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Local RTW rentals that should be on your radar

Whether it’s a debut or a gala, a wedding or an awards night, finding the right dress can be a nightmare for shoppers—and even if you find one, looking at the price tag makes you dizzy. Yes, gowns and haute couture can be expensive and hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy wearing them and feel like a celebrity, even for just a day.

Gown For Rent, like the other services in this story, offers couture and bridal dresses for rent to suit different styles and budgets.

But does that price tag justify buying one for keeps? If it doesn’t, you might want to try talking to a rent-to-wear shop. For an affordable price, you can make yourself look high-fashion without spending like a queen! We’ve gathered some of the hottest places where you can score good deals on good gowns—making sure you’ll be looking fabulous without having to break the bank.

RSVP is Manila’s premiere rental service for evening wear, despite being one of the newest to enter the market. Although new to the field, RSVP already has a plethora of gowns to choose from, ranging from affordable prices to steeper, more exclusively-priced gowns. They offer unique, person-centered end-to-end services, with a team that helps you in styling and suggestions, all packed into an affordable price point. RSVP makes it a point that each customer finds her personal style, and helps lighten the burden of spending for a dress that she will only wear occasionally.


You may schedule a studio visit to handpick your gowns by emailing them ( or by sending them a message through mobile (+63 917 804 3381) to inquire.

Gowns For Rent Manila by Damsel
Damsel’s Gowns for Rent Manila prides itself by being one of the biggest rent-to-wear services in the metro. With rates starting at P500, you can choose from a selection of pre-made gowns, or have one made to rent, or made to order. Gowns for Rent Manila extends their services by offering alteration and repair services, dry cleaning and press, hair and makeup, and even a studio shoot at an affordable P400 per hour. Talk about a one-stop-shop for your special evening!

Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel

You may reach Gowns For Rent Manila by Damsel by heading down to their office at LG4 Makati Square, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, or through these numbers: (02) 403 9507, (+63) 939 927 8311, and (+63) 917 885 8528

RoyAnne Camilla Couture
RoyAnne specializes in debut, bridal wear, and general couture for the Manileño. Its name is taken from its lead designer and overall fashion consultant, RoyAnne Camilla Diomampo-Lee. This brand, although specializing in the three, also offers made to order services, alteration, formal wear, and consultancy in finding your style. What sets RoyAnne Camilla apart from other rent-to-wear is her young, artistic design that’s partnered with a fresh taste for clients who want to have a unique approach to their special nights.

RoyAnne Camilla Couture

Visit their website at to see more of their on-hand rental gowns. You can find your fit by going over to their size guide on the right-hand side. Most of their designs and the people who wore them are under the “Couture” section, and if you have any concerns or would like to schedule an appointment, you’ll find everything you need in the “Contact Us” tab.

Bottega Bellance
If your wedding is any time soon and you catch yourself saying, “How I wish I get to walk down the aisle wearing Francis Libiran,” then you’ve found the end of the rainbow with Bottega Bellance.

Bottega Bellance

Mind you, gowns for one-time use here aren’t for the misers. While robes and formal dresses can range from P2,000~P4,000, a high-fashion Vera Wang bridal dress can fetch as much as P10,000! And that’s not even the most expensive. A Francis Libiran will cost you about P20,000 for a day’s use—but the designs and intricate details are simply stunning. This is great for those once-in-a-lifetime events, or if you really just want to look special for any occasion. Visit their website ( to learn more; or better yet, head to their office at Cathedral Heights Condominium, Sta. Ignaciana, Quezon City.

Gown For Rent
Maybe you’re just in a position to consider a Vania Romoff gown for now, but that’s okay! Gown For Rent removes much of your worries in terms of spending as they also believe that renting is a sustainable way to look chic without struggling to pay for a one-time use. For starters, dresses at their shop can be rented for as low as P300! Quite a far cry from other stores. Like the rest of them, all you need to do is to choose a desired design and size, and have it booked for your special day! No worries about dry cleaning—even for the cheap ones—because Gown For Rent also has that covered!

Head on over to their website ( to see some designs and testimonies of people who’ve been pleased with their service, or book an appointment for rental and/or consultation by


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