• Priests to receive ‘standard living pay’


    Starting next year, priests from the Archdiocese of Palo will be receiving “standard living allowance” as part of the financial reforms.

    Palo archdiocese spokesman Fr. Amadeo Alvero said that the allowance provided for the 140 priests is a big help assuring them to receive ‘something’ every month.

    He added that the living allowance ranges from $113 to $226 every month for each priest.

    Alvero cleared that the financial reforms are for priests to have a “decent life” and not a reaction to reports where some church officials were dragged in socio-political issues.

    “The reform being initiated is not a reaction to reports that some members of the clergy have been receiving financial and material support from corrupt politicians,” Alvero said.

    Recently, Monsignor Josefino Ramirez of Manila archdiocese was linked to the “pork barrel scam” allegedly receiving financial support from putative scam brains Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Also in 2011, two bishops and several priests were implicated in another scandal when they were found to have received sports utility vehicles that cost $38,000 each from a state gambling facility.

    On the other hand, Fr. Virgilio Cañete, parish priest of Dulag, Leyte said that the financial reform will help focus on their ministry and not be burdened with managing the finances of the parish

    “The broader and deeper objective is for parish communities to be fully conscious and responsible for the needs and sustenance of the parish,” Cañete said.

    “The burden of maintaining the budget for the operational expenses of the local church will have to be assumed by the parishioners,” he added.

    Presently, priests of the Diocese in Palo only relies on the donations from parishioners for their sustenance.


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    1. Eduardo T Ibanez on

      I think that is a good idea, helping the priests with their financial worries.

      Thenceforth they can concentrate on the needs of the parishioners.

      tondo, manila