• Priest warns Ilonggos on presidential choice


    ILOILO CITY: Monsignor Meliton Oso, a staunch leader of Jaro Archdiocese and head of the Jaro Social Action Center based in this city, cautioned Filipinos, especially Ilonggos to be more discerning on electing the next president of the country.

    Reacting to the reported speech of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, during his proclamation as Presidential aspirant where the mayor was heard speaking bad words at the Pope, the Catholic priest said he only read about it the next day.

    Duterte reportedly blamed Pope Francis over the horrendous traffic jam during the Papal visit in Manila in January this year.

    The Monsignor said the Pope’s pastoral visit in the Philippines is to lift the Filipino spirit, particularly the Yolanda victims. The traffic jam was only temporary and Filipinos welcomed the Pope warmly.

    The peace and order situation in Davao City where the good mayor rules is not to be compared to other cities, especially Iloilo where peace and love of fellowmen reign, the Jaro priest added.

    On the other hand, Lucy Francisco of Gabriela Panay stressed that the Davao City mayor should not say those bad and offending words against the Pope since he is a person whom people look up with respect and integrity.

    “Duterte must watch his words and speaking those words to a Pope is condemnable. It shows no respect to a Pope well loved by the world”, Francisco said.


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    1. The Dutertes will not have respect to anybody except their family. The Dutertes think they are GOD. The Dutertes are like Lucifer who will do whatever it takes to be like God. I hope and pray that this is the END of the Dutertes who are so ARROGANT.

      • If you read the bible, Lucifer or satan never did anything violent. god encouraged and did so many violent things himself. if you have read your bible you can make a very detailed comparison of the violent things they did. Duterte did not say he is god.He stated the true state of the nations on several situations which are true Our problem is, we want to look good before the -public duterte is admitting his being human and as such he made personal mistakes, never related to how he governed Davao and his honest desire to uplift the living conditions of th poor. He has proven that government service can be sped up without paying under the table, that drug pushers has no place in his city, that corruption is not tolerated and has proven his mettle in dealing with the different groups living in Davao, making them live together in peace. What else can you ask for a governing official? that he has girlfriends make you sick? How about your married male relatives and friends and neighbors who are cheating their wives and try to hide it? As duterte said if you want to vote for him, he wants you to know who he is and who he is as a person in his personal life has nothing to do with his governance, making Davao the safest and cleanest city in the country. Who else did that? nobody. Because most of them are corrupt and condescending on the lowly tribes that dwell in their area. duterte promoted equality among them that is why there is peace.