• Private schools reject 100-day maternity leave


    A private schools’ organization on Monday rejected a proposed 100-day maternity leave for female employees in the public and private sectors, including teachers, calling it a big blow to education. “The Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrators (Fapsa) rejects House Bill 4113 of Rep. Emmelin Aglipay-Villar of Diwa party-list that intends to increase the maternity leave to 100 days with pay, that it is bound to be approved following the nod of President Rodrigo Duterte,” Fapsa president Eleazardo Kasilag said. Kasilag noted that the 100-day maternity leave accounts for five months, which is 50 percent loss of class days in the school calendar. “If this happens, the private school may not hire newly married teachers and may not look kindly at those in the faculty who co-teachers tease taon- taon buntis (pregnant every year),” he said. According to him, the Department of Education allows 180 days as one full school year. “There are eight ladies out of 10 teachers in every school in the country. How would it be if there will be three pregnant teachers in one school? What would happen to the students who would be left without teachers, the 50 percent learning loss in our education? What else could be learned by her advisory students and the other classes assigned under her subject?” he asked.


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