• Product review: The LG G 8.3 Pad


    LG-G-Pad-820140224Recently loaned to this columnist is the LG G 8.3 Pad for review.

    There is, to be sure, a glut of tablets in the market and there really is no “best” tablet, phablet or pad out there. Prices range from the truly low, in the P2,000 to P3,000 price range, all the way to the high end tabs going for more than P40,000.

    This said, there are tablets that offer good value for money, and tablets that offer terrific value for money.

    I would have to admit that the LG falls under the latter category, with its 8.3 full high definition display and 1.7ghz quad core cpu.

    The tablet I purchased was Lenovo Idea Tab, which was on sale at P6,500. Comparing the two would not be fair, of course.

    Display and performance
    The LG G’s full high definition display gives clear crisp colors that are true to life. There were some lags on display but this all depends on the wi-fi source. A portable LTE router delivers quite satisfactory speed since I go for adrenaline rush on during deadline time. But on LAN-based router with 3mbps speed, I can’t complain.

    I reviewed an LG phone previously, and this tablet is in so many ways a big brother of the excellent LG cell phone.

    Both phone and tablet have the multi task slide with its trademark qslide function and slide aside which I didn’t get to use often because even if I tried that slide feature, it wouldn’t go to the previous page where I had just been. I had to touch home and go to the app I was supposed to browse.

    The brushed aluminum rear cover makes it look edgy and sophisticated. At 8.3 mm, it is not so thin and not so thick, but it’s quite handy and you won’t lose your grip navigating the streets. The demo unit I got was in black but it is also available in white.

    Storage & battery life
    Available in 16gb expandable to 64gb means more space. The tablet comes with a micro sd card slot, giving it the advantage of having more storage capacity.

    Standby time is up to 53 hours, while with simple browsing the battery can last a good 15 hours. But for multitasking, with the GPS on, photo uploading, composing email and downloading file transfers via bluetooth, the battery life lasts up to ten hours. These are not the technical specs of the unit, but are based on my use of the unit.

    Incidentally, the LG links with android smart phone.

    Now for the downside. The LG’s camera has no flash, which is unfortunate because there are tablets with this necessary feature that cost less. Also, the built in cameras could have been better. The rear cam only has five megapixels, which is quite sad. But sadder still is its front camera, at 1.3 megapixels. Really now, 1.3?

    The LG G 8.3 Pad retails at P15,990 for cash buyers. For those who prefer to buy on installment with their credit cards, it’s P17,990 on 12-month installment plan.

    When the iPad first came out, my kids gifted me with the first unit. The one without a camera. I still use it a lot, which means it has passed the test of time. I think the LG will also last for years, rather than months. As for the Lenovo, I’m hoping it will also take the punishment of daily use.



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