in trying to withdraw $US213M from a Swiss Bank in 1986.” In 1999, BB blasted the human rights victims: “Basta may pag-asang mag-kapera, nagaaway na sila.” He talks of the golden years the Marcoses gave us. So we were ungrateful for kicking them out to world acclaim? No apology from me, baby.

    I am not certain Digong, Manny Pacq and Bongbong are the role models for the young to follow. Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib.

    Human rights lawyering may become as vital again as it was during the dark years.
    I’m having nightmares of Digong as Prez, BB as Veep, and Manny Pacquiao as Senate Prez. Susmariano! Wotta specter.

    In Aug. 1985, when Japan Air Lines (JAL) 123 crashed in Japan, the maintenance engineer committed suicide (which I do not favor). The Chairman resigned. Very lofty ethical standards. This is also the case in Australia. The victim who was raped and killed was Aussie Jacqueline Hamill. Pretty as a Hollywood actress, said Digong, aroused. Abysmal ethics.

    A Benedictine nun, Dolores Hart, was the first woman Elvis Presley kissed on screen.

    Then, the beauty left Hollywood to join the Benedictine Order in Connecticut, which Order here, tried to educate and refine Digong. And failed, but utterly, from where I sit. Someone close to Digong reminded me that I voted to expel Digong for fighting but was outvoted. I lost again, natcherly, but was accepting. (In 1971-72, I was running the San Beda law school.)

    Courtly Dean Feliciano Jover Ledesma was in the Con-Con, as an elected Delegate. Then Macoy inflicted martial law. I recommended that we close the school until martial law was lifted. I lost again. A loser, aren’t I?

    My apos, eldest seven-plus, deserve better role models. They are at the age where everything a Prez, as father of the nation, says and does must be all right and should be aped. We may risk hastening our decay if the cycle is savagery, civilization and decay. I don’t know how it was in the South, but I was born in Mauban and grew up in Makati and Pasig. The poor were most respectful. “Sino po sila? Mawalang-galang na po. Tabi-tabi po.

    Por Dios por santo! Atbp.” Such politesse. I have had more difficulty with the rich, the influential and the powerful, many of whom expect me to be properly genuflectory. The poor are naturally bastos? Shut up, Digong, please. No group defamation.

    Digong told the critical American Ambassador to shut up as he did the Aussie.

    Does love mean never having to say you’re sorry? – Radcliffe coed Jennifer to Harvard Man Oliver in Erich Segal’s Love Story.


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    1. Most of the people commented on this articles have a point due to the current situation in our country. But in my opinion when i start to vote always the popular person won the presidency, they don’t care if this person could bring our country to a better life. in 1986 President Cory Aquino won because of killing Ninoy Aquino, 1992 President Ramos won because of participation to EDSA Peoples power, 1998 President Estrada won , because a celebrity ( Action Star), 2004 President Arroyo won , Because of cheating, 2010 President Aquino won because of cory Burial. Now 2016 Mayor Duterte is leading because of his stupid and crazy attitude. Do you think it is a good idea to vote for a popular person.

    2. Rene…you are right. It will be a nightmare to say the least. To severe ties with the US and Australia just because he was rebuked by the ambassadors of these countries to utter bad jokes is will destroy whatever the country gain the past few years after the Marcos regime. He does not care because he has other interest and egoist. Both BB and Du-Dirty will create disunity amongst Filipinos and only the Chinese will gain.

    3. Kudos Sen. Saguisag you shone a bright line in the midst of hysteria and darkness in 2016 Philippine elections. Duterte is mentally unfit to be elected I can say with authority as a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist. An sociopath is regaling the people with this delusions. This is very dangerous. May God have mercy on us.

    4. Ano ba ang kasalanan ninyo kay Bongbong, Mr. Senator, na mukhang takot na takot kayo sa kanya. Is it because you were a member of the communist group with the help of the CIA who robbed the Marcos presidency in 1986. Sabagay tama ang kasabihan na ang karma ay babalik na walang paalam.

      • Kapidua,
        Sen. Saguisag is not a communist. we were together inhaling tear gases in the many rallies that we have been. You are lucky not to experience the fight for getting back the the government from the Marcos dynasty.

    5. Amnata Pundit on

      May your nightmare become reality which is exactly the karma the EDSA hypocrites deserve. The fact that your nightmare Duterte and Bongbong are leading shows that a higher power is at work here, and the more the hypocrites resist the more they will be crushed.

    6. “Senator Bongbong Marcos confirmed that he had a direct hand in trying to withdraw $US213M from a Swiss Bank in 1986.”

      I think that had to do with the so-called Operation Big Bird where your uncle Jovito Salonga was also involved. Did you ever ask your uncle what happened to that operation because some people are pointing their fingers at him, for allegedly losing a suitcase of important documents by intent?

    7. Hahaha… Move-on Rene. What have the Yellowtards accomplished for 30 years? Blame it on your hypocrisy and insensitivities!!!

    8. Election is very near and still the country is in Disarray.
      I wish that all responsible journalist /media can come together and help the Filipino people decipher an honest intelligent vote for the next President & VP.
      Somebody who is moderate , humble and has shown effective leadership and has extensive experience that can Unite this nation for the next 6 years and develop a better relationship with our neighboring countries.

      In my opinion it is Binay / Robredo from the choices we have that has this qualities of a leader, knowing the root of the countries problem.
      They both are moderate and have a calmer temperament that will Listen and be decisive in implementing good and fair governance.

    9. a double whammy of duterte-bongbong is not only our
      worst nightmare it means that the nation is back to the dark tunnel of despair during the dictatorship of martial law years.l place the blame on this fake yellows who betrayed the ideals and dreams of reforms after edsa.

    10. Actritex Reducer on

      Attorni kng mgfile k ng kaso ke bbm pra makulong cya. Puro k n lng panira. Yng democratic icon m n mraming katiwalian ng bulag bulgn k. Verify again in fb- truth about Aquino administration. E yng kaibgn m c Erap nung napardon cya d k ngreklamo. Ganon c Binay yng kaso ng pamilya nya tahmk k rn. Yng human rights violation s mendiola, s hacienda luisita wala k m n lng cnsabi labn s mga Aquino

      • When you said “rapist”, you must be alluding to the alleged rape on soft drink beauty Pepsi Paloma, but Tito sotto was not among the accused, why call him rapist? I am not a supporter of senator Sotto, just asking

    11. Sandigan Bayan on

      Rene before you write any article i suggest you should take your anti psychotic medication first. You should be thankful of BBM if not for his intervention with the unconstututional BBL this country would have fallen apart.

    12. Kala mo kung sinong santo ito. May masahol pa ba sa kaibigan mong convicted mandarambong?

    13. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      21 April 2016

      “SusMariano What a specter.”

      Senator Rene Saguisag: If you were referring to me, who happens to be a
      Mariano” who happens to make it a point to read your “meaty” discourses in the Manila Times, and, if I feel up to it, to Comment of them–I say, Thank you for remembering me.

      And even if I am not the “Mariano” you refer to, just the same, I thank you for the back-handed “encomiums” you heap on Digong, BB, and Manny.

      Given the proven inclination of the mass of Filipino voters who are out there in the boondocks, the critical mass, who gave a presidential candidate who was a “certified crook and womanizer and boozer” the stunning total of 9.4 million votes in the last presidential elections and almost made it a second time to Malacanang, I do not completely preclude the possibility that Digong will make it as Prez, BB as VP, and Manny as a Senator.

      And just wait till Manny gets the “bug” and decides to be a candidate for Prez in 2022–and wins!

      That will be the day!


    14. Blame your PNoy! His performance is so bad that people are willing to take a chance with Duterte Marcos and Pacquiao ! Take it easy baka matuluyan ka!

      • Yup, they made the people so desperate that they are willing to try anybody except aquino and his minions!

    15. Unfortunately for you… BBM will be elected VP because he is the only one with already proven accomplishments, has a vision and a plan how to steer the country from the present nightmarish condition to a better one. Sorry RS!

    16. jeff jaramillo on

      What have you done, anyway? Why cant you see what pnoy is doing, the mamapasano, the kidapawan, the mendiola massacre, hacienda luisita. You mouth and eyes are not designed to talk and see yellow kolor? switik!

    17. pedro somoroy on

      sir rene, you can always go to the united states and leave in peace and bring everyone with you. we in mindanao cannot anymore tolerate oppression, and your kind of virtue and morality. when you say “hindot and putang ina” nobody cares but when we imitate you, everybody is up in arms. i do not imply we move away but we might require you a visa soon to visit our parts of the islands.

    18. Di ka tlaga mkapag move on ky Bongbong. Mamamatay ka na makikitang pinapaunlad ni Bongbong Marcos ang Pilipinas.

    19. Senator Saguisag, the blame should be on the STUPID FILIPINO voters. The Filipino voters idolize STUPID candidates.
      Don’t be surprised if you’ll have a maniac president like Duterte (who has no manners locally and internationally and a financier of the NPAs. The NPAs retreated to Mindanao because they are being protected by Duterte), a VP Marcos who stole billions of dollars from the Philippines and a fake diploma bought from Recto University, yes a senate president Pacquiao who can hardly communicate like Sotto and will teach him how to copy/paste speeches, senate minority leader Nancy Binay (who will bring cakes to all legislators at P10000 each), Senate pro-tempore Alma Moreno who will use her PDAF to lose weight, Sotto who was a rapist and will continually copypaste his speeches to Eat Bulaga to impress the public. With these, the international community will surely laugh at the Philippines so loud that nobody will ever want to visit and invest in the Philippines.

      Poor Philippines, I think it’s about time to leave it to the STUPID Filipinos so they can perpetually hunger for a change. It’s about time to abandon it for a better place outside the Philippines.

      • Lets focus on who will among the presidentiables can eliminate corruption and criminality. This is our foremost problem. Dont listen to character assassination of politics, this character assassination will decieve you. many times in the past naloko tayo sa style na yan. Check their performance, And this will guide you.

      • Kapidua Tayo on

        Mukhang sobra ang talino mo kaibigan. Bakit dika nagfile ng kandidatura mo sa pagka senador o vice presidente? Para matikman mo naman ang sarap ng buhay ng isang senador na pinayayaman ng DAP.

      • Why don’t you just say stupid voters. We have stupid Chinese who bring in drugs, engage in plunder, prostitution, gambling, bribery, etc. which in turn corrupted these stupid voters. Now, who is the bigger asshole..Chinese . Whoever you are who is using Keem Wong… Could not even spell the name correctly. If you are a Chinese citizen get out of this beautiful country… go back to your corrupted country.