Probe drug killings, Senate prodded


SHE may be a first-time senator but former Justice secretary Leila de Lima is showing no signs of backing down from her move to call for a Senate inquiry into the sudden increase of drug-related killings in the country even if some of her more senior colleagues in the chamber have expressed their objection to the idea.

De Lima, who is set to file a resolution calling for the Senate probe of the spate of drug killings this week, explained that the investigation would be in aid of legislation and that she already has some ideas about bills that would be created after the investigation.

The former Justice secretary, in an earlier interview, said there were tell-tale signs of summary executions in some of the anti-drug police operation and she also wants to find the truth behind them.

But Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who is expected to head the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, said he would likely just sit on the resolution if it is referred to his committee especially if the resolution would just be based on speculation.

“I believe the police know their job. They will not do something that would get them in trouble later on. I’d rather give them the benefit of the doubt they are just performing their duties,” he added.

Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd, the incoming Senate majority floor leader, said it is not the right time for the chamber to conduct such investigation and it would be better to let the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the National Police Commission (Napolcom) carry out the probe.

“We should let the CHR and Napolcom do their jobs first before we think of legislation befitting the events,“ Sotto said in a text message.

De Lima noted that there was never a time when a formal complaint is required before the Senate can conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on a particular issue.

“The Senate is not a court of law that needs a formal complaint before it can conduct an inquiry,” de Lima explained in a radio interview aired over dzBB.

She said there is already a complaint filed before the CHR on the recent shooting and killing of two suspected drug suspects inside a police station.

“We can refer to that formal complaint if they want but in any case nobody can say that there should be a formal complaint first before a Senate inquiry is conducted,” de Lima added..

The CHR is investigating the deaths of 28-year-old Jaybee Bertes, a suspected drug pusher, and his father Renato at the Pasay City (Metro Manila) police detention cell.

They died hours after they were arrested by police.

More expected
De Lima said she expects more from Malacañang aside from it just expressing concern with the rising number of suspected drug dealers and drug users being killed in anti-drug operations carried out by police.

“I am very pleased with the concern expressed by Malacañang but it’s not enough,” she added.

According to de Lima, the government needs to come up with more concrete steps that would show that it also wants to stop the killings aside from saying that it is concerned with what is happening.

She cited as example a recent pronouncement of Malacañang about an order creating a task force that would help address media killings.

The pronouncement, de Lima said, was a clear way of showing that the government is really doing something about the problem.

“This is the kind of action expected from Malacañang. More than expressing alarm, it should also do something to minimize summary killings,” the senator added.

Follow the law
De Lima also called on President Rodrigo Duterte to remind the police and other law enforcement agencies to always follow the law and respect the rights of everyone in carrying out their duties.

“We cannot deny the fact that his [Duterte] statements really motivate and inspire our law enforcers to do their jobs and go after bad guys. The problem is that there are statements, with due respect to the President, that promote, condone summary killings,” she said.

De Lima allowed that it is the style of the President and nobody can take it away from him but she there should be a balance in his pronouncements.

While encouraging the police not to be afraid in going after criminals and drugs dealers, she said, the President must also remind them of the law.

“I think there should be a constant accompanying reminder on the limits of their law enforcement duties,” de Lima added.


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  1. PNoy not only was able to appoint Narco-cops to head the police, and Narco-guards, to oversee Shabu-Labs in our jails, but also hand picked Narco-customs officials to import the chemicals and Narco-scientists to set-up the Meth-labs and Narco-lawyers and Narco-journalists to silence investigation and suspicion.

    Now comes Du30 promising to eradicate these scum, I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE 100% ALL FOR IT!

    • Balakubak ni pnoy on

      De5 follow the rule when she kidnap GMA w/o a legal document…She is now on panic mode in connection on drug trade.. DU30 still analyzing the drug trade flow chart,he might see DE5 name connected below abnoy secret involvement.

  2. When all is said and done De Lima is probably the only one who have the guts to tell the President to instruct military personnel to abide by the law. Whilst it is very important to reduce or eliminate drug problem in our country it is also very important to follow our laws and order when it comes to arresting criminals. The photos and videos presented to public almost all the those who were killed have guns on their which make it appear that these people have resisted arrest. We all know that some of these killings are either to help eliminate or conceal the crimes. I like to have an “equalizer” in our government. There needs to be a check and balance.

    • Balakubak ni pnoy on

      Mr president,as long no mass outrange ,continue your promised to clean up the drug trade from 3 to 6 month.Also investigate how de5 won the senatorial race…

  3. Someone should probe why De Lima held Arroyo on hospital arrest for 6 years for nothing.

    Someone should probe why De Lima only arrested 3 opposition senators and did not charge Aquino allies for doing the same thing giving their millions in pork barrel funds to Napoles for kickbacks.

    Someone should probe De Lima for not arresting anyone for the deaths of 44 SAF police.