Probe drug killings


OPPOSITION lawmakers on Thursday sought a congressional investigation into the recent spate of killings of individuals linked to illegal drugs trade as the death toll passed the 100 mark since the election of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The move by Ifugao Rep. Teodoro Baguilat Jr. and newly elected Sen. Leila de Lima, both of the erstwhile ruling Liberal Party, sets the stage for a confrontation with Duterte, who has warned Congress against thwarting his campaign promise to rid the country of crime and illegal drugs in three to six months.

De Lima, who as Justice secretary in the previous administration was critical of Duterte’s crime-fighting methods as Davao City mayor, said there were “telltale signs of summary executions” on some of those killed.

The former human rights lawyer also wondered whether all those killed during the recent anti-drug raids really put up a fight against the arresting officers.

“Drug personalities are getting killed almost every day and many of them are an offshoot of police operations, so we have to look into the legitimacy of the manner, of the method by which these police enforcers are doing their job,” she told reporters.

Baguilat on Thursday filed House Resolution 61 seeking congressional inquiry into the killings, which have reached at least 103 since May 10 based on records of the Philippine National Police (PNP). Duterte was elected President on May 9.

Baguilat noted that 68 suspected drug offenders were killed in police operations from January 1 to June 15. But from June 16 to 20 alone, at least 25 were reported dead.
Since President Duterte’s assumption to the presidency, an additional 23 suspected drug traffickers have been killed, he added.

Data from the PNP Directorate for Investigative and Detective The management, meanwhile, showed that 31 drug suspects were killed between June 27 and July 3, while 860 others were arrested.

“If we don’t stop it and look into its causes, people will take the law into their own hands soon enough, resulting in anarchy. It falls upon Congress, as an instrument of the rule of law, to scrutinize the circumstances behind these killings,” Baguilat said.

De Lima said the investigation would be in aid of legislation, to help senators come up with bills to codify operational procedures of the PNP, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and other law enforcement agencies.

She asked why no unit of the PNP has moved to investigate the drug-related killings.

“There’s an internal affairs unit but I don’t know how active or pro-active our internal unit or PNP internal affairs office is,” de Lima said.

Senator Panfilo Lacson, who is expected to head the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, however, plans to sit on de Lima’s proposal in case it is referred to his committee, unless there is evidence of wrongdoing by police.

“It will be unfair [to]the police officers. In case it is referred to my committee I won’t call for any investigation unless somebody will come out and present evidence that there was really summary execution,” Lacson said.

The PNP statistics released Thursday showed that most of those killed in drug-related operations were in Central Luzon, while the most number of arrests were in Calabarzon.

Central Luzon accounted for 14 suspects killed, followed by Calabarzon (7), Davao (6), Soccskargen (2), Cebu (1) and Metro Manila (1).

Calabarzon had the most number of drug suspects arrested with 277, followed by Metro Manila (237), Central Luzon (124), Central Visayas (48), Northern Mindanao (44), Soccskargen (32) and Western Mindanao (19).

At least 15 drug suspects were arrested in Mimaropa, while 13 drug suspects were arrested each in Caraga Region and Negros Island. Twelve were arrested in the Ilocos Region.

The rest of the breakdown of drug-related arrests are as follows: Cordillera Autonomous Region (8), Cagayan Valley (7), Eastern Visayas (7) and Western Visayas (4).


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  1. De Lima should investigate the proliferation of illegal drugs and drug-related crimes in this country instead. She didn’t do anything to address the illegal drug problem during her term as Chief of DOJ.

  2. The Senator Bilibid Queen should instead help to expedite the revival of death penalty and make it sure that drug pushers will disappear in mass executions. The people do not want one criminal executed per year as this will not become a deterrent. These two politicians (if they really won fairly last elections) failed to see the effectiveness of Duterte campaign where as hundreds are turning themselves in to surrender.

    I hope the Bilibid Queen shall be slapped with administrative cases in her ‘coddling’ of drug lords during her watch.

  3. as quoted from the religious sector, “LUCK KNOCKS ONLY ONCE”
    kayong dalawa ano ng gagawin nyo? kaya nyo bang pasukuin ang mga pushers at ushers? …HINDI.

  4. Matino na Pinoy on

    I would suggest that these two knuckleheads tag along with the PNP when there is a drug operations so they can personally witness how the PNP do their job. Let the PNP issue them with Kevlar helmets and Kevlar Body Armor, and make these two morons aware that these body protection do not protect their faces and the lower extremities of their body. Lastly, the PNP will not be liable to any type of injuries or death that can happen to them during the performance of the mission.

    If these to shitheads will not agree on the first suggestion, It will be much better if they go around the country and do some type of survey to determine what kind of facilities are needed for REHAB, medications needed, programs such as educational, vocational, or technical to help these addicts get back on their feet. Why not these two morons think this way? They wanted to investigate in aid of legislation? Stupid! Why spend government money in stupid things like this? Go out with the PNP on regular operations or during the actual raids so you will have a better understanding how these brave public servant putting their lives on line, everyday.

    Senator De Lima and Rep. Baguilat Jr., please spend the money of Filipino people in a more realistic way and forget about partisan politics. Lets should move on together, as a nation, because changes are in progress. To the Senator, you can call your old friend personally, remind him to “hinay-hinay” lang.

  5. De Lima need to be investigated why she did not know about this drug dealers under her watch. And why illegal drugs were rampant in checked under her watch.