Pro-Aquino former chief justice bats for Arroyo’s house arrest


One indication of the depths of moral depravity of President Aquino 3rd , and his candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd , has been their persecution of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, a 68-year old grandmother with a life-threatening disease.

Even those who have been close to Aquino have been puzzled over his ruthless enmity against Arroyo.

Is it because he foolishly thinks – as, indeed, he indicated in his last SONA – that the jailing of a former president is a must-display trophy for his success in his purported anti-corruption campaign?

Is it because – as I had been told by sources close to him way back in 2010 when I couldn’t believe he would strive to jail Arroyo – he felt insulted when he and his mother weren’t allowed by the military police to enter Fort Bonifacio to join a megalomaniac Marine colonel’s pathetic attempt at triggering a coup in 2006?

Is it because his entire narrative, without which he doesn’t deserve to be president for a minute, is based on the frenzy six years ago that Arroyo is the counterpart of Marcos, which his mother fought? The frenzy has abated, with the ‘mob’ going back to their homes, not surprisingly if after five years of ransacking every single filing cabinet and computer hard disc in Malacanang, Aquino’s people still couldn’t concoct any evidence against her alleged corruption.

By his refusal alone to lift a finger to stop Aquino 3rd from persecuting Arroyo, Roxas 2nd proves he cannot be President.

Salonga, house arrest in 1972; Aquino, to Boston, US, in 1980; Estrada, to his farm in Tanay; Arroyo, Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center.

Salonga, house arrest in 1972; Aquino, to Boston, US, in 1980; Estrada, to his farm in Tanay; Arroyo, Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center.

Would you trust a person like Roxas who had been Arroyo’s trusted Cabinet member (I know, I was there and worked with him in some key initiatives), who had been given everything he wanted when he was her trade and industry secretary, and who knows in his heart of hearts that the accusations against Arroyo are hogwash, yet has chosen to go against her because such media-led frenzy was so intense he worried that his ambition to be President would have been endangered if he didn’t take that adversarial position against her? Would you vote as President a political opportunist who acted out the anti-Arroyo role with gusto, even in such a vulgar way as to start his diatribe against her by shouting “Putangina”?

I have realized since I started this column that small minds would instantly resort to ad hominem arguments after reading these paragraphs. Instead of evaluating the evidence and logic I present, they dismiss them on grounds that I am biased as I had served the government under Arroyo.

So, instead of explaining in my own way the injustice Arroyo has suffered, let me quote at length a column yesterday of former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban. His credibility in explaining the injustice against Arroyo is not just because he was a former Supreme Court head, a legal luminary who knows what rule of law really means.

Panganiban in his very subtle way has been Aquino’s fan, even expressing support in 2012 in his columns for another Chief Justice’s impeachment. I would think he has been the spokesperson of that faction of the elite supportive of the Yellow lord, being on the board of over two dozen huge firms such as the Lopez-controlled First Philippine Holdings, Meralco, Manila Tollways Corp., PLDT, GMA Holdings and so on.

I guess, though, that Panganiban, after reading how bad Arroyo’s health has been, retains that kind of decency that is a mark of the previous generation, which Aquino 3rd and Roxas 2nd of the new generation utterly do not have an iota of.

Following is Panganiban’s article, with the emphasis in bold font mine:

Meanwhile, let me take up a third set of cases mentioned also in P-Noy’s Sona involving former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

To be accurate, two cases have been filed against GMA. The first charged her with electoral sabotage for her alleged role in the manipulation of the 2007 election results in Maguindanao. Her co-accused include former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr., who recently passed away, and Lintang Bedol, the former provincial election supervisor of the Commission on Elections in Maguindanao.

Because she was indicted with a capital offense, she was arrested and detained upon orders of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Pasay. However, on June 12, 2012, the RTC granted her bail on the ground that the evidence presented by the prosecution during the bail hearings was “not strong.”

After the trial court denied its motion for reconsideration, the prosecution appealed the grant of bail to the Court of Appeals (CA). However, the CA dismissed the petition; it agreed with the RTC that the only evidence linking GMA to the alleged crime—the testimony of a lone witness—was not credible and failed to establish the “strong” evidence required by law to detain the accused pending trial on the merits.

Not released, anyway
Nonetheless, GMA was not released due to the filing of the second case, which charged her with plunder at the First Division of the Sandiganbayan (SBN) for the alleged unauthorized disbursement and illegal use of P366 million of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds.

After the prosecution finished presenting its side, GMA and her co-accused filed a demurrer (or motion to dismiss) on the ground that the evidence failed to establish her guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Because the three members of the First Division were divided, a Special Division of five justices was created pursuant to the “Internal Rules” of the SBN.

On April 6, 2015, a majority composed of three justices (Efren dela Cruz, Napoleon Inoturan and Rafael Lagos, the ponente) denied the demurrer, holding that the prosecution’s evidence showed a prima facie case of plunder.

Moreover, unless sufficient contrary evidence is presented by the defense, GMA and her co-accused, former PCSO executive Benigno Aguas, would be convicted of the crime. Hence, their detention without bail was upheld pending the reception of their countervailing evidence.

However, the indictment against another co-accused, former PCSO chair Sergio Valencia, was downgraded to malversation. Since this is not a capital offense, he was allowed to post bail of P500,000.

On the other hand, the majority granted the demurrer of and acquitted four other co-accused—former PCSO chair Manuel Morato, former PCSO board members Raymundo Roquero and Jose Taruc, and former Commission on Audit chair Reynaldo Villar.

The minority of two justices (Rodolfo Ponferrada and Alex Quiroz) opined that the prosecution’s evidence did not prove all the elements of plunder; consequently, GMA and Aguas should, like Valencia, be charged only with malversation. And since this is a bailable offense, they should be granted bail.

GMA moved for a reconsideration of the denial of her demurrer. Despite the pendency of the motion, the SBN scheduled the hearing to receive her countervailing evidence on Aug. 26.

Frustrated by the denial of her demurrer and bail plea, GMA filed, on April 8, 2015, a motion to change her place of detention from the Veterans Memorial Medical Center to her house at 14 Badjao Street, La Vista, Quezon City.

She averred that she is not a flight risk at all, given that she is already “68 years old, has undergone three spinal surgeries, remains frail and thin, and to this day, enjoys the presumption of innocence… [and]hopes that [her]house arrest can help her recuperate and heal more quickly and fully.”

For these very same reasons, former president Joseph Estrada, while detained in a prosecution for plunder during GMA’s presidency, was allowed by the SBN to be transferred to his farm in Tanay, Rizal.

Also, during the Marcos regime, opposition senator Jovito R. Salonga was released from military custody and placed “under house arrest in the custody of Mrs. Lydia Salonga.”

End of Panganiban’s column.

And I might add, Aquino’s father, Benigno 2nd, convicted by a military court of subversion and murder and to be executed by firing squad, was sent to the US, fare courtesy of taxpayers, to undergo a heart operation that saved his life and allowed him to stay comfortably in Boston where they spent their “happiest years ever,” according to his wife Cory – by his arch-enemy Marcos, who thought he could rule forever.
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    Section 1. Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.

  2. >>> sa lahat na mamayan Filipino na qualified bumoto sa taon 2016 !!!!!!

    Paki-usap naman sa inyo isa alang-alang naman ninyo ang kapakanan at kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak at mga apo.
    Huwag magpadala sa anuman politika propaganda na ….”MATUWID NA DAAN” !!!
    dahil ang pamahalaan ni Abnoy BSC-Aquino at ng mga opisyales niya ang ginawa ay isang matuwid na walang pinatunguhan maliban sa kabalbalan at kabuktutan maipatupad lang ang kaniyang personal na galit sa kapwa at mga dating namuno.

    Ang nararapat na layunin at adhikain ng isang mamahala ay iyong gagawa at magpapatupad ng mga tungkulin at simulain SA TAMANG DAAN !!!! KAHIT ITO AY TUWID O PALIKO-LIKONG DAAN PERO MAY TAMANG PATUTUNGUHAN !!!.

    Sabi nga ng mga lola at lolo……

  3. mario san antonio on

    thank you chief justice panganiban for clarifying GMA’s cases. it is so clear how vindictive pnoy is. despite the weak case against GMA and the acquittal of her co-accused and downgrading to bailable indictments to the others, she has remained in detention and her jailers have succeeded in keeping her case pending until now…pnoy has no heart at all even as GMA has become so frail and so ill. he has not stopped blaming GMA for all of our country’s problems. no wonder, a lot of netizens claim that pnoy is really abnormal (abnoy) and mentally sick (bipolar).

  4. Why would a 68-year old grandmother with a life-threatening disease run for congresswoman for Pampanga’s second legislative district not once but twice? Also claims persecution under the present government when she is getting top-notched medical care paid for by the people of the Philippines? Gloria Arroyo as reported by the media suffers from choking episodes. I can guarantee you that when the real thing happens (when a food particle gets stuck in her throat) that the best place to be is at the Veterans Medical Center than at her home( asking for house arrest) because the longest time that a person can hold her breath is 2-3 minutes. She can be wheeled easily to the emergency than going through traffic jam in the city. The claim by her medical team that she will die if she does not get bone biopsy and treatment in Singapore, Germany, Italy or the US is an insult to one’s intelligence and a deception of the highest order. She lost weight all right but still alive and kicking as seen on tv.
    Stop sensationalizing her condition.

  5. I hope and pray that the Former president have improved health and live long.A long and healthy life with her loved ones and see freedom soon and what is the deserved due of her cruel successor whatever it maybe.For whatever shortcomings she may have her tenure is not as bad as her detractors portray it.

  6. PNoy does deserve to be president because he overwhelmingly won the election without any hint of doubt. Arroyo merely cheated and was hounded by protests throughout her term and you refuse to acknowledge this. There are hardly any protests against PNoy and his approval ratings are the best of any of our presidents, a far cry from Arroyo. You shouldn’t compare apples to rotten eggs. Your columns are always angry, malicious, and twisted. Not a good way to grow old.

    • eltee mulawin on

      >>> Yes, he should not be compare to rotten eggs, because he doesnt have it all from the beginning. So he should be considered A ROTTEN APPLE. And a rotten apply could not easily be seen outside of it skin because of oily or candled polished, unless you bite it then could find it was.

      >>> BSC Aquino 3rd is a BIG JOKE and nightmare president of the Philippines.

    • isa ka rin sigurong walang puso! ang Dyos nga kayang magpatawad sa may kasalanan, kay Arroyo pa kaya na hanggang ngayon matatapos na termino ni abnoy ay di pa rin na cconvict? tang ina nyo sobra sobra na ang pang aapi nyo sa tao!

    • picos president-elect, not by the electorate. approval rating? who aprroved? the paid surveys? they are for PR. who owns the survey companies? pls. read more so that you will be more guided.

    • Ungas ka pala eh PCOS President naman yang sinasabi mong overwhelming won as president. Come on kelan magigising mga gaya nyong tagasunod ng “baluktot ” na daan ni panot Noytards.

  7. Yes, that’s it! President Aquino is a bipolar person. If he isn’t why then he keeps vindictiveness his sole conscience towards people who do not fit into his sordid mind? And much less can he be called a christian the way he treats people so inhumanly though they have not been convicted of their alleged crime. A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. I really pity ex-President Gloria Arroyo, Sen. Ponce Enrile and a host of other victims of his injustice.

  8. Nasaan ba si cory ng nag people power?nagtago siya sa carmelite monastery sa PGMA ginawa lng trophy ni noynoy sa panahon ni GMA ang mga babae sa pinas mataas ang pagtingin ng mga dayuhan sa aquino admin parang basahan nalang di na nerespeto ng mga dayuhan lalo na sa middle east.

  9. Her case at the Sandiganbayan appears co-terminus with Abnoy’s stay in Malacanang. She can tough it out until he steps down in 2016. She has no choice given the ruthless treatment she gets from Abnoy. Thereafter, she can get back at government and demand compensation for what was done to her. Let the Abnoy carry the financial burden, if that would be possible, for whatever compensation that would be awarded to her.

  10. what sympathy can we expect from a bipolar president? bipolars know no sympathy, they are self centered, they are always right, they only feel pity for themselves but not for others. they don’t feel that, their world is only me, me, me, he must have been under treatment as a young man when in the US. but to get those records is out of the question, it is against the law of America to divulge personal medical history.

  11. Vic Penetrante on

    Many people would want to exchange places with the former President GMA, the three senators, Napoles, and the Bilibid VIP prisoners if they are given the same facilities, fed, protected, and easy access to hospitalization and medicine.

  12. It would be best for GMA to wait up to June 30, 2016 when Pnoy steps down and Binay becomes the President. Any move to have her under house arrest now could be used by Pnoy for political purposes. I sincerely believe that GMA will be acquited of plunder on the used PCSO Intel fund because she never gained anything from the proceeds. I also think that GMA would be logical to get even with his accusers after she get an acquittal. Lintek Lang Ang Walang Ganti.

  13. Correction Mr. Tiglao. Cory the mother of AbNoy did not fight Ferdie Marcos but the majority of the Filipinos who made her just the poster girl of the fight against Macoy. The same thing that happened to his son who became an emotional and accidental president due to her death coninciding with elections of 2010. Their presidencies were a BIG JOKE!!! huhuhu.-. REGRETS!!!

  14. Muriel Magtanggol on

    The 3rd and the wife and even the siblings have destroyed whatever magic there was in Ninoy’s image. I now think everything was just an illusion! For that,
    I regret joining the first people power. Look at us now, we are worse off. These Aquinos did nothing good. Even the good that were done before were detroyed indiscriminately because of their vindictiveness!

    • Same here Muriel & Ren I also joined people’s power thinking that this Aquino’s will live up to our aspirations of being freed from the dictatorship. Look what happened to us now the son is also doing what Marcos did during the dictator’s reign. I regret being part of that movement if only I knew it would result to the PCOS election of this Noytard.

  15. Amen ! the justice people who have no balls to go against a dictatorial vengative president and a Puppet roxas who will continue the matuwid na daan sa impierno?My what government people we have!

  16. When this Ninoy ‘off’-spring gets his comeuppance aside from the disallowance of
    technology and all its games and interconnectivity should only be allowed one visitor,
    a certain Araneta relation so he can die of boredom.

  17. Melchor Vergara on

    the unproven allegations against PGMA are just a cover for her continued persecution….

    the BS is simply punishing PGMA because the yellows cannot accept the fact that the diminutive lady is the only person to ever have stood up against their “democracy icon” who called on PGMA to resign as with Marcos & Estrada, but PGMA showed unusual toughness as she dismissed cory’s demands with a respectful “thank you”, and held on to successfully finish her term, during which that landmark decision against the Hacienda was promulgated….

  18. Leodegardo Pruna on

    How can P-Noy have a heart when all of those around him do not? Consider the spokespersons who left and right cover up for his misdeeds. God bless the Philippines.

  19. Samuel Santos on

    It would be a big “slap” on PNoy’s face if one of the first “official acts” of the next Philippine president would be to free GMA from detention. To “save face,” it would be best for the incumbent administration to release GMA pronto.

  20. GMA is guilty of horrendous crime against the Filipinos. She illegally grab power from overwhelmingly elected president Erap. GMA must be locked in jail instead of 5 star hospital suit.

    • well, that is not totally right too, what you are alleging. Estrada was a corrupt president just like most if not all, during his time enjoying his benefits without shame. but he is an actor and he can represent himself to be an honest victim of politics.

    • BABYBOO kulang ka sa kaalaman. Tao ang naglukluk kay gloria noong Edsa 2. Hindi niya inagaw, nagalit ang tao kay erap dahil sa kaliwat kanan na allegasyon ng pandarambong.

  21. Exactly sir. Marcos had the courage to see Ninoy’s case to the end. Meanwhile, his son is sitting on Pres Arroyo’s case, I suspect because once judgement is rendered, she will be found innocent or eventually, on appeal. Its so scary to see how badly justice has been miscarried in Pres Arroyo’s case. If it can happen to her, how far is it from the ordinary Juan dela Cruz to suffer a similar or worst case. This regime and those who are hanging to their coat tails share a common trait; they are weaklings and cowards.

  22. Wala tayong magagawa sa taong walang puso at damdamin . Puot at paghiganti lamang ang nasa kanyang kalooban. He is the worse president the Philippines ever had. Hope people will learn his evil ways and vote for the one who is being wrongly prosecuted.

  23. Ninoy Aquino deserved to be jailed. He was an enemy of the state. How did he become an enemy of the state? He collaborated with the CPP-NPA rebels. Ninoy supported them with guns, bullets, money and sanctuary at Hacienda Luisita against the wishes of the other members of the Cojuangco-Aquino families.

    Ninoy also divulged the plan of the Philippine government to recover Sabah from Malaysia. Ninoy was the only opposition leader who was conspicuously absent during the Plaza Miranda bombing. pero after the bombing, kung magsalita siya sa media akala mo ay isa siya sa mga biktima ng bombing.

  24. IT’SJUST MOST UNFAIR FOR pres. Gloria Arroyo tobe treated by people who are in the position to jail Arroyo because the aquino adm’n perceived her as a threat to them because of her intelligence and vast knowledge from all angles especially ECONOMICS / NATION BUILDING … pres. Gloria Arroyo like the late pres.F. Marcos SR. HAS DONE A LOT FOR NATION BUILDING and anybody could attest to this fact..and anybody who choose tosay otherwise is a TRUE DEVIANT

  25. A heartless, callous and blinded person is the sitting president. I wonder how a Catholic dominated country such as the Philippines can allow this injustice to happen to a former president? How is the mercy preached by Pope Francis being lived out by Filipino Catholics? Is this kind of callousness and unforgiveness the ‘straight path’ for Christians? No wonder, its karma is upon this nation.