• Probe of dumping in PH of Canada trash sought


    SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is seeking a Senate inquiry into dumping of smuggled waste from Canada in a sanitary landfill operated by Metro Clark Waste Management Corp. in Capas, Tarlac.

    Marcos on Thursday said he wants senators to look into the matter after learning that 26 out of the 50 containers of waste shipped from Canada in 2013 had already been dumped in the Capas landfill.

    “We object to any kind of illegal dumping of waste, be it local or foreign. But this seems to be one of the worst cases that we have heard about wherein it would appear that we are smuggling garbage into our country,” he said in an interview after meeting with officials of Tarlac province led by Gov. Victor Yap.

    Marcos cited the need to ensure the welfare of Tarlac residents and also to prevent the Philippines from earning the dubious reputation as garbage importer.

    He said that as chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, he can ask for a Senate investigation of the dumping of Canadian garbage based on a resolution by the provincial board.

    The probe is needed, according to Marcos, because it is  possible that imported trash from other countries may also find its way to Philippine ports in the future.

    He said these countries that implement stringent regulations on waste disposal might find it  easier to ship their garbage to the Philippines than comply with their own garbage-disposal laws.

    “Waste disposal in Europe has become very expensive that it would be cheaper to ship the garbage anywhere where it would be accepted. But why should we accept garbage, and who is making money here, notwithstanding the health risks this may pose to our people?” Marcos asked.

    The Philippines and Canada are signatories to the 1992 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Waste that prohibits the export of toxic or hazardous waste.

    As of January 2015, 182 states and the European Union are parties to the convention.

    Aside from the dumping of Canadian waste, Marcos said the Senate probe will also tackle the growing problem of waste disposal in the country.

    He added that there is also a need to strictly enforce Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 and formulate a cohesive national strategy on waste disposal, one that would require participation of every local government unit.


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    1. Arch. Lito L.Mallonga on

      Hindi na bago itong balita. We are the Dumping Country of the
      entire world pag dating sa BASURA.Mga second hand trucks
      pati na sa ginamit sa Reparation noong panahon ni Pres. Marcos,
      mga Beta Max na hindi mabenta dahil sa pag labas ng VHS,
      Mga barko at ro-ro na JUNK na ito ay isa sa mga dahilan sa
      mga sakuna na libo libo nating mga kababayan ang namamatay.

      Itong sinabi ko sa Yolanda, nagyari na dahil wala ng mga puno sa bundok.
      Walang break water , Mangrove Forest at Dikes bilang 3 Buffer Zone
      tulad sa ginawa kong Master Plan sa Baung , La Union sa International
      Airport Complex na proposed ko kat Mayor Martin De Guzman at
      Gov. Victor Ortega.

      Iyong sa San Roque Dam binaha ang Pangasinan. They need two more Dams below as secondary dams for water supply than the 3rd dam for agriculture
      rather than let those water gets to the sea.

      The Garbage Dumps will hit as all and if we do not think aboiut it we will be hit
      more than the EBOLA.